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    I agree with you completely regarding how people say this game was lacking. If you take the time to read the datalog and to truly master the battle system, you can get more out of it. I think some people just picked up the controller and started to rush through it (me included on the first run). You almost have to play it multiple times to grasp the full story of what is going on

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    Overall, I liked XIII. At first, I thought the battle system was all too easy and even flawed, but came to like it later on.

    The story was pretty good for the most part. I haven't beaten it yet because of technical difficulties, but I plan on getting it again & beating it.

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    I love that this game has attracted such attention while topics for IV and VI are practically dead. That's the sad reality of gaming now: people only care about the newest thing.

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    This was and I hope the only FF I have ever been disgusted with. I liked or loved them all until this one. I can forgive the linearity of the game but the script was horrible and so was the pacing of the game due partly because of the editing since the lamebox couldn't handle the game. You should never have to read a novel in order to understand a game's plot and history. That said I loved the music and graphics. I'm indifferent to the battle system. I liked it here but don't want them to use it on another game. Even though I don't like it, I still play it from time to time because it can be fun.

    The sequel I liked overall though so they did improve it.

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    Originally Posted by Zack Balboa

    I love that this game has attracted such attention while topics for IV and VI are practically dead. That's the sad reality of gaming now: people only care about the newest thing.

    I'm playing through II, III, and VI right now. The reason topics for older games are dead is because they've been out for ages. They're also smaller games and there's less to discuss. I don't think it has that much to do with people only liking the newest thing.

    Originally Posted by Zack Balboa

    You should never have to read a novel in order to understand a game's plot and history.

    Of all the XIII criticisms I see, this I think is the most accurate and fair. It's true. You shouldn't have to read the Datalog in order to understand the plot. I still think the biggest headscratching moment in the game is near the beginning when they all have their Focus glimpse and exclaim "Ragnarok" as if the player is well aware of what that's supposed to signify in the game's world. It's poor storytelling to require or strongly suggest supplemental reading. I like the Datalog myself and really enjoy XIII, but I wouldn't ever suggest to Square to use that as a buffer again.

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    Square has been using that buffer in the KH series since KHI. The Ansem/Secret Ansem/Secret/Xehanort Reports are more important to the storyline that 3/4 of the cutscenes, and it works. It allows the information needed through cutscenes to be condensed and allows more cutscenes for comedic relief and allowing us to get to know what's going on with the characters. I would much rather prefer reading the Datalog and the KH Reports than to have to watch 50 extra cutscenes a game just to get across was is almost always only mildly important information.

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    I liked the fact that you had a datalog to understand how the story goes/where to go next/fal'Cie mythos, but at the same time you SHOULD not have to read it for the current story. I'm the kind of person that will just spam 'auto battle', but I think some strategy is needed for the paradigm switches, so battle was okay. I LOVED the characters with the soul exeption of Fang. She just seems to cocky. Loved Lightning because she was badass. Loved Snow because he was really into everything. Liked Vanille because she was peppy, but annoying. Liked Sazh because he was funny. LOVED Hope because he was VERY emotional throughout the story and I can relate so much to him. Story was okay in the beginning, but by end I was dumbfounded. Linearity was a bit much for me because I wanted to zip through the story, and when I got to the Ark, I died a few too many times. I personally like this FF as opposed to others (FVIII and FFXII for me).

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    Originally Posted by Zack Balboa
    I love that this game has attracted such attention while topics for IV and VI are practically dead. That's the sad reality of gaming now: people only care about the newest thing.

    *nods* i know the feeling.

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    I've played, beaten and enjoyed every numbered Final Fantasy, save the MMOs, and XIII is my favorite by far. It does take way too long to ramp up, but I got hooked on the characters and their plight and couldn't put it down once the whole party came together. I know people don't like it (in part) for its linearity, but I think that made sense given the story they were trying to tell and I appreciate what they were trying to do. With the exception of Snow and the poorly fleshed out villains, I loved the cast and the battle system is one of my favorites in any JRPG. Also, the soundtrack is fantastic. It's probably blasphemous for me to say this, but I actually prefer Masashi Hamauzu to Nobuo Uematsu, and XIII's score is really top notch work.

