Thread: Seiken Densetsu 3 - Favorite Character Spread?

Seiken Densetsu 3 - Favorite Character Spread?

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    What is your favorite group when it comes to playing through this game? I think mine would have to be Kevin, Lise, and Duran. It took absolutely no effort whatsoever to play through the game with this team, especially when you can buff and boost your strength to surreal levels. The last boss was a piece of cake.

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    I forget the characters but I did like the Ninja path. I also liked the knight one too. Why this game was never released to the west is beyond me. It was everything Mana games have lacked since Mana 2.

    My avatar is Royal Jam after the item in this series.

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    I have beaten the game with all the possible combinations of characters, and happen to have my suicide commando team as my overall favorite; it is composed of Kevin in the lead as a Dervish, Duran as a Duelist, and Hawk as a Nightblade. Pure destruction on the menu, and Kevin's moon saber really gets the shine it deserves here; the only downside is the money you have to invest in healing/buffing items

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    Man i also remember this my part was always kevin,hawk and the princess i forget the name but she is amazing.