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Data slipped!

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    Data slipped!

    I just saw a season 1 episode of ST:TNG. DATA USED A CONTRACTION (i.e " He's " and not "He Is")

    The episode is "We'll always have paris"

    The one where Picard's old girlfriend sends out a distress signal cause her husband was injured in a time experiment...

    The part where Data has the anti-matter and asks Geordi to begin the 27 second countdown.. The time-line "splits" into 3 "Data"'s ... They (the 3 Datas) argue/debate who the real Data is... (i.e the Data in the right time..).

    The middle one says "It's Me" and not "It Is Me" !!

    (Easy to figgure out who it was, Picard mentioned how the time worked by saying "Where we were, Where we are now and Where we will be... So the right Data is the middle one cause he's "Where We are now" )

    Suprised no one noticed this little slip up.. I checked the official forums and didnt find a post on this...

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    Big Grin

    LOL I think I have that one on video. I might just have to check it out, now.

    Incidentally, my uncle swears that in the Datalore episode, after they've disabled Lore, Picard asks Data how he's doing and he replies "I'm fine, sir" (or something along those lines). I've listened to it myself, and it really sounds like it could be either way. Of course, if he did slip up in this episode, too, it's all the more amusing because of the scene earlier in the show where Lore mentions that he can use contractions and Data can't.


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    Yah. Whats also odd is that Data was created after Lore (Lore was deactivated cause he was "evil").

    So why can Lore (a older "version") speak using contractions and not Data (newer "version").

    Like take (eugh) Windows. Windows 98 had the same stuff as Windows 95 and more, ME same & more than 98, and so forth...

    Not to mention how his "daughter" could use contractions when she has the same ? Positronic system/patern

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    Just one of those sci-fi quirks they put in to bend your brain. That was weird, though.

    I miss watching my Treks. I wish it was 1987 all over again, so I could watch all the Next Gen episodes for the first time. It was so cool.

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    I wish I could've caught startrek on earlier. I started watching them around season 7 of TNG, skipped most of DS9 and watched VOY from the begining.

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    You are right I cannot deny it, however there were mitigating circumstances which caused the embarrassing slip-up, it was in fact due to this character ' and that character alone.

    I believe I have fully vindicated myself.

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    Em. ? Make that two slip-ups?

    You don't feel "embarrassement"

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    Originally posted by mrdefender
    Em. ? Make that two slip-ups?

    You don't feel "embarrassement"
    Embarrassing for Brent Spiner; not me.

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    Must've been hard to do that many episodes without using contractions... I wonder how many re-takes (i.e Take 1, Take 2...) it took for one scene or episode? :/

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    Very weird, how I found this thread.
    My wife and I were talking about Data's use of contractions.
    I did a search for the subject and wound up here!
    Talk about Kismet.
    It's not that Lore was "evil".
    It's that he was created too human.
    From the Star Trek Library:
    "Lore's emotional functions were more like organic creatures (thanks to an emotion chip developed by the Soongs), though completely malevolent and self-serving, with no regard for life."
    Data was created to be less human, hence, no emotions (and
    no contractions), in the hopes that he would be more accepted.
    (Although the good Doctor Noonien Soong did give him the ability
    and potential to explore and develope his humanity.)

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    I thought that was just Lore Bragging.. Like him being created after Data...

    And how can someone be "too human" ?? It's not like being human makes someone evil...

    I bet ya Lore got high on his old "Superiority Complex" issue...

    And the fact that he was dismantled for what he consider's a "inferior" version (Data), didn't really help...

    I can understand the no emotions thing.. They can "impair" our judgement (when you loose your temper, for example.. we often "lash out" before thinking what we're saying). But why no contractions?

    What I Really Liked about Data, was the episode where the "Conspiracy" unfolds. Data is looking for some evidence and "talks to himself". Then the computer asks to restate the question.. Data goes into more detail and the Computer says "Thank you, sir. I comprehend"

    Heh Even the computer is annoyed when Data gets too specific.

    Gonna try to clarify that particular episode.

    Step 1; Remember the Admiral, Picard's friend, in the episode where Wesley goes to take the entrance exam for SF Academy? The Admiral (Quinn?) warns Picard about a "Outside Influence" ?

    Step 2; The Episode im talking about is like "Part 2" of step 1. Where a SF ship gets destroyed, where they eat worms in SFHQ... Where Riker poses as one of em to get Picard out of there...