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Thread: Kain Has The Blood Reaver?????

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    Jun 2002
    Raziel dont have it, Kain does. For all we know it acts like Blood Shower.

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    Matthew Guest
    Here's my two cents regarding this matter.

    Fneh ...

    ... please stop being so pessimistic.

    As Chris stated - the game's not out yet and already someone's whining. I mean, cut some slack here, mate.

    (My sarcastic side would like to add a big flashy NEWSFLASH sign ontop of the "Raziel will die!" thingy )

    And saying that You hate all ... oh well You know ...

    - Matthew

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    Maybe Kain waited for half of Raz's soul to go into the Reaver, imbueing it and saving Raziel

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    Matthew Guest
    That is, probably, what Kain intended to do.

    But as Chris already stated - it's the BLOOD REAVER, not the SOUL REAVER. So it only sucky-sucky blood, no sucky-sucky souls.

    PS - You can also read, as I recall, that the spirit uncoiled itself from the Reaver (end of SR2) from Dark Chronicle.
    Again - as I recall.

    - Matthew

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    saying "I hate you all" was a was my way of saying I'm dumb for saying that comment and even dumber for not deleting it before making this thread,

    and I'm not being pessimistic about the game at all. quite th eopposite. I just don't like being wrong

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    Originally posted by warpsavant
    Que? Chris said it was the BR. Also, for gaming purposes its probably better if the weapon isnt "all mighty" so the Blood Reaver is a better choice by your own logic.
    I didn`t know that he said that.

    I hope that the BR could do some interesting things not just suck blood and cut some skin.

    That means that in some moment of the game Raziel will die!

    I know that it is not a big discovery but I guess that is going to happen.

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    Big Grin RE:

    I for one will not miss that undead blue smurf!

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    Does everyone really think Raz is going to die? Since when is the most obvious answer the answer in LOK? Maybe they can put some other soul devouring thing in there, who knows. It appears Raziel MUST DIE(be trapped), so I doubt that happens. It really does look like he has to die though.

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    No silly, Raziel will live on in the blade. He simply must! **sigh**

    Yes, this was sarcasm.

    What if we put a soul-devouring Yabba Jabba thing in there?

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    I think the pink Yabba Jabaa or the Elder God might work.

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    Originally posted by blincoln
    Chris is right. The team that is working on this game are the best of the best. It's too bad everybody can't visit the Crystal Dynamics offices, because you'd see for yourselves. They won't disappoint us.
    ... you forgot an extra 'of the best, Sir!'

    I totally agree with you though. CD has turned out a majority of the best games on the market, second to none.

    Capcom has a reputation for dodgy camera angles (just look at DMC) and the Res Evil series (although these wern't that bad).

    And those are the only ones I'm familiar with...

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    oh, don't remind me on capcom camera angles *shudder*

    DMC comes flooding back..............."the meeeeeeeeeeeeeeediciiiiiiiiiiiiine!!! quickly!!!!"

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    Big Grin lol

    Well living inside a blade shouldnt be that bad...remember....scream of a 1000 virgins in BO....belive me, he IS happy

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