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Thread: FMs - Ghost/Perfect Thief Results (Part 5)

FMs - Ghost/Perfect Thief Results (Part 5)

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    A Debt Repaid

    FM: A Debt Repaid

    Play mode: Ghost (succeeded)
    Perfect Thief (succeeded!)

    Time: 1:59
    Loot: 4000 of 4000 (3600 required)
    Pockets picked: 10 of 12
    Backstabs: 0
    Knockouts: 0
    Kills: 0
    Damage dealt: 0
    Damage received: 0
    Secrets: 12 of 12

    Chemical ghost


    Note, this was my second time through this mission.

    You play Basso, not Garrett, in this mission... and Basso isn't very good at hiding, so the light gem is disturbingly well lit .

    In general, if ghosting the mission requires just ordinary sneaking, I don't describe that part. There is a tricky aspect to this mission, however, which is worth noting, as it affects ghosting.

    I picked the three pockets in the city section of the mission. I noticed that notwithstanding that I was supposed to be unknown as a thief, so the guards weren't supposed to molest me, some of them did anyway... so I stayed out of sight as much as possible. One purse is on a patrolling civilian, another is on a patrolling guard, and the third is on the stationary guard at the Audale Gate. As usual, when I strolled past a guard and behind him, I had to wait a couple of minutes until he forgot I was back there before I could lift his wallet.

    I entered via one of the sewers. I don't think it makes a difference which one you pick; they both lead to the same entrance to the police station. Once inside the station sewers -- I had to shoot a switch with a broadhead through a wall, but nobody is near enough to be alerted -- I found myself in a basement.

    Here is the problem: much of what I needed to do (getting into the holding cells to get the third lockpick, for example) was in the east part of the map; but at the very beginning, that section is inaccessible: all the doors leading into the east section of the station are locked and unpickable without the third lockpick -- which is itself in the east section! Without using secrets, the only way to get initially from west to east side is to move through a very well lit outdoor area, which is sure to bust your ghost.

    But there is a secret which connects the two at the basement level: I discovered that if I hopped into the elevator shaft in the basement where I entered, there is a switch that opens a passage between that elevator and the elevator in the east side; via this elevator, I was able to access the entire map. I quickly found my way to the holding cells; on the windowsill of the empty cell is the third lockpick, which is actually a silver poker scaled down in size.

    Only one other tricky note: I could not cut off the watcher while ghosting, because the only way to do so is to cut the wires that control it... which is property damage. The watcher is in the anteroom that contains the locked vault called "Secure Storage," which is where you'll find Garrett's stuff, which you must steal. (This is one of three objectives that you will receive as the mission progresses.)

    But actually, there is no reason to turn off the watcher anyway. (This was from a hint given by the mission author, Jason Otto.) When I obtained the combination, found inside a secret cubbyhole in the Evidence Room, and the Secure Storage room key, I opened the door to the room (it's down the third elevator, right below the Evidence Room); then I moved as far into the doorway as I could while remaining in total darkness. I stood and leaned into the room, then turned to the right while still leaning; this gave me access to the six levers that you have to throw in the order given by the combination in order to open the vault.

    After throwing them, the vault opened. I shot a moss arrow onto the floor in front of the vault, then I leaned around and watched the watcher... thus answering that immortal question, quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

    The watcher, it turns out, has a very long "patrol" -- that is, it turns back and forth about 180 degrees. (Or pi radians, if you prefer.) When it turned completely away from the vault, I ran into the vault without drawing even a click from the stupid face... and without getting shot by the cannon the watcher controls!

    After collecting Garrett's stuff and some loot, I came out the same way.

    I had to use two invisibility potions in order to get Garrett out of the gas chamber. I had to run up a longish and too well lit corridor with a stationary guard at the other end facing directly towards me. I used one invisibility potion that I found in a secret to get past him one direction; and after I got Garrett out, I used another invisibility potion which I built in the laboratory to get back out, hauling Garrett. Fortunately, when I drank the inviso broth, Garrett went invisible too, even though he was just on my shoulders (and we weren't sharing any blood circulation that I'm aware of). Incidentally, it's a cool effect: I had to drop Garrett to drink the potion; I picked him up and ran past the guard, just making it into shadow at the other end of the longish corridor... and as the potion wore off, Garrett slowly became visible before my very eyes... kewl!

    The rest is pretty straightforward.


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    Lord Rothchest's Shadow

    FM: Lord Rothchest's Shadow

    Play mode: Ghost (succeeded)
    Perfect Thief (failed by a Texas mile)

    Time: 1:19
    Loot: 1991 of 3866 (none required)
    Pockets picked: 7 of 9 (man, I have a crush on her!)
    Backstabs: 0
    Knockouts: 0
    Kills: 0
    Damage dealt: 0
    Damage received: 0

    Chemical ghost


    (I think this is Purah's first mission.)

