Thread: Please read.. (somewhat humour aswell..)

Please read.. (somewhat humour aswell..)

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    Please read.. (somewhat humour aswell..)

    Ok. I know that this might not be very funny and everything...

    but my dad sent me this:

    It's a flash titled "It's time to bomb Sahdam" . It features Bush (Pres Bush Jr). some guy and Sahdam..

    What I want to know is who's the guy having ? Tea? With Bush? He looks like the guy who played/will play Darth Vader in Episode 3-4-5-6. So who is he?

    (In episode 3, 'anakin' will be played by the same guy in episode 2... but at the end (what we're assuming..) its gonna be 'vader' and the 'original' guy who played vader... cause we all know Anakin turns 100% into Vader in Episode 3, cause hes vader in ep 4, 5 & 6...)

    So who is this guy with Bush????

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    Colin Powell, but the whole thing is getting a little tired now, and there's too much reality at the moment to find it even midly amusing.

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    Oh. I know its not funny now that all this stuff is going on.. Just had this guy on "The tip of my tongue".. and thought he looked like the guy who did Vader...

    So who is Colin Powell? He looks so familiar... (then again, probably everyone from the US government was on tv... recently...)

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    Not sure of his rank, but he's pretty high in the US military. You must have seen him on news reports.

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    Like I said, I think like every one from the US military (high ranking officers..) were on the TV lately...

    What really freaks me out is this CNN Guy called "Miles E O'brien"

    There's this guy on Startrek DS9 (the chief engineer/ops guy) called Miles E (for Edward) O'brien....

    Dare I say it again?

    PS: Thanks again for clarifying this guy's identity (em.. powel, not obrien )

    I'm gonna see if I can find a pic of the vader guy...

    EDITED: Used a tad too many "eek" smilies