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rE:coded for 3ds!

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    Has any one heard about work on a 3D RE:Coded?

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    Originally Posted by imported_Skyler
    Has any one heard about work on a 3D RE:Coded?

    Nope and it probably isn't happening if that's what your asking.

    But 3DS can play DS games. So you can pick up Re:Coded for reletively cheap:

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    Re:coded 's next move will probly be for 2.5 as the next movie part like 358/2 days is for 1.5.....

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    Re: Coded is going to be a part of 2.5 along with 2 Final Mix and Birth by Sleep Final Mix, confirmed by the credits to 1.5

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    soo what your saying is im

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    then whats with the extra words like i state Re:coded is the least to me but i have never bumped into a bad Kingdom hearts game ... Take out winnie the pooh, Alantica, and the Gummieship battle in the first game and it wouldve been absulute diamond

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    Woah woah woah! What's your beef with Whinnie the Pooh? That was one of the best part of the game! And everyone has a problem with Atlantica, I understand everyone hates the water level, but it has the exact same physics as Neverland, and nobody ever says they hated Neverland. I personally liked Atlantica, I thought it was one of the most creative and well-designed worlds in the first game.

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    Winnie in 1 was terrible made better in 2 but it just isnt the best adventure to have.....its all minigames as for Alantica... i enjoyed the first one more then the second obvious sing-along.... but for the first one having Aerial fight isnt in the "Little Mermaid" plus well im single anyways but guys admitting to liking the little mermaid?... aint happening without a rainbow flag in the background......thats why it was "MANdated" that guys must violently refuse it

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    I love the little mermaid level, though to be fair I never switched Ariel into my active party. Also it is a great ing movie. And the Whinnie the Pooh level was so much fun! It had all those secret little power ups and hidden items and abilities that you could only get by solving those puzzles.. I'd say it was worse in 2! And obviously the Little Mermaid level sucked in 2 as well.

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    yeah yeah great classic movie.....but i hope in place of winnie the pooh we get wreck-it-ralph

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    I think Wreck-it-Ralph would be an awesome main world. But I guess it does have all those "mini-games..."

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    Why not both?

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    Dammit you're right thinking outside the box

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    yeah i do that sometimes....Figure why wouldnt a game world within a game world not have games?

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    Originally Posted by edward.busch.18
    Why not both?

    If I had to pick one or the other though, would rather fight Heartless nano-bugs.

    Back on topic it would be silly for them to port it.