Thread: What does "no free memory" mean?

What does "no free memory" mean?

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    What does "no free memory" mean?

    I just made the sweetest CTB map. I'm just about to put the bags, weapons, and player spawn points down when a message pops up "no free memory" Does it mean no free memory on my mem card, or in the system? Is there anyway to free up more memory without changing my map?


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    Three words, You... are... ****ED!! lol

    That means that there is no more free space left to put anything on your map. Mem card has nothing to do with it, it's the system's limitations. There's a white bar at the top, it gets blacker as you lose space.

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    Mista Sinista, right. It looks like you're gonna have to change your map.... probably lose some of the larger tiles.