Thread: Thief 2 - InstallShield Hangs at 100%

Thief 2 - InstallShield Hangs at 100%

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    Thief 2 - InstallShield Hangs at 100%

    Well, I decided to re-install Thief 2 to play through it again (I've installed it about 4 or 5 times before, same system). However, when I put the install CD in, then clicked Install on the auto-run, I get the "InstallShield is preparing the Wizard to guide you" or whatever the text says, which hangs at 100%. My computer doesn't freeze or anything, just nothing happens.

    On to the system specs:

    Processor: 1.0GHz AMD Athlon
    Video Card: NVidia GeForce 2 MX
    RAM: 256MB
    OS: Windows 98 SE
    Sound Card: Sound Blaster Audio PCI

    I have two CD-ROM drives, one being a burner, I figured the problem may have been because I was using the CD-burner, but I tried it in the other (slower, I never really use it) one and had the same problem.

    Anyone able to help?

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    You can check the top thread on FAQ's there is a thread on TIDBITS to help THIEF run better.

    First. Turn of your screensaver, your virus program, if any, your Inet and any programs running in the background.

    Use CTL-ALT-DEL and stop everything except EXPLORER.

    Then use find and look for *.tmp delete all except the MSDOWNLOAD folder.

    check your sound and video with Start-Run-DXDIAG. run all the tests.

    If it checks out use SETTINGS and REMOVE the old thief files if any.

    Then try a new FULL INSTALL.

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    This is probably not your problem, but since I have had it happen to me twice quite recently I'll throw it out anyway.

    Make sure the CD is completely clean.

    I thought I never had to worry about that until, inexplicably, I had to clean my copy of Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear and then my copy of Deus Ex. Go figure.