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Thread: Front Mission Series

Front Mission Series

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    Front Mission Series

    could it be possible to see an iOs release for FM5? just like chaos rings, spoken dialogue could stay in Japanese, with english subs.

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    mersi pentru misiune

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    Hello SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS! how are you today everyone? I hope everything is just fine with you and all, you can always send friend requests or messeges to me at anytime and ask anything you want help with or to know about, you're always warmly welcome! ^_^

    In this thread, we're going to talk about a classic tactical role-playing game, which is "Front Mission 3" from Square Enix (Square Soft), The game was released in 1999 for Sony PlayStation (PSone), it is the third main entry and the first entry overall in the series in North America. ^.^

    This is my review of "Front Mission 3" in the 5 main game elements: Story, Graphics, Sound, Gameplay and Overall Rank Title. ^_^

    >.< !May Contain Spoilers! >.<

    1- Story: Set in October 2112, the story of Front Mission 3 takes place in Southeast Asia, revolving around the Oceania Cooperative Union (OCU) and the People's Republic of Da Han Zhong (DHZ). Since the People's Republic of Alordesh won their independence from the O.C.U. in 2102, member-states within the union also formed their own separatist movements. Countries such as Indonesia and Singapore began voicing their anti-OCU sentiments, both through peaceful and non-peaceful means. In 2106, pro-nationalist forces in the Philippines wage war on the government and their OCU handlers. Desperate to maintain stability in the region, the O.C.U. Central Parliament allows the United States of the New Continent (USN) to send in peacekeeping forces to resolve these conflicts. Eventually, the supranational union is pushed to the breaking point in 2112 when a mysterious explosion occurs at a Japanese Defense Force (JDF) base in Japan.

    2- Graphics: The envioroments are in detailed 3D, with 2D characters and backgrounds, the visual effects are not bad, but the lising resolution are unnecessarly low, which make the looks of things weak, though the wanzers and animation are very well done.

    3- Sound: The sound effects are nice and shrap, they're very high at volume level, the noises of the wanzers, explosions, shooting and movements are great, the music is really awesome and thinking, it scored by Koji Hayama and Hayato Matsuo.

    4- Gameplay: The mechanics of "Front Mission 3" are a radical departure from "Front Mission" and "Front Mission 2". While it is a tactical role-playing game, there is a stronger emphasis on role-playing elements as opposed to strategic elements in "Front Mission 3". The game progresses in a linear manner: watch cut-scene events, complete missions, set up wanzers during intermissions, and sortie for the next mission. The player travels to locations on a world map. As the player progresses through the plot, new locations are revealed on the world map. Towns and cities act as intermission points where the player can organize and set up their units for the upcoming mission. New to "Front Mission 3" is the Double Feature Scenario - this allows the player to experience two different scenarios that exist independently of one another within the game's storyline. In other words, the player can play through two stories; while they may share common events and environments, the stories are largely unique and in essence are fully-fledged games. "Front Mission 3" missions are traditional tactical RPG fare, ranging from destroying all enemy targets to protecting a certain allied target. Where the game differs significantly from its predecessors lies mainly through a new combat feature - the ability to attack the pilots themselves. During any attack, the pilot can be damaged or forcefully ejected from their machines. The player can also have a pilot eject from their unit to fight on foot, or hijack another machine on the battlefield. The game also changes how skills are learned; instead of gaining experience to improve a pilot's proficiencies, they are now learned by equipping wanzer parts and using them in battle. When certain conditions are met, there is a random chance that a pilot may learn a new skill from one of their wanzer parts, which can be programmed into the wanzer's battle computer. Many gameplay features from "Front Mission 2" have also been removed, greatly simplifying the overall structure of mission play. Missions are now much smaller in scale, limiting the amount of strategic options the player can use. There are some returning features from Front Mission 2 that are used for mission play though, namely Action Points (AP) and Links. Action Points (AP) is a feature that dictates how much actions can be done with each unit. Actions such as moving and attacking require a certain amount of AP to use. At the end of a full turn, which is one Player Phase and Enemy Phase, a set amount of AP is replenished. A unit's AP amount value depends on how many combat ranks its pilot has earned; these are earned by destroying enemy units. Links is a unique ability that allows multiple units to provide offensive support to each other during Player Phase battles. Links operates differently in "Front Mission 3"; a unit's pilot must have a Link-class skill and the appropriate weapons (which also acts as their linked actions) equipped. Once this condition is met, a linked battle will commence if the skill activates. Up to three units can be linked together to form one "link". Other returning features that appear in mission play include mission rankings and mission branching. As in Front Mission Alternative, players are graded on how well or poorly they clear missions. While there are incentives to perform well, the game does not reward the player with new parts or weapons as it did in Alternative. Mission branching returns and now allow players to choose what type of mission to play next. Aside from these, the Network feature from Front Mission 2 returns and is greatly expanded upon. Players can now browse through the pseudo-Internet, send and receive e-mail messages, tinker with online files and wallpapers, or use the new Battle Simulator feature. The Battle Simulator is a game mode where the player can participate in VR training exercises. These drills can be used to increase the fighting proficiencies of the player's pilots and can be taken as many times as needed. Lastly, players can strengthen their parts with the return of the remodeling feature. Through this, the player can augment a wanzer's armor coating (known as "Def-C"), the accuracy of its weapons, increase its jumping power to scale buildings, or equip it with rollers to dash on flat surfaces quickly.

