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    DEDX Help...

    Here's something interesting:

    IMPORTANT NOTICE : Gaylesaver's excellent user scripts have been utilised (to a mere fraction of their potential) in some elements of DEDX. The scripts are represented by the two enclosed files warning.osm and warning.dll. These two files must be renamed as script.osm and darkhooks.dll to be operational, and you may do this, but you are most strongly advised to download the original files from Gaylesaver's site rather than use the two included with this package. No responsibility will be accepted for any problems caused by not following this advice.

    Does this mean if I already have Gaylesaver's scripts, then I don't need to rename the .dll or anything? The problem with Dedx is that I have to rename a .dll (see this thread for the whole thing). But according to this quote from the ReadMe, if I have Gaylesaver's scripts, I don't need to. Right? Other than a lot of file sorting, is there ANYTHING else liek this that might bother me, like renaming of files, deleting some, replacing some, etc?

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    I downloaded the scripts before DeDx. When I got DeDx, I just copied everything to my Thief2 directory. Didn't rename anything. Didn't even see that paragraph in the readme. So yeah, there's no difference between the warning.* files and the scripts you download seperately. In fact, VK keeps threatening to release the updated version sometime soon, which would obsolete the DeDx scripts.

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    Well, I downloaded DEdX anyways. Looks <s>cool</s> <s>wonderful</s> <s>amazing</s> <s>unbelievable</s> unbelievably amazingly wonderfully cool! I was wondering... Did the creators of DEDX "improve" the T1/TG textures? B/c I know there is a way to improve the quality or AI skins and textures (there's a tut at the Central). I was going to go through most/all the T1/TG textures/skins and "improve" them (not really "improve", but atleast make them "better" in a way, I can't complain though, this is great!). I'd still give credit to the creators of DEDX for putting it all together, but I was going to "improve" them to make some look a bit better IF it hadn't already been done.

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    Do it man!
    I'd be very happy to include those in DEDX2!
    DEDX Editor

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    Don't worry, I did! And I love it!!! I've already edited Komag's Custom Menus so it includes my DEDX textures too . Don't worry, I plan to release it, I've already got Komag's okay!