Thread: The 13 Darknesses (SPOILERS)

The 13 Darknesses (SPOILERS)

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    (So a little late in making the specific topic, but all the other threads were just getting too cluttered, and I wanted something devoted to this, lol)

    Goes without saying, but stay away if you don't want to be spoiled about the series up to Dream Drop Distance's ending...


    Okay, we good? Cool~


    So at the end of the game, Xehanort returns in all his dark glory. Xemnas and Ansem Seeker of Darkness are right there with him. Young Xehanort's presence is clear to us at last. Before that, we had a run in with Braig, and that guy really wants a keyblade, lol. And while Lea's presence was a major shocker (especially at the end when he summon's a keyblade with apparent ease), he managed to save Sora in time. But I'm sure he was more shocked over realizing Isa was now a vessel for Xehanort.

    So we're looking at 7 established darknesses/vessels:

    Ansem Seeker of Darkness
    Young Xehanort
    Sora (he did get saved, but he was supposed to be the final member of the 13, so lets just leave him here for now)

    Still leaves 6 vessels/darknesses we don't know about, right?

    (The rest is now conjecture and likely guesses :'D)

    Looking at some posts, I'm inclined to think two of those spots can belong to Riku's replica from CoM (fan favourite name Repliku ;D) and Vanitas from BbS, so there's two spots down. Aside from their seemingly random cameos in DDD, they're both heavily tied to the darkness in general, right? Still got 4 more to go.

    I assume Terranort/Amnesiac Xehanort is a likely contender, but I wonder how that would possibly work out timeline wise. At some point between BbS and KH1, this guy got split into Ansem SoD and Xemnas, so if he's destroyed, would that automatically negate their existences and half the series would simply no longer exist? xD

    One person I kind of would like to see is Ansem the Wise. He's now got amnesia and trapped on the Darkside beach (and basically nothing to do), and with one of the vessels already having stolen his name, I think seeing the Seeker of Darkness and The Wise fighting on the same side would be hilarious. His alter-ego DiZ could be fun, but it was still him. DiZ just a persona he took since his identity was already taken from him, not his Nobody.

    And one character that would kind of break my heart but would be pretty kewl to see is...Eraqus. Xehanort's struck him down in BbS, but for some reason Nomura tells us to pay special attention to how he fell towards Terra. Then with Xehanort and Terra's "heart-to-heart" at the end of BbS, Xehanort remarks on Eraqus' sly move or something. What I think is that Terra's heart is being protected by Eraqus's heart (and mind?), even after all this time. But in doing so, Eraqus is left vulnerable to Xehanort. The only gaping plothole here is the lack of body (unless the shiny particles reassemble somewhere; there is that "Armor of the Master" boss battle in Final Mix, so maybe...), but I could imagine some out of left field idea somehow covering this, if it ends up being the case, lol.

    I guess even Terra himself is plausible. I assume Isa is being forced against his will to do Xehanort's bidding. I could see the same being said for Terra. The confusion of course stems from his body overtaken by Xehanort becoming the "Terranort" we know and love. Presumedly, his mind is still in his armour at the Keyblade Graveyard, but the way it seems, the "self" is more associated with one's heart (all those times Ventus talks to Sora is the heart of him, right?)

    After that, I'm not sure. I know other people have brought up the idea of the other original Org.XIII members as candidates, but I wouldn't know who else could be considered. Fan wise, I think Demyx is quite popular, so that's a possibility just for that. I personally loved Larxene and I would love even more the cross-gender implications of being a Xehanort vessel, lol. Marluxia was pretty powerful in his own right, so he could be a contender too, me thinks. I liked Luxord, but he just felt like a filler character, so I wouldn't care if he never came back (maybe a passing mention, but whatever).


    So who do you guys think are the other darknesses?

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    I think you probably just named all thirteen of them, except for Pete. He's clearly the trump card of the New Organization.

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    I sort of thought at the end of 3D that maybe the Anti Black Coat Nightmare had more to contribute to the story, so he's a possibility. And also Dilan and Even, Organization 13's numbers III and IV, did not regain consciousness like the others who were revived. Possibly their consciousness was elsewhere? Like the meeting of the New Organization?

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    lol, Pete. I almost feel bad for him. Timeless River in KH2 shows that he's a decent guy contrary to how bad he ends up later on xD

    I got to read up on Anti Black Coat. I forgot who/what it's suppose to be :/

    As for the Org.XIII members, that would be interesting. I'm watching the scenes now, and Aeleus even says Even and Dilan were conscious but unstable. This whole time I assumed they were retored, but perhaps... O_O

    Vexen/Even kind of had a creepy vibe, so I could sort of see them remaining in an antagonistic role. Xaldin was pretty cruel to Beast, but can't really say much else for him.

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    actually anti-black coat kinda resembled Vanitas BEFORE Sora's heart connected with Ven's....Xaldin and Vexen are SO gonna be bad guys..but with Xehanort or too themselves?

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    Yeah that is how he was described, but I'm fairly certain it wasn't vanitas.

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    oh... i think it hints that he's coming back.....figure a manifestation takes form takes some doing for someone who isnt even a fractured heart like Ven......Vanitas heart was kinda blasted....

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    Aren't Ansem Seeker of Darkness and Xemnas the Heartless and Nobody of a 'Norted' Terra (after he took the hearts of the other apprentices he most likely took his own after that)?

    *The other special nobody and heartless pair (the other being Roxas and Sora's non-harmful Heartless [Sora's Heartless following Kairi, Goofy, and Donald at the end of KH]).

    I know the other special nobodies were Kairi and Xion.

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    I think Vexen would act on his own desires. With his attention on science and discovery like in chain of memories.