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  • YES! I only have a GC and don't want to miss out

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Thread: Do you think a Gamecube version should be made??

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    Question Do you think a Gamecube version should be made??

    It looks unlikely we'll see a GC version of what is possibly going to be the best game EVER. Who here thinks a GC version should be developed even if it's released a month or so later than the other versions (perhaps released with the PC version?)

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    It would nice with a GameCube version aswell, so I voted yes.

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    It depends on how popular BO2 was for the console. If it didn't make much of a profit, then that implies there's not really an audience for the LOK series on it, therefore I wouldn't waste the time.

    I am sure that a decision will be made later on (much like BO2 was) depending on how popular the game is for the other platforms and perhaps the interest in porting it to the GC as well.

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    Bo2 didn't sell much better on the other 2 consoles though. especially the xbox. The gamecube version was released how many months after the other versions? It mkes sense that nintendo owners wouldn't buy BO2 when it had already been out 6 months earlier on all other formats. The main reason GC is getting bad 3rd part sales is because of this. the ports shouln't be so late behind. I mean look at res evil 2, 3! they're years late!!!!

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    Even though I hate nintendo and everything that has somethig to do with it.

    I think that a GC version should be made....don't leave any fans out.
    But if you have to TRANSLATE the GC version...I say no

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    Matthew Guest
    I agree with Umah.

    As I recall BO2 wasn't a huge success on the NGC.

    The decision over LOK-D for the NGC shall be made later, according to the popularity on the other consoles.
    If they're popular and people would like to buy LOK-D for their NGC then they'll do it.

    Heh, You can even make a petition of somekind if You wanna, and if it's successful then send it to CD.

    That's all I can say.

    - Matthew

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    Blood Omen 2 actually sold pretty well on the PS2 and XBox - over 500,000 copies. OTOH, the Gamecube version was marked down to $19.99 a month or two after release, which implies to me it didn't sell well on that platform.

    I like the Gamecube a lot (especially the controller and the small discs), but it doesn't seem to be doing too well.

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    Yeah. I agree about that. The controller for the gamecube is pretty amazing for any non beatem up game and the discs are really cool. Maybe this game won't fit on a single GC disc? That could be the reason. To make a 2 disc version for 1 console would be costly. (but then the PC versions are always on CD )

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    The discs of the GameCube can hold more than the discs for the PlayStation2...excluding DVDs(GC: 1.5gig-PS2: .65gig).

    I believe that they should release LoK: D for the GameCube. I am a GameCube owner myself, and am pretty bored with the lack of good games that are (or aren't...whichever is grammaticly correct) coming out for the system (the only good ones so far being Zelda: Wind Waker, Metriod Prime, and NBA Sreet Vol.2).

    Besides, all the PS2 owners get all the fun anyways. No love for the GC.

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    The only PS2 game I have which is on a CD is Silpheed. Everything else is on DVD =).

    Apparently there were some challenges fitting BO2 onto a Gamecube disc. They had to reduce the size of the textures or something.

    I doubt that there would be a 2-disc version of the game for any system - with a PC you combine them into one game before you play it, but that's not the case with a console. IMO it would require a reworking of the game structure, which I think is incredibly unlikely.

    Like I said, I like the Gamecube a lot, but I really wouldn't hold my breath about Defiance (or anything else on the Eidos label) being released for it. The Eidos online doesn't even have a section for that platform.

    BTW, T-C - if you haven't tried them already, I'd definitely give Eternal Darkness and Dead to Rights a look.

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    Originally posted by blincoln
    The only PS2 game I have which is on a CD is Silpheed. Everything else is on DVD =).

    Apparently there were some challenges fitting BO2 onto a Gamecube disc. They had to reduce the size of the textures or something.
    You got me there .

    They truely had to do that to BO2? I've never heard of that...hmm. It would be nice for those NINTENDO ONLY freaks to get a taste of some Legacy of Kain, however if Eidos or CD will loose any money because of the port to the GC, it would be best not to do it, of course.

    I have heard of both of those games blinc, and am actually interested in both (Eternal Darkness more). I have just barely had time recently to try to even rent any new titles (besides Zelda of course...because Zelda is just God.)

