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Thread: SYS_ERROR_D3D_CREATE_DEVICE help me!!!

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    Unhappy SYS_ERROR_D3D_CREATE_DEVICE help me!!!

    I have installed the last game Tom Rider the angel of darkness but...on the main sceen i chiuse satrt dosent start just got this:
    The Following Error has occured


    I'm running Windows Xp i have 100% ok directx9.a and as video card i'm useing the sis 315 64mb.I can tell taht another game taht nedes 3d and video card 64mb is 100% but why this game dosen't want to run?
    Please hel me!
    Getting frustraded!

    Thank's in advance to all suggest that will be welcome


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    reboot and restart your game again

    update your game with a patch

    and you can also try not to run to many applications in the backround while your playing a game. don't be doing alt-tab or be pressing windows key on the keyboard

    hope that helps

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    That was quick reply...!

    Thank's i will try the patch olso if i was allready reading the informnations about taht patch and nothing let me think that can be usefull.
    i found a information about "my trouble" but is written in deutch language (quite hard for me to understand hi!) but i think to have understand taht can be directx trouble (and i have 9.a) or video card driver(but the other games taht request more "power" as 64mb 3d video are ok 100%.
    There is olso something else written but i can not understand it(maybe something aboiut settings in general before starting the game but not sure.By the way i will try to install the patch hopening to solve everything hopening by the way that somebody else with my same video card and trouble shoot is able to give me more help.
    Best regards

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    d3d error

    had same problem went and bought new video card it works g r8 now gl

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    Rolleyes thank's but...

    I just got this new video card and i realy hope and think taht i dont neade to buy a video card for each game hi!
    This it seems the "solution" by eidos" but is in german language witch is not realy my best language.Who can transelate it for me?
    "Fehlermeldung: SYS_ERROR_D3D_CREATE_DEVICE

    Das Fenster SYS_ERROR_D3D_CREATE_DEVICE kann auftauchen, wenn Sie Ihre Grafikkarte im Einstellungsmenü von Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness deaktiviert haben. Bitte achten Sie auf der Registerkarte der Grafikkarte bei ENABLE auf den Haken!

    Sollte die Fehlermeldung noch immer erscheinen, vergewissern Sie sich, dass die Grafikkarte DirectX 9 unterstützt und Sie die aktuellen Grafikkartentreiber installiert haben."
    Thanlk's to everyone trying to help me !

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    Does the game support running in OpenGL instead?

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    Question what that...

    What taht meanes?I'm not keen on settings games i usualy install and start the game.Can you explain me please?
    I think "Bitte achten Sie auf der Registerkarte der Grafikkarte bei ENABLE auf den Haken! "meanes that i must enable something but can not understand german so i dont know what.I can tell you that i got a few week ago this new videocard because with the old one i was not abkle to play with Indiana Jones taht request 3d 64mb video card and is ok 100% now,i can tell u that i have directx 9a no conflict everything is ok (i have test them with
    DXDiag) and the drivers of my card it seems to be one of the last one the cd is upgraded to xp so realy i must think that.
    Let me know bettar please what u are meaning.
    Thank's supporting me

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    The first thing you need to know when you look for help on the internet is the abbreviation FAQ. It means "Frequently Asked Questions". A good example is the Tomb Raider - The Angel Of Darkness FAQ thread in this very forum. It is even in English.

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    i have seen it!

    that's ok GoranAgar i have seen that web page but dont help me.
    I usualy look before for faq because is the faster way to sort out troubles
    I think i just neade to finde somebody that haves my same video card ifnot i'm afraid i can not run the game.
    I got olso the DXDiag log of my system just having a look before posting it maybe that will be usefull.
    Best regards

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    So you are running your graphic card with the 315v30755.exe driver, right?

    If not, get it here:

    After you installed that driver, reinstall DirectX9a. If you have that driver already just reinstall DirectX9a.

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    Just unistalled my drivers and got that one u wrote me ok 100%
    Now i'm feeling happy!

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    Thumbs Up

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