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    Nobody's posting!


    i just thought i'd say something. Kind of bored. Nobody was posting anything, so i just thought i'd say. AOD rocks! Yeah! Haven't played it yet, but i'm sure it will be a blast! Don't you think about moving this thread Mods!
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    Yeah post sum stuff up here!

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    Sooo,, You want some news

    First,, what I don't like.... It says in the book that there is other controller configs. in the options menu,,, There isn't... nada... your stuck with what the defaults are... I don't mind a change in things don't get me wrong,, I think the new things she can do are a step up... But I would like to be able to walk up to an edge without having to do it 5 or 6 times to get her to line up like she should, But if you make good use of the right stick and keep the camera angle behind her she'll move better. I don't know about anyone else but there is a part where you are getting info from several people and when your going back to places in the same area it will cut to a still load and you just have to sit and wait, I don't like it,, I'm on a mission , let me get it done! When you find an item and pick it up the pic. is so bad you have to recheck invtry just to see what the heck it was. I don't mind that when you kill something it blinks and goes away, But I always liked killing and getting a reward (I.E. ammo,med pack,key etc..) I'll miss that . There are some peeves about the graphics, The good is that it's finally out. Maybe Eidos decided that to quell all the *****ing on waiting for the game that they would go ahead and release the game before it was REALY fine tuned and we would overlook any minor flaws. Personaly, Im glad it's out , But I would of been more than happy if they would have put out the same Tomb Raider we've always had while they spent more time on this one. I'll be buying the P.C. version also so I can see the diff. in gameplay. These few things I mentioned are annoying but minor,, I have had no game freeze or anything else major wrong with the game.
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    ok I lied

    I guess I wasn't quite far enough but you do receive goods from the ones you kill..... Had to reload my game 2x from freeze-up so far.

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