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Thread: Dual pistol & players power

Dual pistol & players power

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    Cool Dual pistol & players power

    Who would like to have dual pistols? Meeeeeee

    Why cannot I use two pistols? Cuz there is no such option or the superagent has his other hand full.

    Well, I would like a secondary attack for pistol. The accuracy could be bad but hey, at least I will get to waste all those unused bullets I got while playing DX, I used shotgun more. Dual pistol gives the feeling of a movie star, cool feeling for cutscenes or sth.

    And another thing. In my opinion the story should be based on the players will cuz it would make more fun. For example, if I choose to go to France to eliminate thread there back at USA or whichever place the game started chaos will only grow, time dependant reinforcement arrival, if you took too long to clear out France you could run into dozens of soldiers or robots and it would be as playing on hard. I find it cool, way more fun to think for a strategy. I guess some of you did not catch the thought.

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    Maybe I misunderstand something, but..

    I agree with you that would be fun, but I doubt its possible to implement that.

    I'm impressed as is, with how the programmers give us several methods of completing the game. I.E. stealth or genocide.

    The game, to me atleast, isn't linear in the slightest.

    Oh, and as for wanting dual pistols; No thanks, I'll take my MOD'ed-out-the-arse GEP gun any day

    - Rhap

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    Well, in Hitman, 47 can hold two pistols. Of course, it's a completely different game engine, but that does suggest it could be done for Deus Ex.

    Maybe in III?

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    Exclamation DX 3

    Deus Ex 3 ? you have not seen the second part as you want the third, what if DX:IW turns out to be crap

    _ _ _
    The dual pistols is just a suggestion, maybe a patch could be released, ppl who like could use the chance.

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    dual weapons kick butt

    Dual Weapons
    That was one of the great things about Max Payne.. god that was cool running around with Dual Uzi's shooting mo-fo's up like there's no tomorrow

    Linear gameplay
    DX1 was a mixture of linear gameplay with choices.. They do force the story along by giving you no choice on which city to go to, but they do allow you to take care of each map in your own way.

    To totally make it non-linear they'd need to give you access to Jock and the helicopter any time you wanted, and let you go to any map you wanted at any given time. Though that would just be damned hard to work out in some cases. For example to make DX1 completely non-linear you'd have to have the ability to go straight from Liberty Island to Area 51. (beginning to final showdown)

    The way many other RPGs handle this is basically this:

    1. First time you play the game.. you just don't know where the final showdown is, which forces you to interact with NPCs to discover the story, and get clues on what your objectives should be and ultimately what and where the final objective is. This is the best choice to use (if you disregard replayability)

    2. You wouldn't have yet reached the skill level to make your way there, and/or defeat the NPCs there even if you knew what those objectives are in advance. This is a good choice too.. it allows replayability and still allows full autonomy

    3. One of the cheapest ways of preventing you from going to the final showdown.. basically just disallow you the choice of going there. To truly be a great RPG you should avoid this whenever possible. Unfortunately this is hard to avoid because in order to do this the characters must be very dynamic and be able to react to any of the choices you might have made prior to the time you've reached them. And really doesn't lend itself well to the game telling a story

    Unfortunately if you want to make a game that has an intricate story with a good plot to it you need to take some of the control away from the person playing it.. Or be able to predict the choices people will make, and all the possible consequences of those choices and spend all your time accounting for them.

    You're either telling a story, or letting a person do what they want, no matter how boring it might be. Deus Ex is great, because it found a great balance between the two.

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    maybe if a big group of fans would like, they could make it optional.... it don't really care, i don't use those guns hehe sniperrifle is pretty nifty i think
    as for the lineairity in the game.. it's a necessity.... and it's hard to balance the freedom you give to the player and how much you push him in the direction you want... if they wouldn't push, you might not even get there hehe
    With DX1 they did a great job, i trust them to do it again

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    Didn't you play Fallout? Fallout 2? You could go and get power armor in Fallout 2, along with a chaingun or energy rifle as soon as you started. You'd only know where they where, however, after you had already beat the game, thus, making replaying the game a fun and less annoying experience.

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    I believe 2 silenced full-skill and upgraded sniper rifles would be the choice for me. Sniping guys while at the same time being able to knock out cameras and gun turrets, silently of course, would be awesome!!

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    Um, thats the most retarded idea ever... two sniper rifles... what will they ask for next, rocket powered lay-z-boys?

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    not sure how they'd work out the 2 sniper rifle thing..

    Also I don't see how it would be helpful. You typically use the sniper rifle with a scope for precision 1-shot 1-kill shooting. The point of dual pistols is cause it's less accurate and less deadly, so you'd want to go throwing as much lead at them as you can (spray 'n' pray)

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    Dual pistols would be ok. I'd never use them though.

    What I hope for is that they spend more time on the melee weapons and pick-up-able items and such. I'd love to pick up a vase and smash it against somebody's head. Whoo! That would make pretty much everything you can pick up a weapon. You could choke someone with a plant...