    5- Overall Rank Title: For me personally, that will be {NOT BAD} ^.^ Here's a video:

    ^.^ This is the end of my review thread, thank you so much for reading and feel free to add your posts ^.^

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    Front Mission Series

    I have recently come across a brand new copy of Front Mission: Evolved and I have come across a problem asides from the DLC being alot of fun is that there is no one to play against. I under stand that the game is going on three yeas old but seriosuly there isn't a single person playing this game on-line? I get that there are other Robo war-fare style games but it's FM! F.E.A.R still ahs people playing the multiplayer and that game was older.

    So i am really reaching out on this forum to all the Xbox 360 players out there that have this game and are looking for a person to play against please read this and reply or leaev your gamer tag.

    Thank you Kraloc.

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    Now here is a game I wish SE would release in America. I'm a big Front Mission fan and loved everything about it.

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    english subs would be ok, but there's probably a lot of japanese in the customizing of your wanzer that would have to be translated too (part names, descriptions, tutorials, etc.). i doubt they would ever bring over an official front mission 5 translation on any format.

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    I have this game on the PlayStation 3, and got the same problem. I've been trying to play it online for almost a year, but no luck on finding a full lobby to play it.

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    Front Mission Series

    Please release this for the PSVITA Square Enix

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    Originally Posted by imported_Derek
    Please release this for the PSVITA Square Enix
    Create tactick Front mission in PSvita or Front Mission Classic(4&5 HD remake)

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    Yes Please do this
    Front Mission 2 and 5 are the only ones of the numbered series that didn't get released outside Japan
    Please release Front Mission 4 and 5 HD on Vita/PS3

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    Front mission 3 remake ?

    Hello Everybody.

    First of all i would say sorry for my bad English cuz i'm from Germany

    Now i have a question about Front Mission 3 ... so i was reading wiki and as it looks like SQUARE (Squaresoft) the company that did release FM 3 merged 2003 in to SQUARE ENIX and so i guess the copyright of FM belongs now to them ? what i rly would like to see is REMAKE of FRONT MISSION 3 ... i bought this game around 8 years ago for my PS 1 .. back there i didnt even knew 2 words in Eng, i could not understand why i cant equip some items on my wanzers, i did not know what the characters were talking about all the time, i didnt even knew that game had 2 different story's (Emma and Alica) and so on ... but i still managed to beat it regardless of everything ... after some time i played it over and over again first only on PS these days i play it on PC with EPSXE Emulator maximum texture resolution best settings nice sound and all that stuff and the game looks rly great alot better then big fat pixels on PS ... so anyway i have in to this game over 1000 hours gameplay and this is rly best turn based tactical role-playing game (according to wiki) i've never played a game even half that long .. it's rly amazing that something can keep some one attractive that long .. all these new Call of Duty, Battlefield, Crysis are what ? 5 hours gameplay ... well i finish them in 1 day and there isnt much to replay anymore .. and Front Mission can be played over and over again 2 story's they are huge to finish them both and u can replay them with different skills different wanzers different weapons once more and again there are just so many options that even tho you played this already you can still do it another way this time . if you ask me this is the best game i've ever played this long and i still want to keep going ... but as we all know PS 1 Emulator isnt the perfect solution .. still some graphical update .. bug fixes new features game settings release on PC and new consoles would be great isnt it ? i'd love alot to play FM 3 with pretty much same story as it is (well maybe some minor changes for the good of it ) but still old good FM 3 for PC REMADE for even better experience and new stuff .. maybe more wanzers more weapons (especially beam/laser weapons cuz the game has only 1 aviable atm) some game scripts random events i mean there are so many things with new game engines and technology that developers can do these days ... ok so SQUARE could it be possible we can see a remake of one of the greatest games of all time .. ( your opinion may be always different then mine but this game is just imba even in it's current state ) i think people who have 300+ hours in tho this game cant disagree any cuz this game is rly great.

    ok that's about it ... sry for missing grammar and all but eng isnt my main ...thanks for your time nevertheless and have a great day.
    P.S. SQUARE a well thought answer would be appreciated if FM could possibly be remaked .. and not a 5 second NO cuz if you ask me this game is worth to give it a shot.

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    ye ok my bad i'm new here so i didnt knew where to post ... but what about FM 3 any info ?

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    Square Enix, please do something with the Front Mission series, make a new tactical Front Mission game

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    Only have Front Mission Evolved from STEAM. Great game. Would like to see more Front Mission titles on PC with single player squad-based campaigns similar to Mechwarrior or Heavy Gear. Also, why is FME not mentioned under Games?