    There are four initial objectives:

    1) Steal the Sword of Constantine

    2) Steal everything in Kevel Rothchest's room (actually, this is satisfied by opening the three Lost City chests; you don't have to open the lockbox on the table, though I did so.

    3) Steal the jewel-crowned golden skull from the crypts

    4) Escape via the sewers

    I don't know if there is any way to trigger any other objectives; those are the only four I found. If I hear about more, I'll report back.

    I'll just briefly touch on these four objectives.

    The Sword of Constantine in the bell tower, which you can reach via the castle roof. There are two patrollers here, a bowman and a swordsman. After a lot of false starts, I finally figured out how to ghost this section:

    I waited until the patrollers were gone, then shot a rope arrow into the side of the large beam that sticks out of the top of the bell tower. Climbed up and onto that beam, then around the backside of the bell tower.

    I shot a rope arrow into the beam that sticks out of the window, climbed up and jumped into the tower. I hopped down to the lowest set of beams, and from up there, put out all four torches.

    I found the darkest side of the pedestal with the sword and shot a rope arrow into the beam directly above that side. Then I went down slowly, grabbed the sword, and shimmied up again, mantling onto the beam into which the rope arrow was stuck.

    I went out the way I had come in but continued around the backside of the tower to the wall over the stairs; I traversed that, then hopped down to the wall next to the stairs, and from there to the roof again. One down!

    Looting Lord Rothchest's Chests

    Lord Rothchest's bedroom is directly above a room with two stationary, female servants in it. Or maybe one is a servant and the other is Lady Rothchest, I don't know. Come to that, I really don't care, either!

    I looted that lower room, just to keep in practice (since there is no loot objective), then padded up the stairs. Lord Rothchest is dressed like a thief, and he paces back and forth in his room, which is rather too well lit for my tastes. After some experimenting, I discovered I could put out the candle in the room with a water arrow (I had best results shooting low). This was essential, as it gave several places to hide within the room.

    I mossed the noisy floor between me and the central rug. Then, when Rothchest was walking towards the corner near the stairs, I crouch-ran up the carpet until I was right next to him, on his right. He always turns left at that corner of the rug, so I was able to stay out of sight to his right.

    I picked the key off his belt, then slidewalked to the nearest chest (right next to the stairs at the other end from where I egressed). The key I had picked opened that chest, so I looted it then darted back to my dark corner at the head of the stairs. When Rothchest came back to that corner, turned around, and headed into the opposite one, I ran to the chest at the foot of the bed. It, too, opened with the key, and I took everything back to my dark corner.

    Now I had a problem: the third chest in the room (I knew from a dry, knockout run) did not open to any key; it had to be picked, and it was in light still, even after knocking out the candle. When Rothchest passed me headed towards that first rug corner, I again ran up beside him; but this time, when he turned, I slidewalked as quickly as I could without making a footfall noise past the last chest, hooking left until I was right in the V formed by the sides of the two couches. I was dark there, and I planted a moss arrow (my last) into the floor between me and the chest. Thereafter, every time Rothchest was on his way to the far corner, I would run forward, pick for a few seconds, then run back to my hiding place. Tedious, but it eventually got the job done.

    At this point, I had fulfilled the objective; but as long as I was there, I decided to get the moneybox as well. When Rothchest was on his way to the far corner, I ran around behind him, across the rug, then slidewalked to the next rug and into the corner, a third corner, where I was dark. Then it was just the boring task of waiting until Rothchest was on his way to the far corner, then moving forward, picking for a little bit (a very little bit!), then darting back to my corner, all without making any noise, as he seemed hypersensitive.

    After finally getting safely outside the contents of the lockbox, I headed outside the mansion, as well. Two down!

    Golden Skull

    This one is too easy, but it leads to the exit anyway. Circumnavigating the mansion, I came to some steps leading down to a gate. I picked the gate open and found an open hole at the far end. Planting a rope arrow in the ceiling, I climbed down into a lower storage room with a skeleton and a million barrels and boxes.

    In one corner was a switch, which opened a secret door in an adjacent corner. Dropping down there, I fell through a series of baffles down to another room, which was infected with zombies. There were only three, so I had no trouble evading them and entering the large, lit structure they seemed to like. Inside, at the far end, I found an altar with the skull and some loot. Three down... now to get out!

    Escape From the Planet of the Rothchests

    Returning, I noticed a hole plugged with boulders near where I had entered the outer room. I moved the boulders and went down a tunnel. Emerging, I found myself in the crypts. I looted some Lost City artifacts, finding two well-lit rooms in the process.

