Thread: FFXIV: Registration - Questions and Help

FFXIV: Registration - Questions and Help

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    I have just bought FFIV on steam because a friend of mine recommended me it. i created a square enix account as you can clearly see however after logging in on the installer when i go to enter my register code i get a "FINAL FNATASY XIV has stopped working" and it doesn't fix i just close the program i can't do anything. This game looks fun and my friend plays it so i want to play it but if i can't get this fixed within 2 days I'm refunding because this is just silly.

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    No Registration code?

    Hey there. I just purchased, "FINAL FANTASY XIV: HEAVENSWARD" and received the code for that however mogstation and the launcher are both asking for a registration code. The game code is invalid so I have no idea what this registration code is or where I can find it. Can anyone help with this problem?

    Thank you.

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    Please help me :(!

    guys, ive been trying to add a new product (final fantasy XIV), it tells me the product is correct and when i click register product everything disappears like the page reloaded, when i go to my profile i dont see the game there, i keep adding it 100 times and it wont add please any help

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    ayuda por favor!!!!

    compré un juego original de final fantasy XIV realm reborn y cuando introduje el código para registrar el juego en play station network me dice que ya fue usado o ya no es válido, que tengo que hacer???

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    Thumbs Down No Promotion Code in Box

    Hey guys,

    I have a Problem with my FFXIV Boxed Version.
    I just bought FFXIV for PS4 and wanted to start my adventure.
    I Installed the game, followed any Step on the Installation Guide but there is 1 Point that makes no sense:
    Redeem your Promotion Code (12 digits) in Playstation Store to access free first month trial.

    Problem: There is no Code in my Box. Just two Square Enix Member Codes to register the game to your Square Enix Account. Why 2? To me it looks like they accidentally put a second SE Member Code in the box, but no Promotion Code.
    Does anyone have the same Problem? I wrote a Mail @ Square Enix Support but no answer in 2 days... I want to play the game but i will not pay for my free first month...

    Any Suggestions?

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    Unhappy FInal Fantasy 14 - PS4, can't even start game

    Keep getting told to Register the Product, which i've done.

    And I'm still being told the register the damn product... I've been signing forms all day to even set up and I can't get anything to WORK!

    It should not be this tedious to play a GAME!!!

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