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    FM is unique yet challenging series to get into, I was curious about the series back in its early roots with the SNES. Played a few from recent systems, but man is it something else once the game gets deeper, and some allies turn out to be baddies. o_o

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    Thumbs Up

    I played Front Mission 3 on Playstation 1 (PSOne) and it is still one of the best games I've ever played. Even in times of playstation 4 I like to play Front Mission 3 and so I want to ask if you do not think about the remake of this game for PS4 or a completely new geme, but in stile of Front Mission 3 I loved that there was a lot of robots to choose from, many levels, skills and many hours of gameplay and great advantages is that it was a turn-based game so you could think about all your move.I say for me, this game is a matter of heart. But I have to say that I did not like Front Mission Evolved, because it was no longer turn-based game . So if you make new game in the stile Front Mission 3 so I'll be one of the firsts who pre-ordered this game.

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    Unhappy Serial Code Duplicate


    I have a problem buy the front mission evolved and every time I try to activate steam sends me telling me that the serial is already in use message.

    Order Number: 9500795935

    Serial Number / Product Code: R3MFF-P3V7H-LPRHW - invalid

    Please help.

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    Contact customer support about your issue.

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    Thumbs Up I have one game I love by Square Enix.

    It's called Front Mission Evolved. I don't get why they gave up on advertising it for BOTH Xbox 360 AND PS3. They would not only get much more income from people buying DLC's and such(Which is a HUGE plus for them), but they got the chance to do it on PC again too. They're diverse, the game is even on Steam now. The game is amazing, and I look forward to finding more Front Mission's sometime.

    But I've constantly tried to advertise the game on LIVE and on my Google+ Page(Which has I think 837 followers) trying to promote the game Square Enix made. The only downfall to the game is some weapons would be underpowered(Like Melee, Bazooka's and Shields).

    Otherwise, amazing game all-around. I wish they started advertising it at least for a short time on Xbox LIVE again. Fun game, just need's players. What sucks more is you can't get EXP until you beat all 25 rounds on Last Stand, and you can't get some exp from it when on Custom Mode which also sucks. Should make it like Half the Normal EXP then.

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    New Front Mission Game Being Developed By Square Enix Japan (Siliconera)
    - Siliconera has learned from a source at Square Enix that a new Front Mission game is in development.

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    To Sqaure enix

    I always wondered why you never made a Front Mission online world. To be honest I play those games till this day it my favorite game of all time it would be the easy world to make and could only imagine how awesome that would be the player fractions fighting each other for land, gear, and feared titles.
    Every time you come up with a new mmorpg I hope every day you bring that series back to life. I don't know why it disappeared and fell out of your view but you should honestly take a look with a the great minds in your company and imagine one of your old best series of games as a mmorpg as a fan I think it would be the best mech mmorpg out there if created properly.

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    Question about playing front mission 4 ps2

    Bought this archive game online, but having trouble to continue on to operation 3 mission ? I'm having this issue to where I go back & forth from the hanger to the command room & cant seem to find my way out of these two talk rooms ? Tried to talk my way foward out & tried to exit out as to be the only options to choose which not helping myself to continue to the next battle. Bit sad to see the game has too much talking during the game & not enough fight action ! I found it similar to playing battleship, but might as well try to finish this game to the end anyway ? I wonder why I cant find this game listed in the Square-Enix archive games list

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    Question Can you still play in single mode with or without an archive used registered code ?

    Bought a mint condition Front Mission Evolved PC game recently , but wondered if it could be still played in single game mode somehow with or without the register code ? It being an Archive game it must not to be able to be played in mult-player mode online ? It would be GREAT to find out just how "GOOD" this game was even compared to today's ongoing & newer programming design games being made yearly

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    Unhappy Front mission is dead?

    Hey guys. Another sad stroy of an old*** man who once fell in love with Square Soft games. It's not a secret that SE now is more publisher less developer. But i was sitting today browsing something and remembered Front Mission 3 again. Hundreds of played hours mostly spent in simulation Lots of destroyed gears and bullets shot (especially Riogo's combos one by one ).
    As i saw below the topic about Turn Based system, i can agree that it's mostly dead now. Everybody nowadays prefer real time games. Not to think what to do. Games became casual because of new***s. Modern gamers.
    The last game in Front Mission was Evolved and it came the way to real time and action. It was such a dissappoint when i was it. Jesus, what the hell? Where is strong fall? Moral decisions? Customissation? Cool heroes? Depression motive? A cheap action nothing more.
    As for me i'd like FM 3 remake,but i know it will be as lame as FF7 first remake. I guess we need to start with a new fresh game in FM world. But that is the dream. World needs no more TBRPG-strategy game.... Sorry for a chaos in mind expressions,that is my emotions...

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    Are these reproductions of Front Mission for SNES authorized by Square Enix?

    Video Games Plus is selling reproductions of Front Mission for SNES on their website-

    The listing has a disclaimer that says-

    "NOTE: These games are clearly marked with a "Reproduction" label - they're not to be confused as a "fake or knock-off" of original titles."

    Are these officially licensed by Square Enix?

    They also seem to have reproductions of SNES Final Fantasy games on their site, too-

    And a reproduction for Chrono Trigger-
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