Come on guys, I know all of you would love using the X-port to trade custime maps. Once you have tried loading up some new story maps and playing them with out haveing to go through all the trouble of building it yourself you'll be hooked. Its like getting a new game all the time for free!

If any of you are confused about the X-Port, Shark Port stuff, we have a fully functional message board now, just register (it only takes a minute) and post your questions in the X-Port Shark Port section and we will be happy to help you out.

We've had almost a thousand hits so I know you guys are checking the site out and I know a lot of you already have and X-Port or Shark Port and have been downloading the map packs, so be sure to post some reviews of maps you've played on our board and send us your custom story maps. Share your creativity with the world.

But please register and start posting on our board and generate some interest in this idea. It could be a really cool thing.

Visit our site at the discussion board can be reached through the "Comms" section.

There will be a new map pack availble by Saturday night too.