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Random usefull tips

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    This Forum is to give out Any Random Usefull tips For Kingdom Hearts!!

    I actually have a very usefull tip on defeating Vanitas Remnant on the Keyblade Graveyard with Roxas!!
    Its very very easy and fast!!! All you need is Milky ways!!
    As soon as the battle starts you use one Milky way, and then use another one as soon as possible, then just dodge Vanitas attack if needed when he uses this dark shadow move, it really easy to dodge in that form and when you have a clear shot at him lock on him and just use your milky way finisher and if need take two more and use the finisher again, its very easy!!! It took me less than a minute and i defeated him without trouble!!!

    Post any random tip that is usefull or any strategy you used during the game play!!!

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    Vanitas Remnant is easier to defeat using cartwheel/dodge roll and mine square/shield. Cures will be copied so only use potions. For Terra the fastest way to defeat him is with aerial slam and demolition.

    Mickey's D-Link gives you both double XP and double CP

    Mysterious Figure with Terra on Critical is impossible.

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    Scratch that, just beat Mysterious Figure with Terra on Critical. The trick is to constantly use Thunder Surge. Even if you have only one HP left, Thunder Surge has priority over Cura/Curaga.

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    Also, in my experience Vanitas' Remnant won't copy your Cure spells if there's a rock between the two of you; Apparently he has to 'see' the spell going off for him to even care.

    Whatever you do, do not use Aqua's Magic Hour/Time Splicer combo against Vanitas Remnant or Mysterious Figure. Vanitas Remnant will teleport every time you do, and he will always appear above you to do a downward strike. This usually breaks the combo string, meaning you've just wasted an ability and all you have to show for it is a bunch of lost HP. I have not been able to inflict Slow/Stop on Vanitas Remnant either, so I believe he is entirely immune to these status effects. Mysterious Figure also likes to teleport, and apparently (although I have yet to experience it personally, so I cannot vuoch for the truth of this) becomes invisible or 'untargetable' when you use moves that teleport you to him. 'Surge' abilities like the one mentioned above by Roxas are a good way to beat him; Stocking up on these abilities allows you to move across the field quickly and in many cases break the Mysterious Figure's insane combos.

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    Mysterious Figure always casts Vanish when he gets down to his last bar of health, meaning he is both invisible and untargetable. If you, however, cast vanish, he can still find you. The best way to avoid being killed is to either dodge roll/cartwheel continuously or thunder surge in the general direction of his attacks.

    And using any commands that require more than one command slot against any of the secret bosses is just asking for trouble.