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    ok i decided to make a new thread. i have final fantasy 8 on pc and am running it under xp and have no problems but with the fact that the sound in the videos skips real bad and am not sure what can be causing it to do this.

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    ff8's movies don't like to share resourses. You may have too many of them, running. Are you in Administrator mode? Try User mode. Try shuting down all the programs you don't need, such as virus scanner.

    What about in Low Resolution movie mode?

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    still seems to not want to work. this is the same problem i had on an old pc that barely had minimum requirements yet now i exceed those requirements by a few times what they were so i really do not see why it would be doing this. i am starting to think it may be my sound card which is a sound blaster audigy but not sure.

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    Hmm... Can you post the specs of your computer here? We might be able to help you more...

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    Try playing with the Sound Acceleration modes.
    (no acceleration works for "Morrowind" and it's timing issues and Basic Acceleration helps with a certain (biglight.avi) crash in FF7.)

    Type Dxdiag.
    And go to the Sound Tab.

    DMA enabled for your Cd-rom?

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    well i am on a amd xp 2200+ with a geforce 4 4200 with 8x agp, sound blaster audigy, with 512 mb ddr ram, and am running on a kt4v series motherboard that supports 8x agp. all drivers are up to date that i know of. if there is any more that you need just say. i really am not to sure why its doing this but i may try to mess with the acceleration some more.

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    Guess you could download Rivatuner, and start playing around with the setting in there. Things, like the Blitting section, the Texture, Optimize section, and the Antialiasing section.

    I have no idea what would cause the movies to skip....unless the problem is with the cd-rom.

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    well i sort of know whats wrong now but how to fix it without messing around with my sound card i do not know, i have to turn my acceleration down to basic to get it to work ok, does anyone know how i can get the movies to work normally and not have to do this?

  9. #9's not that big of a deal...It's not like you have to "reboot" everytime you tune the Sound Acceleration.

    If you want to complain....complain to Creative. The WinXP drivers are the only drivers being updated.....they are completely ignoring the Win9x community.