    It bums me out a bit that XIII gets so much hate but everyone's got their different tastes. I hope that maybe ten years from now the fan sentiment will have softened a bit, the way it has with VIII over time.

    Originally Posted by Basho

    I would much rather prefer reading the Datalog and the KH Reports than to have to watch 50 extra cutscenes a game just to get across was is almost always only mildly important information.

    I would agree with this wholeheartedly except that the KH Secret Reports are often a pain to collect and/or it's not obvious in an average playthrough that they exist or how to track them down. I think a lot of people end up missing out on the information that they convey as a result, which makes the series plot that much more inscrutable. :-/ I'm fine with things like the XIII datalog, where all of the info you need is unlocked naturally as you go along, and agree with the sentiment generally though. :-)

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    When I first attempted to play this game as soon as it came out, I couldn't because my TV screen was too small and I couldn't make out any of the battle options on my screen. Of course, that wasn't really Square Enix's fault, but it was still frustrating I had spent 60 bucks and couldn't play.

    Then, a year later I finally got another TV and started to play. The story was so overwhelmingly confusing I had to put it down and walk away.

    Now, in the past month I got ahold of this game and started playing again. I'm so thankful I did. Of course I was confused once again, but after rereading the Datalog about a hundred times and finally realizing there were two different types of Fal'Cie, I really started to enjoy this game. I think the battle system is fantastic. I love all of the ways you can customize your battle team. I'm also really glad that the Crystarium is basically a more organized version of the Sphere Grid from FFX. The Sphere Grid was always so addicting for me and the Crystarium is no different. I like how there's a seperate one for each character. I also liked how CP is accumulated by everyone regardless if they were currently in your party or not.

    The story (now that I understand it) is fantastic. The characters are all very unique and well developed. I still haven't beaten the game, so I'm really excited to see how it ends. I've already ordered the sequel. Can't wait!!

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    Pre-ordered this one as I have with all of the FF games, MMO excepted, since FF IX. Marveled over the graphics of the game and enjoyed the lush soundtrack. Battle system? Took some getting used to, the same as all new FF titles. Shiva bike, Odin and all the others? Seriously badass! Loved them!

    Deal breaker? Snow and Hope, who I wanted to completely throttle by the time I got to the midway point of the game.

    Snow: I'm the Hero! Your future sister-in-law Light could whip your main character wannabe behind like a level 1 Flan. You did not deserve the Shiva Sisters! Seriously, when I first got this game, I really, really wanted to like Snow, I did. Sadly, this was not to be. I passed over his Play Arts Kai with no remorse whatsoever.

    Hope wasn't so bad, just that I found him whiney. Even with big sis Lightning, it took him so long to get it together, although much like any other anime protagonist.

    Sazh was the character I ended up liking the most: of them all he seemed the one with the least neurosis ad the most grounded.

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    It's definitely a "Final Fantasy" title, it's just less "free-for-all" and more focused on the main storyline. I'm not gonna lie, the first nine chapters were a little boring (except for the chapter in Palumpolum, that was epic). For me, it's not truly enjoyable until the party is complete and you can freely change the line-up (after the first fight with Barthandelus). Once the Cocoon chapters are over and you end up on Pulse, it's much more freeing and enjoyable. I got lost in Pulse and I couldn't believe how huge it was and I loved it (almost as much as FFXII). Is it Final Fantasy? Absolutely. Does it follow the same formula of previous titles? Absolutely not. And that's a good thing. Oh, sure FFXIII is like shooting through a pipe with no control over where you&rsquo;re headed or how fast, but it's still an epic ride nonetheless.<o></o>

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    For what it's worth, FF13 wound up being a decent game at best. Out of all the games I've played in the series (6, 7, 8, 9, and 10) I wouldn't put this game at the very top of my list as it would be at or near the bottom. The series has went from a have-it-all to an all-or-nothing setup which unfortunately revolves around what Square can do around the graphics. This has forever been Square's philosophy; get the most out of the hardware, which worked fine up to the PS2, but today's hardware cannot support Square's aim for making a game that is great in every aspect. The end result is exceptional graphics and much less content. One can only wonder what will become of future Square RPGs for future consoles if they continue their old ways. Will they wind up being labeled 20-hour "cinematic RPGs?" like Parasite Eve 1 for the next generation? (Not knocking on PE, that's one of my all-time favorites.)

