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Thread: [BO2] Stck in Chapter 6 'The Nexus Stone'

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    Unhappy [BO2] Stck in Chapter 6 'The Nexus Stone'

    I'm stuck in Chapter 6, 'the Nexus Stone' of the Gamecube version of Blood Omen 2. I'm at the part where a hall full of mist is blocked by two guards and a bunch of explosives. I can charm someone in a side office to walk over and set off the explosives, and from what I am to understand, there's supposed to be an elevator beyond where the explosives were that I can take. But when I go there, nothing happens; no cutscene, no levers, no elevator, nothing. Have I missed something along the way?

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    Things will go a bit easier if you can manage to take one or more of the mercenaries/guards out without being seen.

    I imagine that you pulled the lever and opened the exit door to reach the side office where you charmed the person inside. Charm him again and walk over to the explosive devices near the portal and pull the handle. This will break the glass and allow you to enter. It will also blow a hole in the wall leading outside.

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    Sorry, are we talking about the same section?

    This is past the 75% checkpoint in Chapter 6 (past the cave cave-in, etc). It starts with a mist filled hallway and two guards guarding a door witha switch. Beyond that is a room with a glass portal and a machine witha conveyer belt. Charmed the worker on the other side of the galss to run through the conveyor-belt machine on her side to filp a switch to open the conveyor-belt machine on my side. Through the machione, fought two more guards. Then, an empty room with crates to one side and some innocents. the a pair of doorsthat open and close together from any one of three switches.

    Beyond that door is mist filled hallway, two guards in front of explosives. I've done a number of things:

    1. Mist form to an office to the left (with gramaphone), charm someone in office to run around and flip explosive switch.

    2. Mist form into same office, charm someone through the glass portal there to flip the explosive switch on he other isde.

    3. Killed the guards, then did one of the above.

    The results seem to be the same: The explosives kill a couple innocents, the guards if I hadn't killed them before, shattered the glass portal. the mist filled hallway extends back where the walls looks like dark riveted metal, and there appears to be no ceiling (just flat black). The explosives do not knock any holes into the walls, there are no other switches (none I haven't run around switching to see if they do anything, anyway).

    According to the walkthroughs I've looked at, I'm supposed to get on an elevator that takes me up. At the top should be a checkpoint.


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    In the future, post specific information in regards to your problem/inquiry. If you don't we're going to assume where you are, hence why the responses won't prove to help you.

    From the conveyor belt, leave this room through the open doorway. You should find a lever to open the door ahead of this area.

    You should then encounter a room with two mercenaries in it. There will be fog in this room and a switch. You don't want to pull it as Kain.

    Enter the office, charm the human(s) and walk over to the room with the switch and pull it. There should be an explosion after you pull the switch. It should break the glass and clear the debris in the hall, thus revealing your elevator.

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    The problem is I have done the above. There is NO elevator.

    Charmed the person. Flipped the switch as charmed person. Explosion in mist room killed charmed person, the guards, cleared the roadblock/debris, smashed the glass plane.

    Unfortunately, there is no elevator there, or the elevator is not being triggered. The hall is just a dead end.

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    Here's a thought, walk down the hall and enter the door to the elevator.

    I will even post a picture of the door/arch that the elevator is located in.

    If this doesn't work for you, I don't know what to tell you.

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    I don't know what to tell you. I wish I could take a screenshot from my TV to show you what I mean. I've just described the problem and emailed Eidos tech support about it.

    There is no door. There is no arch. There is no elevator. the whole scene in your screenshot isn't there. The hall just ends.

    Thank you for putting up with all this. I don't think there's much else I can do at this point.

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    Eh, no problem. Sorry to hear that your game is not going so well.

    I believe this will be the first reported glitch incident with the GC version of the game.

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    If you go to the end of the hall after blowing up everything, the elevator should start automatically. If it doesn't, then you've encountered a glitch. Try running around into every corner, nook, cranny to try to make it trigger.

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