Thread: ATI Mobility6 (gateway, yea!) Drivers..

ATI Mobility6 (gateway, yea!) Drivers..

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    ATI Mobility6 (gateway, yea!) Drivers..

    ok...soooo, I'm having that looovely flickering screen within 5 mins in the game..I have the most updated drivers that I can find.. I even put a small bug into the company's customer service area, about not having updated drivers in over 6 months. *sigh* such is life, anything you guys can think of on your end??

    I have a gateway...Windows XP, updated drivers were in october.. This is funny cause I can play Battlefield 1942, and the expantion of road to rome, and on top of all that, Warcraft3 and Unreal 2003.... *grins*

    But having problems with this. Oh, and I can also play Sim City 4, with no problems... ha!

    Sooooo, any suggestions would be great! You can either e-mail me at, or pop me a message on MSN at that same IM, or that nice uh-oh program of icq, 5965283!

    I sometimes don't know where I get these boards and and then never find them again heheheh.

    LadyWyst (a gaming chick)

    Laters! Thanks for all your help!

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    Grey Mouser Guest
    All I can really do is confirm that certain older versions of the ATI drivers absolutely have a problem with correctly refreshing the screen when using 2D applications, like Spring Break. BF 1942 and some of the other titles you mention would not encounter this problem because they are 3D games.

    The exact same problem (a crash or a black screen, when the driver fails to refresh) happens in another of our 2D games Trade Empires on certain versions of ATI driver.

    Since the problem was fixed a couple of months back (around the release of the Catalyst 3 drivers), and ATI themselves confirmed it as a driver issue, the only suggestion we have is to request a similar update for the Mobility drivers from Gateway for your laptop.