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    Well If just finished some art I made for LOK

    Here's the wallpaper:

    Kain - Evolving

    I used the following wallpapers to make this wallpaper:

    This one for the Younger Kain

    This one For the Evolved Kain

    And for the Background

    I made this within 3 days and I used Adobe Photoshop to make this all possible.

    P.s. If you look at the two Kain Wallpapers, you can see that both of the faces, pictures the same way. That's how I came up with the Idea!

    Feel free to comment, and I will try to answer!


    -Vae Victus - Suffering to the Conquered

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    Young Kain: SR style

    I got to thinking, I really didn't like the BO2 Kain design, and i'd really like to see fledgling Kain in Defiance. I did this little sketch based of the SR1 concept art of Kain's face and profile.

    Young Kain

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    Legacy of Kain: Phantasms

    Hullo all. Yes, I'm new here and I thought I'd kick off my first post here with my first serious LoK fan art's also my first computer colored picture O.o I'm not too good with coloring.

    This is the cover art I did for my in-the-works fanfic of the same title. The profile on your left is my own original character. He's supposed to be the opposite of Kain in appearance and personality but... everyone tells me he looks like Janos ^.^;

    Anywho, here's are the pics. Constructive criticisms are welcome! You can put them in the guest book on my Webbie Page:

    The black and white sketch, cleaned up by hand. It's a little light due to a crummy scanner:

    And the final piece, colored in Photoshop Elements:

    Drawing, layering, and coloring took about 12 hours total.
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    I wonderd how Umah would havel looked like if she would have lived as long as Kain. So I decided to do so. I have made her a little more Snakelike. I thought she would become more like that, because she is very atletic (perhaps she could have been Vorador's Snake dancer?!) which we can seen in BO2.

    Eitherway here's the art:

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    Jashugan was right about Kain. He did not look like the Kain we knew from the original Blood Omen (personaly I found his face in BO2 looking more ratlike). So I did one of the most biggest photoshopping to date (for me, that is!). I used some images of Kain from Blood Omen and used Jashugan's Kain art for reference. The image I edited is a screenshot of Kain from the intro of Soul Reaver 2. The reason I made this, was because I wanted to know how Kain (BO1) would look like in 3D. I was surprised with the outcome!

    Feel free to comment, actualy please do comment. I want to know what you think of it,

    Thanks already!

    The Art:
    Kain - Evolving (SR2 Style)

    Kain - Evolving (SR2 Style) - Non Text

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    Here's a screenshot of a Reaver model for Thief 2, made by my fellow taffer PinkDot from the Polish Thief Forum. The model is made for my LoK themed fan-mission, which I'm hoping to get done by the end of march:

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    Look at what my kid drew!

    She's only 10! And she did this completely out of her head, no reference material at all! I can't even do that. She's far more talented than I was at her age.

    I think it's fantastic. But then, I'm her mother, so I'm totally biased. What do you guys think? Remember, she's only 10.

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    I finally got my site up. Its actually only an artwork site right now, but i plan on adding more stuff, ginven due in time. All of it is there.

    Click each side navigation bar to get Differant pictures of m artwork. BTW these are all photographed, and not scaned.
    plus you can see my hand-made wooden soul reaver sword, which i guess qualifies for some type of art. its under my collections section, as written in the button (In caps too=))

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    I finally got my site up. Its actually only an artwork site right now, but i plan on adding more stuff, ginven due in time. All of it is there.

    Click each side navigation bar to get Differant pictures of m artwork. BTW these are all photographed, and not scaned.
    plus you can see my hand-made wooden soul reaver sword, which i guess qualifies for some type of art. its under my collections section, as written in the button (In caps too=))

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    I might start a little comic series with Kain and Razi living in the same apartment, "The Odd Couple"style. This is the one I've finally got around to inking.

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    Just a reminder to the participants of this thread, this is not a discussion thread. You may include a brief description along with your image, but please reserve all other comments and discussion for this thread as per the instructions of the initial post here.

    Posts not containing images have been merged with the other thread.


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    Here's one I did of Kain.It's not the best though. My kain Pic

    "Go to your master then,I release you to the wheel."-Raziel

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    I'm rather new here, and just discovered this thread today lol.. *waves hi to everyone*

    Here's a fan art of Ariel I did awhile back .. rendered in poser (3d) and retouched in Paint Shop Pro 7.

    Click for full image

    (edit: fixed broken link)


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    Maryland, USA
    Ok, been absent here lately. Sorry..

    Anyway, this is a pic of a character I created for an RPG on NR. I love this character. I will be doing a series of him, and thought I'd share him here.