    On the other hand, there are things that are lacking which graphics would have little to no affect on the quality of certain parts of the game such as the voice acting, the weapon upgrade system, transportation, and aspects of the endgame. The crystarium system which requires a lot of micromangaging to get the most out of is something I'm partial to. Some time to develop the bad guy would've been nice for the quality of the story as it seems like the only character that had a sense of development was Hope. Though the sound direction overall is nice, I miss Uematsu. This game has very few memorable tracks whereas the rest just don't leave much of a good impression on me and I'm not convinced that the current composer has the finess and refinement of other composers who have done work with Square.

    For me, the game's biggest strength was the visuals. As futuristic settings and themes seem ever-so-popular since 7 (or 8), 13's Cocoon and it's populace is interesting enough to make me wonder what the designers left out of the game that's within this world. Even more than the visuals was the battle system felt like a step forward with what I've experienced since 10 and seen from 10-2. The pace of battle is fast, and there is some trial and error involved with getting the most out of battles. Allowing characters to play various roles was a plus and some of the harder battles require certain roles to be used more efficiently than others. Other than it having a few issues (game over if main character dies, first paradigm shift makes everyone pose individually) it was fun finding various ways of defeating an enemy. Though the topic isn't 13-2, I must say the removal of Libra and the lack of a 3rd character slot was enough to prevent me from getting 13-2. Not to mention, the story... is just a simple mess. 13 however, was at least good enough to reinvigorate my interest in the series and RPGs in general. Right now, FF4 Complete and FF12 have my attention.

    Overall: 7 out of 10.

    If there will be a 13-3 and Square decides to take out the dumbness in 13-2's battle while retaining the proper improvements (switch lead if lead character dies in battle, no extended animation for initial paradigm shift though they could've kept the brief cinematic camera change from the first game - that was nice), then I might actually look forward to playing it.

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    Overall, I didn't care for it at all, and to be honest it has made me a little bit more wary of any future FF games. I've never felt like I should go rent a Final Fantasy game before i decide to buy it, but I'll probably do that in the future. (But on the same note, a lot of other games have made me feel the same way, so it isn't just FF).

    This is just my opinion on the matter of course. But for me, I hated having to use the datalog to help clear things up (I saw that being talked about already). I realize other games have used the same overall idea, like in Kingdom Hearts, but at the same time I didn't -have- to read through the data if i didn't want to. There were many points through FF13 that I did. Secondly, I didn't care for many of the characters. Something about Snow drove me up a wall, Hope took too long to get his act together, and Vanille was just too over the top. Half the party I wanted to just kick to the curb but at times I was stuck with them.

    The biggest killer for me though was it took too long to get going. I played for six hours over the first day and the maps just kept moving forward in a... line. I've become used to being able to roam at random for the most part, with a decent amount of hidden items and things to go find, and it just took too long to get to that part. Plus the amount of cutscenes just made it feel more sluggish. I felt too much like I was being forced foward when I rather have explored the areas a little bit more.

    Also, and this is really just my own random feelings, but I hated the new summon system. They looked awesome, don't get me wrong, but something I've always loved is the FF games where you get to go hunt down your summons. And there were always so many of them to find, it made for a nice break from your main story quest.

    I'm not really one of those who feels the game suffers just because it isn't FF7 or like any of the old games. I like to see forward progress but for me FF13 just missed the mark, and then when I heard how FF13-2 ends I've decided to be done with this set and wait for the next numbered FF to come out, lol.

