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Thread: Chrono Cross is Better than Chrono Trigger

Chrono Cross is Better than Chrono Trigger

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    Chrono Cross is Better than Chrono Trigger

    I say this because I honestly believe it is true. Chrono Cross is simply the better game. From the very beginning, you are presented with arguably one of the best video game tunes ever created, "Time's Scar" and a key scene from later in the game that sort of positions an early staunch opinion of the main character. From there, I was led into a series of emotionally draining events, from learning about one of the biggest plot holes in Chrono Trigger to some of the most tear-jerking moments in RPG history (I will just say one of them involves Kid and a house, and the other a man standing in front of Leene's Bell).

    I won't argue that the large cast of characters are a bit of a detriment to the game, but the main characters essential to the story are very important ones, whether it is the whirlwind tale of Serge, the plight of Kid, or the evil acts of Lynx, something about these characters felt like they made a much larger impact on me than the cast of Chrono Trigger outside of a nostalgiac point. And once again, the soundtrack is phenomenal. The Overworld theme is one of the best map themes in the genre, if not the best, and songs like "People Imprisoned by Destiny" and "Star-Stealing Girl" were absolutely devastating to my psyche and provided the first real moment where I actually cried from playing a video game, I kid you not.

    When it comes down to it, the story in Chrono Trigger feels like a child's chapter book compared to the heavy themes that Chrono Cross breaches. These topics include love, anger, life, death, friendship, treachery, revenge, righteousness, self-inflection, peril, sadness, loneliness, abandonement, and even more. Dont get me wrong - Chrono Trigger is a classic game with strong pacing and great music. But if you told me which one was the better RPG? I would say Chrono Cross by a long shot. I would rather it be remade than Chrono Trigger.

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    No, you are just an idiot trying to contrast two entirely different levels of game. Don't be irrespective of technology. Chrono Trigger was a damn great game for its particular instance in time. You should eat dirt for even contemplating this gap.

    Conestoga's and Ferrari's. /facepalm

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    I personally feel Chrono Cross is better myself, but not by much.

    And both are two of my favorite RPGs ever.

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    I agree with Tlael. Both wonderfully executed games, but I just feel the thing that gave Cross a bit of a boost was the replay value on it. Although the remakes of Trigger gave us alot of new endings to look at so... :P

    However it looks like a CT diehard fanboy got their panties in a bunch and felt the need to make an account to defend his love's honor XD

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    Originally Posted by blackfx

    No, you are just an idiot trying to contrast two entirely different levels of game. Don't be irrespective of technology. Chrono Trigger was a damn great game for its particular instance in time. You should eat dirt for even contemplating this gap.

    Conestoga's and Ferrari's. /facepalm

    I never mentioned technology. I only talked about characters, story, music, etc.

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    Chrono Trigger by far a better concept. Chrono Cross has its moments, and it is a well deserve of praise, but Chrono Trigger stands above it all.

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    I never beat either of them but, I can't really compare them. Both games had enjoyable music, characters, story, setting, ect. The place where I MIGHT try to compare them is gameplay... but I just can't do it. I love the combo-attack thingys (forget what you call them) from Trigger and I love the system in Cross. It wasn't like Cross improved on Trigger's system... it created an entirely new system. And simply put, I enjoyed both systems. While both games have strengths and weaknesses, I can't really find a big enough gap in the amount of enjoyment both gave me for me to make a decision which is better.

    EDIT: screw this topic, now I feel like playing those games again. I was still in the middle of replaying the KH series... guess I am doomed to never beat games because I remember another really great game that I never beat years ago and start a new game in it... :/

    EDIT 2: crap... its all so pixelated...

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    Originally Posted by Zachary

    I say this because I honestly believe it is true.

    That would be OPINION versus FACT. Just like this thread is.

    I believe that both games are equally great in their own way, and are both part of a long-forgotten series by Square that needs to be revived by Square Enix.

    That is ALSO opinion, not fact.

    Here's a 2nd Grade level website to help you learn the difference, in case you aren't sure.

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    When did I say it wasn't an opinion? That's all this thread is. You can't ever compare two games by using facts to prove one game is better than another. I don't know what you are trying to prove here...

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    They are really different games released years apart.

    I definitely prefer Chrono Cross because I personally was more drawn into its story and setting. The music and graphics were amazing. I still listen to the soundtrack years later.

