Thread: Praetorians MP demo will not run on ATI AIW 9700?

Praetorians MP demo will not run on ATI AIW 9700?

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    Praetorians MP demo will not run on ATI AIW 9700?

    Does anyone run the game on the above mentioned video card?

    I start the demo, set up a game against computer. The map and graphics are loaded, I see my units, I can move for 1-2 second, and then everything freezes.

    system specs:
    Win xp pro
    Athlon xp 2100+
    512 MB ddr ram
    ATI AIW Radeon 9700 pro , 128 MB
    Omega 2.3.92 drivers (based on Catalyst 3.1)
    soundbalster live value
    DirectX 9

    Anyone has any ideas solutions?

    any help and sugestion is much apreciated.

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    Smile Help.

    Change you video drivers.

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    Smile Future.

    Buy intel and nvidia in the future. Better drivers and you have very little problems with all types of games. May be a little slower but you will have less problems.

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    still nothing

    I tried it with catalyst 3.1 before I posted the message, same thing.

    intel: way overpriced

    nVidia: does not have any good card with TV tuner.

    I am quite happy with my current gear, not going to change it just to play 1 game.

    It is the developers duty to make its product run on the top products that are on the market.
    If not, they will not get my $$

    Does anyone run this game on an ati 9700 vid card?

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    Thumbs Up Help

    try older driver?

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    ati aiw 9700, demo locks up

    Still nothing. I tried sp demo, mp demo. same thing. It keeps locking up. Does anyone play this game on the video card mentioned in the subject? It took a while untill I installed catalyst 3.1 drivers and tweaked it for best performance with other games, I dont want to install catalyst 3.0 just tu find out that id did not help at all...


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    I have a Radeon 9700pro 128mb using 6.14 drivers and both demos are working fine.

    Try searching for help with driver problems and the ATI cards. Whenever I have a problem somebody here has almost always got the same thing or found a solution.