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    The only thing that I will complain about XIII is the summons's mechanics in battle. That's all.

    I loved XIII, next is XII. Personally, before XIII got out, I loved XII. When XIII is released, I watched the walkthrough via YouTube. I got sick by the confusing storyline and linear areas.

    Now, I bought a PS3 and the first game I bought is FFXIII. Now, I can see for myself IT'S THE BEST FF GAME ever made. Mechanics is what I'm aiming, this games have difficult mechanics like XII did. I loved the story goes well, each character changed as the game progress, I loved the story goes to Greek Mythology and challenging my understanding of the genre. The Paradigm System is completely the best mechanics I had seen. You have the opportunity to combine roles for a strategic match-up.

    I loved farming, it can net you to explore deeply the whole Gran Pulse and not just in the Archylte itself. By farming you get to have strategies for Tortoises since they drop the most valuable items.

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    I got it just recently. It's very good. Graphics are brilliant. I find myself staring at the character models and the environments a lot. As for the gameplay, I'm still experimenting on my Paradigms, but it's pretty much good. I'm not really picky with my games. If I like something (and I like the FF series a lot), even though it's negatively recieved, I play through it and enjoy it. The only thing I don't like is Hope.

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    I've played and beaten most of the FF series, and for the longest time I havent understood the negativity fans display with FFXIII and FFXIII-2.

    I'm starting to think that maybe everyone who played all the earlier games in the series can relate to those games better because you can see the charcters thru your own eyes. I mean it seems like the earlier games characters and stories can be more open to interpretation than the newer games. Maybe I'm wrong tho.

    I love all the older games, but honestly, they could hardly spell, or even translate the dialog correctly back then. Plus, SE is always pushing the limit when it comes to great graphics, no matter what era, so there arent any problems there, right?

    As far as story goes, in the FFXIII series, you Have To Submit to the game and how it operates to be able to enjoy it. That means learning the terminology and following the story, using your brain. I've read too many times how ppl didnt like FFXIII because "it was too hard to follow" or it was "to linear". How about fully emersing yourself into what is presented all the way thru, and then judging the game. There is ALOT of exploration and hunting to be done once you get to Pulse, if your heart desires.

    Do I think Snow is corny? Yes. Does Hope cry alot? Yeah. But try looking at all of the characters from there own point of view, there personalities reflect there positions pretty well, for every character.

    If your someone who understood the whole game without much trouble and still didnt like it, then thats great, not everyone will. But if you didnt give it a fair chance, or couldnt wrap your head around it, please stop flamming the FFXIII series.

    Overall opinion, Excellent game, if I were to change anything, it would prolly be the map layout/functions. FFXIII-2 has improved on this tho. Maybe the number of components are excessive as well, but neither of these things are a big deal.

    Lets all start to appreciate these works of art for what they are, and not hate them for what they dont do for you personally. Noone has ever tailor made a game for anyone at any point, so why is it always expected of SE and Final Fantasy?

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    There have always been differences of opinion with these games. I've been there since the beginning of the US releases. I've heard and read so many likes and dislikes over the last 22 years. Of all the original single-player US releases(FF1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, and 13-2), I've never seen the fans as divided as they are now with the FF13s. While all ff games have their linear moments, FF13 really was the most compact of the series. There were a lot of things that people were looking forward to that were not included in the game. A lot of fans have loved the series for more than just the story. They enjoyed being able to take a break from the story for a little bit to earn some items through side-questing or mini-games. I am one of those people. While I may criticize the game, I'll never criticize the people who enjoy them. I've had so many people attack me with all sorts of unnecessary or adolescent comments. I gave FF13 a 7.5 out of 10. It wasn't a horrible game overall. It just didn't feel like a complete FF game to me. I didn't score the game lower because, I thought the game did alright with what was there. I think Square-Enix is getting a little closer to the perfect battle system for the series. With a little more work, I wouldn't be surprised if most of the fans end up enjoying it.

