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Thread: help! Education on the line!

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    help! Education on the line!

    Hey does anybody know of a good school to go to if you want to be a game designer? I have perfect grades in Highschool and a 1450 on the SAT so i can get into alot of schools. i just can't find a good one.

    Please help
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    Arrow 1450 vs. 1050 - Rub it in, why don't you?


    I hate you.

    (Sorry, nothing personal. Recent scholastic woes. Check Google, type in Video Game Design, and see what pops up. I know there's a school in Florida, but I forget the name. The ad was in a gaming magazine a while ago.)

    I like you, but I hate your grades.

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    Grades arn't important. Well, maybe in the States...

    Here in the UK it's perfectly possible to get a great job that pays very well even if your grades arn't brilliant.

    All that matters is your talent and (this is going to sound lame) your belief in yourself that you can do it.

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    Thanks Roxy!

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    There was an article in EGM a while back about a school up in Redmond, Oregon that is devoted to teaching students game design. Arg... I can't remember which issue of the magazine it was now, nor the title of the article.

    Naturally, most of the curriculum is computer science stuff. Programming, graphics design, etc. But they also offer writing classes to help students with character developent, and original and compelling storylines for games. I thought it sounded pretty cool, and if I'd known about the place when I was 18, I would love to have gone there.

    Oh well.... Good luck with your search!

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    This link might help out.

    Also check into the Vancouver Film School, I hear there courses (although not specifacly aimed at game design) are excellent.

    Good luck finding a school.

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    Serul posted a great link there.
    I went to the Art Institute of Philadelphia. They didn't offer game design way back then, but it was an excellent top notch art school. 2 year associate degree programs in many fields. And HS grades and test scores don't matter. I got in with a GED and no SAT score. Then I graduated second in my class with a 3.8 GPA.

    But I highly recommend any of the Art Institutes. Check into them as many do offer game design now. They may also help you find housing if you have to move, and they will definitely help you find an internship, then a full time job upon your graduation. Good luck!

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    Thank you all

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    Katen, something tells me I'm going to follow your tracks...

    because I've been dying to do the same thing, and with any luck I'll find one here in NYC. If there is a God, he'll float down a plane ticket to Menlo Park & our good buddies at Crystal D.

    that is, if there is a God. And I'm pretty sure there is (I mean, he DOES live in the world's biggest toilet, right?)

    Raziel got flushed.

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    i wounder where the people from Crystal D went to school.
    guess i'll write a letter and ask umm
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    Nad Center


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    Quote Originally Posted by jingoe View Post
    you should go game art school that will train you well. and you will become a game designer well as soon as possible. and you should search this school on the net to find out their advantage in your country . i don't know it is available or not in your country but you have to research well. by the way you can also take help from admin
    ^^Epic necro-post!

    If you live in the right area, I think both Richard Lemarchand and Seth Carus are actually teaching game design now and Daniel Cabuco's done a couple of lectures as well, so you can learn directly from Soul Reaver's developers if you're really lucky.
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    Epic indeed, that is a 12 year old post i did not notice the date until your post vampmaster.

    i wonder how it turned out, maybe he/she is a designer right now.

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    As far as I understand correctly, what are you looking for as design courses, and study at a university in another specialty? I had to be prepared for the fact that there would be a lot of work since it was difficult for me to combine a university and go to courses because I had to write my assignments in large numbers. became a lifeguard in this case. You should clearly divide the tasks and find yourself a support as an online learning assistant.

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