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Thread: *The Best Mission Contest* (Part 1)

*The Best Mission Contest* (Part 1)

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    Exclamation *The Best Mission Contest* (Part 1)


    To celebrate StarTopia's up and coming second birthday, (the 30th of May), StarTopia Post and Mucky Foot are teaming up to bring you a new contest!

    The mission of this contest is to vote on your favorite fan made mission, but before we can do that, we need to create a list of the mods that have been made so far.

    Although the StarTopia Post has a large collection of mods, we will not be adding any into this contest unless the author contacts us. So, if you have made a mod, you can have it added to the list and be entered into the contest if you just drop me a line @

    The following info will be needed to list your entry:

    The Title of Your Mod:
    Your Handle:
    Your Real Name:
    Your Email:
    A Brief Description of the Mod:
    Download URL (or attach if not online):

    Now I know what you're thinking... "Pffft, I am too busy to be cool and win a contest." So we're going to make this worth your while! Mucky Foot has been kind enough to provide us with the following PRIZES (what place gets what is to be decided later):

    -An original piece of game art
    -A StarTopia T-Shirt
    -A StarTopia Mousepad
    -Nice inked pencils

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    This is going to be good! Now where did I save that mission. Oh. Is there a booby prize?

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    DMA(some numbers I forgot) is going to win so there realy isn't anypoint to this other than giving DMA all my prizes.

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    If you act like that he WILL win. Of course, if all the missions were put together against DMA's there would be competition.

    P.S. I haven't played any user-made missions yet . Where can I get them?

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    You can find user made missions at The Post

    Stick it as your homepage (I have) or at least bookmark it.

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    Um. It's not guaranteed that I will win.

    Someone should inform Slink of whats going on. And every other person who made a mission.

    And Arctic - it's 57361 - not that difficult to remember.

    PS: Second birthday? Already? Eek! I'm loosing track of time.

    Plus even if I do win - I won't get all the prizes will I. So everyone should enter! Woo! Bring on the community events!

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    No worries about slink, I'll be sending out a mass mail to all the old modders tonight.

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    Damn the contest, I want to know where I can buy a Startopia T-shirt!!!

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    Re: *The Best Mission Contest* (Part 1)

    -An original piece of game art*
    -A StarTopia T-Shirt*
    -A StarTopia Mousepad*

    *not availdable in stores

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    JSWY - I think you'll find the 30th of May is the birthday, not April. But given I didn't buy it until the game was about 6months old I'm not that sure.

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    Looking forward to playing some of those mods again this end

    Oh and yep 30 of May was the date StarTopia left us for the last time.

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    Apparently there was a hardware failure of some kind for Alpha! (See the Post if you haven't already.) Hope it's all in good order now thou Alpha!

    Anyway, everyone needs to re-enter, double time!

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    Darn right!

    (But as for me, I'm still hurting, but I'll make it. *sigh*... My poor data...)

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    Voting Time!

    The list of contest entrys has been compiled, and now it's time to vote for your favorite fan created mission! You can view the contest info page here with a list of the missions so you can try them out, or jump right to the voting page here!

    Note: Due to the nature of the voting system, voting more then once will invalidate your vote.

    Voting ends on the 14th of June.

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    Cannot get to "The Yetucyun Guild - Episode 1: The Targ Telecommunications Trust" - 404

    You might wanna get that fixed! (So we can vote fairly)

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    Done, no worries, there were barely any votes. Sorry guys!

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    Rarr. Slink wins, as it should be! Although I missed her by maybe a month or so she pretty much got it all started, yes?

    Next time I think I'll have to, you know, make something newer rather than entering something from the end of 2001.

    Anyway, Congratulations! to Slink for 1st and Hand-E-Food for 2nd and 3rd.

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    Congratulations Slink!

    And thank you everyone for your votes. Remember that Overmind and I worked together on the Yetucyun Guild. That one wouldn't be here without both of us.

    P.S. The second mission of The Yetucyun Guild is coming closer...

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    Congrats to the winners, some cracking levels in there.

    Great to see so many people putting their time into StarTopia. I swear some of you have played it more than us now

    Also a big thank you to AlphaOmega for putting on the competition and generally keeping the wonderful StarTopia Post running. Cheers matey.

    zebra3... ...out

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    Listen closely to the master modders, Hand-E-Food and me! YG2 IS COMING!

    And congrats to Slink as well.

    [hype mode]Remember, the Yetucyun Guild is the first ever attempt at a StarTopia campaign, so we're looking for loads of enthusiasm! And also, we are totally dedicated to producing high-quality mods for YOU, the customers! Just get the final version when it comes out (it's pretty amazing, even in developement...)[/hype mode].

    Shame on you, DMA57361, forgetting my contribution

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    Apparently my ability to read winner lists is faulty.

    Well done to you too!

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    The Hyperspace Station is an absolutely amazing level! Although a few less missiles destorying my Energy Collector or StarDock would have been slightly more satisfying!
    Some Quality levels popped up on this contest - whens the next one? I would have entered if I didnt have University Exams at the time!

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    Yeah, I stuffed that bit up. I posted a DIY patch on the Hyperspace Station thread that makes them easier to jam. Thanks for the praise!

    P.S. Thank you for the prizes, Mucky Foot! They arrived today. I've managed to keep them away from my drool so far.

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    Your welcome dude, thanks for the level

    zebra3... ...out

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