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Thread: After reading the PSM article, I am cautiously optimistic

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    After reading the PSM article, I am cautiously optimistic

    When that rather juvenile website leaked the info previously, I was shocked...and stunned. Kain looked chubby, the story sounded weak, and I was very very very disappointed.
    The PSM article, while it does not give away too much about the game, did provide some heartening info(for instance: the acknowledgement that splitting LoK was a mistake; that Defiance will be accessible to people who haven't played BO2 or SR2; and that Raziel will emerge from his "dumb twit" stage to become a bit more malevolent).
    Hopefully, Defiance will return to the compelling feeling of BO1 and SR1, and should it be the end of the series(LoK), LoK will end with a good, strong game, and leave gamers a wonderful "legacy" to revisit through the years.

    A side note: I really don't like PSM...If anyone wants that extra um, poster, it's yours. Eugh.

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    I am disapointed the my subscribed to magazine of choice 'Game Informer' didn't have the first look at this. Even though LoK Defiance is supposed to be on the X-box as well, it got first looked on the PSM Mag.
    But I definatly agree with you there. The rest of the magazine gave me old news and crapy pics of so called 4th anual baithing suite beuties. Hey, at least my one time perchase of PSM wasn't that expensive.

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    Matthew Guest
    "story sounded weak"? It barely tells the story. As I recall it didn't reveal anything more than only the events in the end of SR2.

    And I didn't find Kain chubby... Meh...

    - Matthew

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    care to summerize the article, i was going to buy, but i wouldn't be able to survive the shame of buying a playstation magazine advirtizing itself as being a swimsuit issue featuring characters from some game (i like my women real)

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    We're sorry for splitting the series-it was a mistake
    Chapters; Different Camera; influences Ico and Devil May Cry(#1); Kain and Raziel, while both playable, will not necessarily be working together-Raziel is cut off from Elder, and gets in touch with his "I hate Nosgoth, let's wreck the place"; while Kain struggles against his destiny as the destroyer of Nosgoth. Each time they meet in the game, a major event will occur.
    6 months development cycle still left, more news at E3.

    And I was unaware that the PSM issue was a "Swimsuit" edition-I wondered why the guy at the counter said it was a good issue to buy.

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    *slaps forehead*
    Like I acre that it's in there!
    If PSM was available in The Netherlands I would buy it in 3 sec..
    Bah, that swimsuit special bull will have to stay in there unread.

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    Sarah: I agree with you saying that Kain look's a bit chubby...hehehe.

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