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Final Fantasy Multi-Verse Game

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    I believe Square Enix needs to create a new kind of fighting game series revolving around all the characters of the franchise. Similiar to 'Marvel v.s. Capcom' or 'Super Smash Brothers', bringing all the characters from each individual series together. Dissidia was a decent portrayal of that kind of situation but they wanted to keep the one-player aspect into the game with the option to play with your friends, which I believe deluded the product. Final Fantasy is known for their huge worlds and deep character development. There needs to be a new game revolving around the idea of all the multi-verses coming together again but this time on a much grandeur scale.

    I can just imagine Wakka tagging out of a battle with Sephiroth against Squall, Zell, And Zidane. DON'T just add the few main heroes/heroine into the story, add EVERYONE you can and give them some kind of role whether in shop keepers, tag team bruisers (like in Dissidia's sequel) or actual playable fighters.

    Get Kimahri in on the action, while you're at it get Snow, Auron, The Warrior of Light, Terra, make it a HUGE fighting game with dozens and dozens of playable characters from every game in the franchise.

    I know I would buy it, and I'm sure it would be a huge hit!

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    A multiverse game is more suited for those that can traverse it such as GILGAMESH and the way Dissidia pulled off why these characters were there was not well explained.

    I don't think Square can pull off a decent FF fighter. They would need to outsource.

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    I believe that Square is just gonna keep it simple for the FF series and just stick with what they know. It's bad enough that there is no clue as to what is going on with ff versus

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    I'm with Josh on this one, Final Fantasy Dissidia was awsome (although duodecim was a bit of a letdown, the tempo was all off, and the tag team thing really messed up my strategy. It always felt like the computer was able to use the new features and changes perfectly, but it was all screwed up for the player, and that feeling didn't change at all, even though I played through the entire game.), but if they remade a dissidia style game with the idea of making online multiplayer and 4 or more players simultaniously fighting each other at the same time a possibility (with tag teams, free for all, and maybe some other modes, such as capture the flag included in the game), well, I've been looking for a reason to buy the ps vita, but there haven't been enough good games coming out for it to make the purchase worthwhile, but if they made this game for the vita, I'd definately buy it. I'm not entirely sure how they'd write the story into the game, since dissidia is pretty much tapped out in that respect, at least when you're talking about that particular universe, but if they somehow explained that the game takes place in an alternate universe, one that is separate from the universe of dissidia and duodecim, or possibly make some stronger enemy appear in that dimention, so that Cosmos has to summon the characters back to fight it, or else the enemy will use the portals to take over their dimentions, or something like that, well, apparently there are plenty of ways that they could create a new story for the game, so just as long as they don't confuse people too much with conflicting storylines, I don't see any problem here.