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    I can play again! I managed to get to the loading screen so many times then it worked so I went to Chemical Plant and selected Revelle Velvet and watched her moves! Then it was loud and screwed up so I put it on it's side then beat Chemical Plant! I never did really get into story mode before it broke, but now I got 4 new characters and am back in action!

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    Glad to hear it! Now we sit and wait patiently for TS3.....

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    Lol TS1 is so easy now after all that TS2 beat easy and am on Mansion on Normal... just like Robot Factory (in difficulty anyways) : /

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    Mansion....I still have nightmares....but the music can be used in ts2! Use it for your own map to scare the victims!

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    Yeah I built my own mansion one giant room with a walkway along it up stairs and when your up stairs you can go into the huge maze which is most of the level. It has all shotguns.