    My character, Mhaek

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    My art (lok and non lok)

    This is my gallery on
    Few of my pics are on my photo album on yahoo! but I started to add new ones on deviantart.


    ps. Hope you'll like them

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    My daughter has been on a binge lately, so I thought I'd share a few more of her recent creations. I'm particularly fond of the tiger.

    Another Dog
    And lastly, an unfinished LOK inspiration

    Remember, she's only 10.

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    It has been a while, since I came here again.
    But you can blame the internet provider for that one.

    Eitherway I have made a new wallpaper. It has a resolution of 1280x1024:
    Damning the Pillars (1280x1024)

    Thanks to LOK: Defiance's Kain's Mausoleum room, I had enough images(talking about the Painting and the statue, both in spectral plane seen) to work Kain out as a fledgling vampire. Peeps who know my previous fledgling attempts of Kain, know what I mean.

    For the Background I used two different versions of 2 screenshots who were made out of two cutscenes from Defiance,
    The Kain sees the pillars in full glory cutscene and the Raziel sees the big ugly corrupted pillars. It is a kind of background which portraits the timeline of events, which occured in the LOK series.

    any comments or questions are appreciated,

    -Vae Victus

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    i think that picture would look a lot better if kains face was in perfect aligntment with the pillars. because then it would look like you are looking at the world from 2 contradictory perspectives at once rather than a 2 faced kain standing in front of the 2 colored pillars. but otherwise i think its a great pic

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    LoK Art Enthusiast

    In the spirit of the art, I've decided to pursue my goal of submitting something tonight.

    And for good measure, since I'm not officially being judged, here's another.

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    I finaly made it to create an account... *dance* Okay, i´m not making use of my usual name, with is Feraz (yes, I took part of the contest here with help of Narake and lately Umah Bloodomen... thankies one again ), but this here is okay too, since it is tha name of another fantasycharacter of mine. As if this would interest anybody ^^

    I thougt of posting my artwork here, too, even if it is not very much LoK-artwork.
    But perhaps i should stop talking now and post at first some LoK-things.


    Raziel again, now some details


    Magnus? Befor his madness?

    I´ll be posting more soon...
    ~Schattenwesen werfen keine Schatten~

    Besucht meine Fantasy-artworks...

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    LoK-Fanwork with my own characters
    (all from my Fanfiction "The last Razielim", which is german unfortunaly -.-)


    Maincharacter Feraz (a Razielim)
    MOre artwork... not LoK related this time.
    Sleeping sun (inspired by Nightwish)

    Kallanar (a Drowface)

    Kallanar (Body)

    Dreaming of home... (a Kallanar-pic again)
    More is to come ^^
    ~Schattenwesen werfen keine Schatten~

    Besucht meine Fantasy-artworks...

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    As you may or may not know, I've been taking a graphics class to assist with my drawing skills (or lackthereof).

    Well, my instructor is an artist and his stories and samples have inspired me to take up drawing again. (Which was previously on my "to-do" list but was pushed back on account I got invovled with other things). Anyhow, with the assistance of a "how-to" book (complete with the egghead and guide tutorials) I managed to end up with this.

    Please be advised that it's very, very rough and was drawn in Fireworks with a mouse. (Which is the equivalent to a bar of soap, IMO). I don't claim to be an artist by any means, but I did have fun screwing around.

    Is it me or do you think I could use a wacom?

    Anyhow, enjoy.

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    As stated in the initial post of this thread:


    While you may include comments along with your artwork here, rogue comments on submissions by other parties need to be made in the Community Art Gallery Discussion Thread.


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    Thumbs Up [EXCLUSIVE] Artwork from Daniel Cabuco...

    Dan "The Man" Cabuco requested that I post this on his behalf. Please note that it will be merged with The Community Art Gallery in seven days.


    Message from Daniel Cabuco
    Hello to all the LOK fans once again!

    So I was in Portland, Oregon last month to see Katsuya Terada's gallery show, hosted by Dark Horse. In case you don't know, Terada did the character design for the movie 'Blood: the last vampire" and a has put out a lot of great art books! Plus he also uses painter! Woohoo! A fellow painter user!

    I heard that he liked 'Soul Reaver' so I put together a quick painting of Prefallen Raz and Saya. (from Blood) (she would be a lot shorter than he, so I had her jumping into the pic) He really liked it and signed a couple of posters for me. All in all, I had a great time talking to him (via translator) about Vampires, Art, and Japan. He and Nirasawa are two of my favorite artists. When you guys get the chance, you should check them out.Very inventive stuff.

    And since there hasn't been much new prefallen Raz art lately, I decided to post my gift to the forums. If you decide to post it on your own websites, all that I ask is that you put the appropriate credit on it. (ie Dan Cabuco did this..) Hope you like it.

    Thanks guys.
    Daniel (KainPainter)

    Click the thumbnail to view larger image.
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    'O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it."
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