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    When will I not need help?!

    Okay, I have currently began using DeDx and the gamesys for it. I had my dark.gam customized with some added meshes. I set gamesys to DeDx01.gam, and went into game. My meshes were still there. This delighted me, but shocked me as well as I assumed that they would disappear upon the arrival of a new gamesys. So, I took advantage and saved my gamesys as DeDx01a.gam, and now I use it.

    Now, is that normal that they did not disappear? In other words, am I going to open Dromed and my level one day, and wa-la, I have to remake my skinnies? Also, since I am using DeDx and the gamesys, do I have to include every file that originally came with DeDx in my zip file? Thanks for once again taking the time to help me.
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    1- If you're like me, you always will

    2-Its possible that your meshes were in DEDX? What were they?
    If they are fine now they should be fine later.

    You only need to include the files you use from DEDX. But make sure you remove all DEDX contents from your thief folder before installing your Then you'll know if you missed some.

    I think that's what happened to the C4 author that didn't include all nesseccary files, probably tested it with DEDX installed so it seemed like everything was there.