Thread: Why Can't all FFs after 5 be like Dimensions?

Why Can't all FFs after 5 be like Dimensions?

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    Why Can't all FFs after 5 be like Dimensions?

    Stick with this scale? Stick with the real Final Fantasy look.
    Not everything needs to be some programmer's virtual 3d egomania.

    It would be nice to have all from at least 7 (and Dimensions) on in a collection for
    3DS or Wii U. OT: same could be said about Dragon Quest, but never went too far off.
    Remix to traditional scale. My last product submission on this idea was turned down sadly,
    hell of a story. Marketing 's block, pardon my chicken reference.

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    Hmmm no.

    Final Fantasy 1 to 7 keep getting remakes re-releases!

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    The first 7 games in the Final Fantasy series are the best

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    Well first six, but six was showing a loss of scale. Dimensions is great, wish it were on my 3DS and used functions like Bravely Default (Default means to "Fail to Act," so yeah bad title. But fine game). BD was more Final Fantasy than most of the latest. I wish they'd just call Multi. Final Fantasy #: MMO like Adventure, or Adventure line it. Be nice to see Final Fantasy series to be back in full scale, maybe with improved color definition. But back to single player birds eye. BD at least has some classic illustration involved, it deserves more Final Fantasy Status than the latest Multiplayer.