    Chrono Trigger had some cool elements. I imagine for those who grew up playing this game, there is a nostalgic sentiment to this game. I didn't play CT until later on (even though I grew up with a Super Nintendo).

    My brother always thought the time portal area was cool (the guy by the streetlight blowing bubbles).

    They are both great games, just comes down to personal preference.

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    i play both and they are simply perfect 4 me each one have something that makes me love it soooo....... i cant say this one is better

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    I actually really enjoyed Chrono Trigger much more. I didn't hate Cross (music was amazing, and there were some great characters), but there were things I didn't like. When I finally managed to beat it once through and got the "perfect" ending (I think? The one where you have to attack in every element in a certain order..?), I put it away and never touched it again (I think it's been 6 years now...)

    I bought Chrono Trigger a second time just to have it on the go.

    My main beef with Cross was that there was huge (frickin' heck, HUGE O_O) array of recruitable characters that I didn't care about. The background info on many of them was so sparce that I just saw them as something to complete for the sake of completing. With Trigger, there were much fewer characters but a decent amount of info on them. I felt I could get a better sense of them as individuals. There were characters that had more limelight in Cross, for sure, but that just made many of the optionals characters that much more insignificant.

    And I admit, I didn't care much about Kid. Partially because I wasn't pleased with the romance angle that was suppose to occur between her and Serge, and the fact he already had a girlfriend. I remember you can read their names on a tree or something with the cliche "together forever" sentiment or whatever. And, what? He finds out about this traumatic experience she had as a child and he's suppose to be dump his girlfriend and be with her (who, if I remember right, didn't even notice that it was the enemy who was controlling his body for a while)? Why give him a girlfriend in the story then? Just soured the pairing for me, I can't help it :/

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    I started with Chrono Cross... and then I played Chrono Trigger.

    My vote goes to Chrono Trigger, but not by much. Plotwise, it's more focused and the character development is extremely difficult to defeat. I love both OSTs to death. Cross made a few mistakes, but Trigger made benchmarks that Cross couldn't or barely succeed in.

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    I do agree that the character development in Chrono Cross wasn't as solid as it was in Chrono Trigger due to the fact that there were obviously so many party members in the first place, but I feel that for the main players of the story, I found myself far more impacted by their plight than I did with those in Chrono Trigger. I suppose a lot of that has to do with the fact that the plight of Crono, Lucca, and Marle also plays a part in Chrono Cross since we're talking about a storyline focused on one of the biggest plot holes in Chrono Trigger. It put a lot of things into perspective in what was originally an arguably light-hearted journey of a group of heroes out to save the world.

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    Chrono Cross

    Maybe we have to consider Chrono Cross was the best Square game ever !
    you should think about this, a Chrono Cross 2 can be 10.0 in Gamespot again, why not?

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    *coughs*Wrong forum.*coughs*

    (though I guess individual members don't have the power to move threads. Hrmm....)

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    i like both of them chrono trigger was my first squareenix game and i played it way too much like a whole year i often play chrono trigger ;D also chrono cross both are the best games

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    I've yet to play Chrono Cross. Chrono Trigger on the other hand, I've played many times.

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    Thank you, new_tradition. I was just thinking of making a similar post myself when I noticed this thread.

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    Wish square-enix would allow Chrono Resurrection to be finished

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    I would imagine there would be a debate about Chrono Cross being the best Square game ever, but Chrono Cross is definitely the best Square game I've ever played.

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    Originally Posted by new_tradition

    *coughs*Wrong forum.*coughs*

    (though I guess individual members don't have the power to move threads. Hrmm....)

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    Lol I also prefer Chrono Cross! But that's probably a bit of nostalgic value as I played it before Chrono Trigger. I also have a HUGE preference for Nobuteru Yuuki's art style as oppossed to Akira Toriyama's. They're both very good games though! I'm happy they're getting ported (like for the DS and PSN).

    But honestly, I've never understood the "Trigger or Cross!" dichotomy that always gets brought up. It's just a couple of games meant for entertainment. They're both very good games and are enjoyable. What's not to love? *shrug*

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    both is good but for me chrono cross is better and a great game i like its story very much and i wish they make it chrono cross 2 im sure many ppl want it but i dont know why they dont

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    I prefer Cross. I just get a tad bit more enjoyment out of it.

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