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    Final Fantasy Movies

    Since childhood I lived in the world of Final Fantasy. Today almost 20 years and I still hope to see a great production. When I put my hands on Final Fantasy X and X-2 I can only say that these games deserves a movie. Why not make a movie of this series? But a movie true to the game without breaking the story, Final Fantasy X with its X-2 sequecia deserves a movie as the movie Final Fantasy 7 I think the Final Fantasy X and X-2 also deserves a movie. Nothing better than a movie to celebrate 25 years huh? I await an opportunity since I bought my Final Fantasy to see the film this series ... I pray from the heart to see a movie of Final Fantasy X. .. Please think, in making this film because I know you will not only please me ... I love this series and have to have a movie ... Please.

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    If it's anything like Advent Children's way of showing what happened after the series ended, then I'm all up for movies for any of the series. Square Enix's 3D modeling and storytelling is just amazing to watch. ^_^