Thread: How do I beat diablos

How do I beat diablos

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    Question How do I beat diablos

    When you get the magic lamp off headmaster cid and you use it, you end up inside it battleing a secret boss called diablos, well I want to know any tricks on how to beat it because ive tried hundreds of times but nothing seems to affect it.


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    The easiest thing is probably to wait until you gained a few levels and try again. Diablos is probably to tough when fought so early in the game.

    If you want to fight him right away, try casting Blind on him.. I think you've come across a draw point that gives you Blind in the Dollet mission. It may take a couple of tries, but after he's blinded, his physical attack will almost always miss you, and his gravity attacks can't kill you. So he should be relatively easy then.

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    Another technque is to draw his.....I forgot what it was called....Demi? spell and cast it on him.

    If you fight him at a higher level, he will be stonger, and have a stonger spell for you to draw (but the spell is to your advantage)....It's a stonger Cure spell, again I can't remember the spelling. He's actually easier to beat if he has that spell for you to draw from.

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    It is even possible to let Diablos cure you...altough I cann't remember how...

    The blind trick is a very good one. If I'm correct after the Dollet mission you get a new GF which has St-ATT enabling you to junction blind to a person...

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