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Thread: The Zodiac Mod

The Zodiac Mod

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    Steve, or Mr. Tack, I have to say man excellent, excellent work in the Zodiac mon...its good enough to be a retail add-on to the game (or at least it could have been 3 years ago!!)

    I haven't got into the SDK yet, but did u guys use 3D studio Max?? is the Deus EX engine written in C++?

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    The Zodiac Mod - Techincal Help Needed, I can't wait to play it!

    Zodiac Mod won't load succesfully. The situation:

    1. Windows 9x. Had Deus Ex GOTY version installed, never patched until...
    2. To play Carone & Zodiac, I applied the final patch 1.112fm [Multiplayer Version] DX normal game running fine after that,
    3. Then I installed Zodiac (Full Version, I didn't omit the Zodiac.ini option in the installer)
    4. The Zodiac was installed in the appropiate folder (C:\DeusEx\) and installation finished succesfully.


    When launching the mod, it gave one of those errors that are mentioned in the Zodiac website. The ones that _shouldn't_ happen if you had the latest patch.

    Since it was mentioned int the Zodiac setup program, I checked out the zodiac.ini file, and it was really short compared to the original deusex.ini, don't know if that was intended, but it didn't had the game engine section. So I guessed that's why the error said "can't find engine" or something like that. I copied some portions of the original deusex.ini to zodiac.ini (whatever wasn't there), and moved the Zodiac maps to the original maps folder, since the .ini it still read Paths=..\Maps\*.dx, not pointing to the Zodiac Maps folder. After that, the "engine" error came no more, and I got it to load the DX-Zodiac animated logo but when the menu comes out it is only the normal DX menu, and New Game launches the normal DX intro and liberty island mission. I console-opened the Zodiac intro map, and later the TongBase map but the characters weren't responsive to my presence. I guess that might have to do with they expecting Paul, not JC... so it didn't work.

    Searching Google for info, I came across an old discussion about Zodiac, where they talked about the installation of the mod needing the editing of user.ini, zodiac.ini and moving some stuff across folders. I'd like to know the exact steps, because those things I did first were just on intuition (I know nothing about programming)... As I see it, it seems like the installer didn't do all that it was supposed to do, and I'm on 56k dialup so it was a pain to download it all, and I couldn't easily do the separate downloading of parts 1, 2 and 3 again. Help me please!

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    DX Zodiac

    Hi. i'm new to this forums.. But already need help. Steve Tack made a single player game thing called Zodiac.. so far all the sites I have tried don't have it. I keep getting messeges such as, this link no longer exists and so on... If anybody knows where I can find Zodiac 1,2, and 3 please tell me..

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    Have you tried this site?

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    Yeah.. Sadly it was one of the first sites I had tried.... on that site i didn't get a messege.. but the download would not open... I'm told that Zodiac is supposed to be really good.. but perhaps I won't get to see for myself... the next step in my search is to locate and contact Tack himself.. maybe he still has all the Zodiac missions. and could send them to me in email or something.

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    I got this problem while trying to enter Zodiac Mod...

    Class PlayerPawn Member Player problem: Script-1488 C++-1492

    I used to have that problem from Class, but i have patched my game and now appeared this other one... How can I solve that???

    This problem only appears when I try to open Zodiac.

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    The Armoury. 1st level.

    Is there a way to get in the armoury at the beginning of the game. I have looked for ages, used "ghost" & still find no hints.

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    This is great stuff, you could of got who ever made this mod the voice actors to do some voice over work. They still speak if you go up to some of the chinese guards in tongs hq. You can even get Alex and Trancer Tong to talk if you throw an object at them.

    When is this game set then.

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    Originally Posted by JoeGreene
    Not sure if this has been mentioned, but I'm almost postivie Agent Hela has her own voice acting. Save right before you encounter her and try a number of different things.
    Yeah, Hela's appearance is great. I remember thinking I was bein' all stealthy the first time I met her. She surprised me so much I almost fell outa my chair!

    So, on the top floor of the office building (2nd or 3rd level, I think --- the one with the joke about the stapler guy from Office Space). If you open one of the locked closets, there's a high, thin grate that can be opened, but that I can't actually get into. Is it possible to enter here? And if so, where does it lead?

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    Wow, NOBODY knows the answer to the last question in last post?!

    I gotta track down Steve Tack for this one . . .

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    Omg I cant even download 2 or 3 all there links are broken and some you need to pay to use O.o wow there site sucks. (I played 1 but cant play over 1 becuse 2 and 3 links are broken)

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