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    Alright, in the past (if some of you ever bothered to read-I don't give a about that anymore anyway)I used to say "dead to Xbox!" And you know what??? I'm actually saving up money for one so I can get Defiance! Talk about irony...I really hated that console!

    Anyone know how to get rich quick?

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    I always used to say that the only way I'd get an xbox if they put SR3 on it. I was SURE it was exclusive to sony and now look! looks like I'll be getting an Xbox. I'd be tempted to trade in my gamecube for one but the MGS remake is making me keep it. Looks like I'm gonna have to own all 3 consoles! (and I really don't want to to tell the truth. I feel somewhat sad for owning 2 let alone all 3)

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    I feel sorry for the guy that ticked the "I only have a gamecube" option. Looks like there'll be another one of us buying an xbox (or maybe a PS2, afterall you need SR2)

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    ... but the MGS remake is making me keep it.
    If I get a GC - that'd be why.

    I think the problem with the GC is that everyone reminds themselves it's made by Nintendo, and when people think that - they think Mario and Luigi.

    Well, I do at least.

    Someone said it before, that the GC lacks good adult games that are 'hot off the press' so to speak...

    And CD better do a CD version! I've got a mate hooked on BO2 and he's peeved off that Defiance might not come to GC...

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    What you said omega.

    I personally can't stand the cute cuddly world of nintendo characters. I only got the GC for res evil (which is fantastic BTW) and the final fantasy CC (which doesn't look that good now seeing it's lkooking all nintendoy)....So obviously the news of twin snakes was the only thing that made me decide not to trade it in for an Xbox. Still tempted tho. It's £30 to trade it in for an xbox at game........TOO MUCH PRESSURE!"!!!!

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    LOK for the Gamecube

    I will buy my copy even if I have to wait 6 months for it.

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    Thumbs Down

    The GameCube doesn't deserve a game of this magnitude, my only decision will be Box or PS2.

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    so microsoft deserves the game but nintendo doesn't? I'd much rather put my trust in nintendo than microsoft. At least Nintendo are good to European gamers (60hz options anyone?) unlike sony sitting knowing the games will sell anyway.

    Does microsoft always include 60hz options on their games like nintendo do?

    Also, if defiance has a 60hz option on one console would it have to be on the others?

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    I'm confused about your whole 60hz thing, fneh. Since you keep mentioning it, I'm going to ask - don't PAL TVs operate at 50hz? Why do you want 60?

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    GameCube is a good system. It is better than the PS2 if you ask me. Though it just doesn't have the games. That will change though once Metal Gear Solid TwinSnakes comes out. I plan on buying it for that game alone. I'd also get a few others but that is the main one.

    I think it "deserves" this game. Though they would probably have to make the videos smaller by reducing resolution or some sort of compression. The LoK games recently have had lots of cutscenes and I think those take up lots of space.
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    Cinematics only take up a lot of space if they're in video format. The SR2 and BO2 cinematics are all done using the game engine, so they don't take up very much space at all. Since the original MGS was done the same way, I assume this one will be too.

    I also like the Gamecube a lot. Its library is superior to the XBox, although the PS2 is still my favourite.

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    Originally posted by blincoln
    I'm confused about your whole 60hz thing, fneh. Since you keep mentioning it, I'm going to ask - don't PAL TVs operate at 50hz? Why do you want 60?

    PAl TVs operate at both nowadays. a PAL TV basically has 100 more lines on the display (giving higher resolution). because the games aren't programmed in PAL originally then those lines are missing right? because of this all the picture is squashed into the middle of the scren and it looks like it's in widescreen. Needless to say the aspect ratio of the screen is now different so people often look shorter and fatter than they should be. (final fantasy games are the worst for this) The games also run 17.7% slower than the USa versions you get so on something where speed matters (EG a tekken game) it's very frustrating.
    CD seem to fill in the extra lines for us with isn't too bad but I still think the games more slower and are less responsive because of this.

    Nintendo ALWAYS enable this option on the gamecube games which makes me that bit happier owning their console as well as sonys.

    I hope this ecplains it OK. I'll answer any questions I can regarding this for you if I can

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    Hmm, interesting. Thanks for clueing me in =).

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