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Reskinning Paintings

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    Reskinning Paintings

    I may have already answered my own question but...

    I am attempting to import some different paintings into Dromed 2 using the Tool at the Circle (sorry can't remember who designed it). After much messing around I have converted my picture to gif format and imported it through Shape/replace texture etc etc. The picture now appears in Dromed but looks dreadful. In game the picture does not appear but has been replaced by a strange red/black dotted texture that I haven't seen before. I have now resaved the picture in 256 colours and 8 bit format and will try again tonight. Will this work or am I missing something obvious?

    Thanx guys.

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    In the folder where you keep the paintings (make sure they're in obj->txt), you need a copy of full.pcx/full.gif as a color guide reference. And make sure the images aren't too big: A picture that's only 150 pixels tall will be roughly half of garrett's height. a picture that's too big will make dromed dislike it.
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