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Thread: The Member Above You...

The Member Above You...

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    Big Grin The Member Above You...

    How's about a little game to liven things up a bit around here?

    Here's an easy one:
    Simpley post a comment about the member who posts before you. It could be something nice, or something to show how well you think you know that person..

    Shall we play? Yes???? Let's go!

    MapMakerMonkey was the ol' Simian Mod when I joined, and will always be a dear friend and mentor.

    Got paid a can of sardines to say that! lol


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    Reaperbot Guest

    Um... Kitten Celeste has a cool signature picture!

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    Reaperbot lives in New Zeland

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    Capt_Snow has an average of 1.62 posts a day..
    My educated guess is that Siberia is his fav level...


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    KittenCeleste is one weird critter...

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    inviziegoth has my eternal respect for re-introducing the word 'critter' into my vocabulary

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    tanger75's name comes from the type of underware he wears and his year of birth!

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    Reaperbot Guest
    Century Bot loves his ps2!!!!!!!1 Oh wait that could be me...........

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    Reaperbot is a few months older than me. Fourteen right now, you are, right?

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    Reaperbot Guest
    Yes I am 14! BWAHAHAHAHA!

    Digit lives in the USA!

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    Reaperbot has a wicked laugh!

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    I guess that Kitten Celeste is Kitten Celeste fav charcter and that he/she is one of the oldest members of this forum.

    Its a Monkey

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    The numbers in slicers name equal 9 when added together, 1 when subtracted, 20 when multiplied and 0.8 when devided

    My thanks to the microsoft calculator BTW i am not includeing the ZERO

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    Reaperbot Guest
    Capt Snow has a calculator that keeps crashing!

    MUAHAHA! I'm gonna have the most info about me!

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    Reaperbot has 2.11 posts per day! He talks a lot!

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    digit has wont share his intrests, ocupation blah blah blah

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    Capt_Snow is only 12, going on 13, and will most likey beat us old age pensioners by a mile in an on-line version of TS2.

    At least me, anyway...

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    KittenCeleste is a fellow Norwegian who has already tasted the power of the Iron Claw.

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    invizegoth is a realy cool name

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    Reaperbot Guest
    Capt Snow um.... wears a white hood???
    What kind of description is that!?!?!?

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    Reaperbot is an anagramme of...

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    Centry Bot comes from london where i was half blinded for a day by a lazer pen in the national history museum in 1997

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    Hank Nova has been gone for a while, but has now got the rocket launcher and minigun out of the cupboard again to rejoin our Esteemed TS Cadre.. lol

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    Reaperbot Guest
    The name Kitten Celeste reminds me of my recently run away cat!

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    e_mcgoey Guest

    Reaperbot didn't seem overly keen on my "Gruesome" contribution

    His "Huh?" left me bewildered. Did he not like my Keanu bashing? Or just not know what the heck I was talking about? If it was the latter, that's okay - I get those blank stares fairly often...

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