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    Big Grin emm

    What i mean with freedom:

    Well, Jock could be blocked, so you could act in only one area at the beginning
    You would have to earn Jocks trust in order to get transport, from there, if you choose to go directly to Area 51 .. well, I have to say: where is it? It is a secret base, you have to know where it is and then and only then you could go there [of course one could search for it but that would be stupid, the game would be too large in size]

    Now, this is the interesting part: you get to choose where to go where you know something is going on. Since i understand there will not be any more Maderley like persons, ... byt hey, if you do have to follow orders, lots of things happe, what if you suddenly get lost from the rest of your group, what if you kill the group

    that is what I call freedom, make your own rules or follow somebody, of course at the first attempt everybody would follow the directions but at the second run ....... yeehaw

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    Originally posted by Catman
    Well, in Hitman, 47 can hold two pistols. Of course, it's a completely different game engine, but that does suggest it could be done for Deus Ex.
    Well, I don't actually know what engine is being used for DX2. But the first game was of course a modified "Unreal" engine game. And "Unreal Tournament" offered you dual pistols (or Enforcers, as they're called in UT). So it's definitely possible.

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    If you use dual pistols, like Unreal, it seems implied that the game is becoming a traditional FPS. Many people on this board have already given the "wtf?!" response to any FPS-ization, and I agree.

    Sure, it would be ok to have the option of the "guns blazing" approach, but Deus Ex wouldn't be the same if you took out an illegal power generator using atomic arrows.

    That's probably because I'm partial to my complete-accuracy, laser'd/scoped, incredibly-large-clip stealth pistol.

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    Originally posted by NoNicknameForMe
    Um, thats the most retarded idea ever... two sniper rifles... what will they ask for next, rocket powered lay-z-boys?
    Did I not explain why I wanted that? They are powerful as well as able to shoot from far away. Deadly from close, from far, and can destroy even cams and turrets.

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    Re: dual weapons kick butt

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by sean74
    [B]Dual Weapons
    That was one of the great things about Max Payne.. god that was cool running around with Dual Uzi's shooting mo-fo's up like there's no tomorrow

    Yo, those were like Mac 10's. not uzi.

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    Learn the differneces.
    Better then kings, gods

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    (talkin to Mr. Simmons.)

    That's not why we/they don't agree with your idea. It's not possible to effectively use two rifles simultaneously, so how would your sniper rifle idea work? Every gun is deadly up close and far, it's just the longer barrel that makes a rifle more accurate. If you say a rifle round can destroy a camera or a turret, well, smaller rounds can do the same. The basic differences between rifle rounds and small arms rounds is the sharpened tip, the size, and the charge, but anything moving at 900 feet per pound can destroy a camera... and I guess a "turret" too.

    (referring to the previous post)

    The guns in Max Payne were called "Ingrams". I thought that was retarded, just like the "Berettas". Both are the companies, rather than the models of the weapons. It's just like them putting "Dual Smith and Wessons" or "Dual Heckler and Kochs" in there.

    ...and I was going to point that out, you just beat me to it.

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    I am referring to the game when I say it can take out cams. When I play it, that's what I use to destroy security devices. Also, my name only has one "m," my name isn't Richard.

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    Alright then, but I think "Simmons" sounds better than "Simons". It was a typo anyway.

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    It may sound better but Walton's name, in the game, has 1 "m."

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    Thats great Richard Simmons, but you wanted TWO count em, one, two. As in 2, dos, deux, duce, double, twice, a pair, of sniper rifles. That is retarded.

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    What would you prefer then, a gay short-range weapon? Ooh maybe you'd like 2 knives?!

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    Now there's an idea!

    Two knives... I wonder how Alex would hold those. Just that alone would make it enough for me to want it in the game.

    I'd take that cattle prod (or whatever it was) over the sniper rifle. Even a taser I'd take over a sniper rifle. Have you ever played Syphon Filter? Wow. You can set people on fire with a few thousand volts of electricity, and have fun doing it.

    Better than just two knives... two throwing knives! ...and! and! after they hit their target, they can have some kind of magnets inside of them that turn on and retract them to your belt so you'd never lose them. I'm a genius.

    ...and Mista Simmons, I already explained to you why two sniper rifles wouldn't work.

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    Wait, while your at it just make some super aug that lets Alex use one half of his brain for one rifle, along with corosponding eye, and the same for the other. With the other half obviously. You could just plug in two usb mouse's (whats the grammar for that?) and go to down, YEA!!1

    And to anwser your question, knives are objects they do not have sexual orientations, dipshiste.

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    OK, i think I have richard simmons here figured out.

    The sniper rifle is a bit more powerful than the pistols in the game and you can take down more targets with 1 shot using them.. so he's thinking 2 of em = better.

    The problem is this, pistols can be wielded 1-handed, sniper rifle's cannot. Plus the barrel on a sniper rifle is too long, it's not a weapon you in all honesty should be using for Close Quarters Combat. despite the fact that you may have been using them in game that way.

    To make it fair, they should just take the reticle off the sniper rifle altogether so you're forced to get the idea that if a target is so close that you don't want to use the scope to hit it with a sniper rifle, you should be using a pistol. Play "America's Army" that's the way they do it to prevent people running around with a sniper rifle shooting from the hip.. no reticle = yuck

    I could imagine trying to wield a sniper rifle in each hand. You'd probably miss the broad side of a barn at 10 feet doin that, and you'd f-up your hand pretty good the first shot you took. While JC and Alex probably wouldn't mind the kick while holding a sniper rifle one-handed, I don't think they'd be much better aiming that way than most people would.

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