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Thread: It's back! The "Make your own superhero" thread!

It's back! The "Make your own superhero" thread!

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    Yah. Very tragic... Being both Bruce's and Batman's friend..

    Then he turns into half-good, half-evil with the evil half in control. (you see this in the Batman Forever movie, when he sits down to eat at his lair).

    So he's both their friend and enemy.

    Their being Bruce and Batman... Em?? does "their" apply here? They're two different people but the same person...
    Two people.. same person.. two people.. same person.. TWO PEOPLE.. SAME PERSON..!!!!

    Ok.. im getting a big headache right now

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    hehehe. the "their" very much applies. there're lots of storylines in the bat comics that deal with his split personae... although really, bruce wayne is an act, and batman is the real identity

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    Obviously. They spent more time on Batman in a day than on Bruce wayne in a month!!

    Talking about comic books and TV shows or movies... Well.. More like TV shows or movies..

    They probably just made one of those "thought bubbles" which explained who he is and why he's a super hero for the comic books...

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