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Thread: CHRIS! Plz confirm this is not a April Fools Prank!

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    CHRIS! Plz confirm this is not a April Fools Prank!

    i would like it if chris could confirm the following:

    it really makes me wonder, it being the 1st, and that new "game": Legacy of Kain: Vehiculum Furtus Maximo which is supposed to be kain crossed with GTA III just sounds like crap. its not up to the previous standards.

    PLZ confirm!


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    Hey all,
    Sorry I was not able to give out info on these new titles. I had been told not to talk about them, but I guess now it has been leaked out. When I have additional information, I will post it here.
    Crystal Dynamics

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    It is an april fools joke . . . if you read all the way down to the end of the page!

    I would definitely buy the special edition of Soul Reaver 1 *IF IT EVER COMES OUT*. I would love to play the original finished version. But I'm sure it will remain nothing but a dream.

    The bogus explanation of Soul Reaver 3 kicks @$$. As described, it would be a totally AWESOME game.

    That other game "(Whatever).....Maximus" looks stupid to me. I'd never buy it. But everybody has their own tastes, so I'm sure it would find a huge audience.

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    It didn't say it was an April Fools joke for the first 24 hours =).

    Even with it there, I've taken a bit of heat from people who only read as far as the Special Edition. Oh well, at least it got chuckles out of most people.

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    I REALLY liked your pictures for "The Turelim Clan Territory!", "Raziel absorbs Ariel's soul", and "Raziel prepares to do battle with a vampire ", and the pictures of the "SRSD" packaging. Those were skillfully forged!!!

    Blincoln remains my favorite Web-Master !!!

    I figured out from where you pulled the rest of the picture elements ... but where did you get the bridge from, and what type of vampire is that supposed to be that Raziel is preparing to fight?

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    Thank you Darakari =).

    Those two dark ones are by Divine Shadow. Did you check out the behind-the-scenes page? Maybe I forgot to put this in, but the vampire is made up of parts of various other vampires. I'm not sure about the bridge. The room itself is the Pillars room from SR2.

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    I always thaught that that stuff sounded absurd. I don't know why people would actually believe this bull...oh, wait-I can answer that. Thier desperate.

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    Man, I wish I could come up with a hoax like that! (Come to think of it, I wish I could come up with a hoax...)

    EDIT: Seriously, though, I think that Special Edition thing would be a great thing to do, maybe a bit later on. Maybe when the series is concluded?

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