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Thread: Legacy of Kain Community Chat Photo Album

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    Heres me, I had to use my junk phone (motorola enough said) as I lost my bros camera for a while.

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    Heres another one, Got bored with the black dye

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    heres a link to a few pics of me and my razielified self. raziel + photoshop is a great combination.
    I wish there were personals just for LOK fans lol.
    "Give me the nexus stone or I shall pry it from your thieving fingers as you convulse in death"

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    Finally got a tattoo.

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    Jun 2007

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    Here's my mug:

    I WOULD link to some of my halloween pics but... well...... I'm just a LITTLE drunk in all of them...

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    Quote Originally Posted by The DarkOne View Post
    This doesn't look exactly like a pic of me but it comes really close, here's a photoshoped pic of me as Superman
    Nice one, I like it. I've finally gotten around to getting a pic up of me, here it is:

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    Quote Originally Posted by majinkura View Post
    dude your hair looks so awesome!
    I just wish we could see your face a bit clearer.

    anyway I subject you to the hell that is my ugly face
    this was me at my moms wedding.

    shocking isn't it?

    here's a more recent one that's clearer.

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    My new Legacy of Kain tattoo

    It's not the best pic, cuz the tattoo goes around the arm a little, so it's proper size can't be seen

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    well, a friend of mine took some pictures of me and some other friends to make kinda a year book. This actually a decient picture of me....

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    Horrible quality I know, but what can be expected of a camera phone. Anyway noticed i have the same lightsaber as the moderator

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    Oh! Another place to show my ugly mug.

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    After 6 years of membership I finally get around to posting a pic :

    I'm the one on the bottom:

    Myself, with the flu I might add:

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    Quote Originally Posted by majinkura View Post
    nice hair leazy!
    Cheers pal I couldn't get any pic of you to work.
    Here's two more:
    Im on the left (obv)
    And an older pic, me with short hair

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    this one is taken eons ago but here it is

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    I made this one for a friend in the LoK Xfire clan and I decided to put it here as well......... btw I'm NOT a girl!!!!!

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    Well since I'm

    Well he's my photo hope it doesn't turn your

    My photo

    You have been warned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linikratyo View Post
    I made this one for a friend in the LoK Xfire clan and I decided to put it here as well......... btw I'm NOT a girl!!!!!
    It's kind of eerie how much you look like me. Different hair colour but there's definetly a resemblance, we could be mistaken for twins hehe ( Nice shirt by the way)
    Here's my pic to prove it:
    "Damn you, Kain! You are not God! This act of genocide is unconscionable! " ~ Raziel, Soul Reaver

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    I got this a few weeks ago after I found out I'd have to postpone my trip to the US. Just got around to posting it now.

    "If events are matched closely enough to course, they have a way of restructuring themselves to familiar outcomes." ~ Scorpius, Farscape

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    ok this is a cosplay pic of me...i still look the same tho.

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    Thumbs Up

    Seeing as I finally got around to renewing my hosting space, here's moi:

    here's moi

    and moi as a vampire compliments of BLOWHARD :

    "I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one;
    'O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it."
    ~ Voltaire

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    Here's me in a youtube video. The whole idea for it was from my brother after we watched "Curse of the Demon."

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    I just registered to the forum, but I add a picture of me to go learn more. Pleased to meet your and my english is horrible, sorry >-<!

    add: I love your tattoos ♥! and a picture that I like in the snow, although I did not go very well.

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