    My favorite ff game is 7, followed by 6. That doesn't mean the rest of them suck. I guess this is where I wait for someone to reply with something like, "You're a Doo-Doo Head", or something of that nature. lol

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    I think FFXIII is just as much a Final Fantasy as any other in the series. And one major reason I think the fans are so divided when it comes to this game is because of time. The game only came out three years ago. And from my experience, FF games are judged alot better after initial reception. I sound like a broken record but when 9 came out, there were people who deemed it childish. When 10 came out, it was too linear, had a "whiny" main character, the story "wasn't good". When XII came out, it was deemed an "offline-mmo", the main character was bad, and the story was "all over the place". There is still a little hate towards this game today, but nowhere near as much initially, even though it is one of the msot critically acclaimed FF's.

    First it was "1-9 were the best, and it went down hill from there, to "1-10 were the best, and...." See where I'm going with this? The numbered FF's are gems, but each time a numbered FF comes out, the fans set their expectations higher and higher. And technology has advanced since then, "fans" are alot more verbal with their opinions on the internet, some of them love to spam that hate, and be heard.

    TLR FFXIII is an amazing game, and an amazing Final Fantasy. The story was a little convoluted and the character development was 'meh", but the game nonetheless, was still great. The reviews by critcs weren't excellent, but still great. Fans compared XIII to previous FF's and set their expectations too high, longing to recapture that magic they had when they experienced the Final Fantasy's when they were growing up, IMO.

    And just because my username is Judge Balthier, it doesn't mean my first FF was XII. My first FF technically was VII, I grew up with 3, 4, 8, 10 and 12.

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    Any time a game is released as a continuation of a series, it is expected that they retain some of those traditionally loved key elements(as is, or with enhancements) of the previous titles all while implementing new ideas into the system. People tend to get attached to some of those ideas as they're added and/or enhanced in each game made. Especially in a series over 20-yrs-old. Lots of things have been done in that period of time. So when those things are reduced or removed, here come the rants. lol

    The new game will always be compared to the previous titles because, it has been given the name and next number in the series. If it ends up being too different, once again, here come the rants. One of the things I agree with FF13 fans about is, the people criticizing the game when they haven't played all of the way through it, shouldn't rate it. You can hate it. Just don't rate it. I made sure to do as much as I could before rating it myself. After I finished the story, I maxed out the characters so I could handle those giant Tortoises. I remember killing one of those nasty ones. I did those Hunts. I went through Titan's trials. I don't think I ever did get a Trapezohedron.

    Anyway, that's about all I have for now. I'm still looking forward to "Lightning Returns". It'll be interesting to see how that game plays out.

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    FFXIII ruined the FF series for me. Everything about it was terrible.

    I really wish Square Enix would stop sending me emails as I have not opted in for any emails.

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    I Just got the game. Hope I like it.

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    I just bought the game and it looks great on a large full hd tv

    however I miss the freedom and control other FF's give to the player

    and I don like having to change professions (since FFX-2)

    party characters fighting automatically is another bad idea to me

    also I miss some more consistant level up and equipment upgrade

    but it's not that bad, instead we get badass enemies, great characters,

    fast paced action, plenty of cinematics and cutting edge graphics for less than $30

    it's totally worth buying!!!!

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    Originally Posted by imported_Daniel

    however I miss the freedom and control other FF's give to the player

    and I don like having to change professions (since FFX-2)

    party characters fighting automatically is another bad idea to me

    It may help to realize that "changing professions" is the control mechanism you have over the non-leader characters. It's control on a strategic level, instead of the full tactical control you have over all characters in previous titles, but it's still a good amount of control. You also have full tactical control over the party leader if you use manual command entry over Auto-battle.

    I have to say, I like the level up system used. I like having full control over whether or not to power up, and what abilities or stats to prioritize when I do level. I think the Sphere Grid from FFX is my favorite implementation of a system like this, but I definitely prefer the systems used in X, XII, and XIII over the experience-->level systems seen in previous titles.

    Anyway, glad to hear you're enjoying the game!


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