Thread: Add-ons for this game?

Add-ons for this game?

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    Question Add-ons for this game?

    Hello, i just ordered the game and was wondering if there will be any add-on packs available for the game in the future or even expansion packs(maybe tiki themed clubs like "tikis n' beer" or mechanical bull riding,beer bong contests,fish taco stands,bribing the local authority,flashing drunk sims? I am a nightclub promoter in Los Angeles and have promoted for clubs in rosarito mexico during spring break,memorial day and labor day weekends for quite a few years, and i actually never heard of the game until as of recent. It looks like alot of fun and can't wait to receive it. I was also wondering if there was promotion done on this game? I had linked a bunch of friends after hearing about it in pcgamer magazine,and they were amazed that someone made this game. Needless to say they are all interested, but want to know my reactions first on the game when i get to play it. I know if this game got word or publicity out in the nightclub industry, it would most definately make a wider hit seller because the theme goes hand in hand. 75% of all people who go to rosarito beach mexico during spring break or the big 3 day weekends are clubgoers on a normal basis.Well cheers to a game that definately caught my interest. I hope it is as good as i predict!

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    Hi there,

    Unfortunately there are no plans for any add-ons or editors for Virtual Resort: Spring Break.


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    Unhappy too bad

    thats a shame....Too bad because it looked like it could have been a great upgradeable game! Maybe ill just have to tweak it myself and see what happens! Thank you for the quick and courteous reply. I only signed up for this board because of my excitement for this game.