    One of them had a passage at the back, behind a tomb, which led up to some lit mushrooms and a very finicky spider. I put the shroomies out with broadheads, but I couldn't seem to get past Miss Spider without alerting her.

    So here is where the chemical ghost part enters the picture: I had gotten a speed potion from one of Rothchest's chests; I quaffed it, then ran past the spider... and I was too fast for her; she didn't alert.

    At the far end of her corridor was some deep water. I planted a rope arrow in the wooden ceiling, jumped onto the rope, then climbed down to the surface of the water. I climbed down holding the "run" key, and I noiselessly entered the water. I drifted up to the surface again to check on the spider; she was still unalerted. I retrieved my arrow, then swam through the underwater passage to another room.

    A ladder from that room led up to a manhole cover. I opened it and climbed out, finding myself in the city outside the Rothchest walls. Walking a bit away from the sewer triggered the final objective, and the game ended.

    Now... aren't you glad I didn't post a complete write-up?


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    Thanks for these, dafydd. Always enjoy your antics.

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    Hey, you ought to be out anticking, yourself!

    And what about Vanguard, Peter, and everybody else? When is the last time anybody but me posted a ghost report here? *


    * Answer: five months and sixteen days ago, when Peter posted his report of ghosting The Relic.

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    Well, hello there...been trying to start ghosting some mission but never did it, and today finally lost my 'ghost virginity'. Failed ofcourse.

    Here are stats:

    Fan Mission: Moth to a Flame
    Difficulty: Expert
    Total Time: 3 hours 5 minutes 52 seconds
    Found 9098 Loot out of 9213
    Pockets Picked: 14 out of 22, Locks Picked: 12
    Backstabs:0 Knock Outs: 0
    Damage Dealt: 0 Damage Taken: 3 Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents Killed: none, and others killed: 0
    Secrets found: 2 out of 2

    Ghosting: Failed

    Well, not a great writer as most of you so will just tell basics.

    Failed for sure in two instances. Was doing GAOL rescue before getting Invisibility Potion, and pagan in first cell always spotted me. But even if I had the potion, doubt I would remember to use it. Figured only after reading Dafydd's post about same FM.

    Second reason is that I used thread in TTLG forums for hints about mission.

    Now some things that might bust ghost or not, am not sure yet in that, so hoping for your responses about it. First, area with zombies. When you grab ankh on sarcophagus, zombie mage shows. First I grabbed it, he/she/it showed and started looking. Then I reloaded and first distinguished all the torches in the room before grabbing the ankh. Mage showed but stayed put, did not alert and didn't start searching. I'm guessing that's ok? Similar to people waking from the noise of opening doors or lock picking?

    Second 'could be' bust is in the area near gate, power plant and river. Benny archer is on the other side of river. Now, when I jump in water, he start saying something about noise but doesn't start looking for me. Just says something, a bit leaning, looking left and right, and then he relaxes.
    From what I read in rules thread, this could be something between 1st level and 2nd level alert, though I would put in most likely in 2nd one.

    Well, that's about it. Hope that countless reloading and many many 1st level alerts will be decimated in the future if I get atleast a little more skilled in this.

    Btw, for sure ghosting is great, it adds so much for me now...but probably saying what all of you know already.

    Take care all and see you.

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    Welcome to the ghosting world, Nebs. Thanks for the report. I would say that the guard looking around after the spash is a bust, too.

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    Thanks for welcome Peter.

    Now ghosting Bafford's Last Stand, mission that has over 80 AI's but think it's not too hard for ghosting.

    And just to mention something I forgot earlier.

    Damage I received are from slight falls, usually from missing rope arrow or ladder, plus in GAOL I picked one safe through banner.

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    FM: Bafford's Last Stand
    File: Beaumaris_v1_2

    Play mode: Ghost (failed)
    Perfect Thief (succeeded)

    Time: 2h, 16m, 5s
    Loot: 6534 of 6534 (4000 required)
    Pockets picked: 35 of 37; Locks picked: 4
    Backstabs: 0
    Knockouts: 1
    Kills: 1
    Damage dealt: 1
    Damage received: 0
    Secrets: 10 of 10

    Some comments:

    Finding all the loot wasn't bad, as couple of days ago, I finished the mission with full loot count, but playing with 'normal' style.

    Pockets, seems high, but I am pretty sure that more than a half of that count came from archers' arrows.

    And now for of the objective is to rescue Lady Stephanie who is in/on Oubliette separated by a bridge. As soon as I come onto that bridge, she transforms into mechanist mage and new objective come, to kill her.

    Here are screenies for that part.

    There were two torches on left and right part that I doused, so now there's an area at beginning of the bridge where gem is dark.

    There was no way I could think to come to her and kill her quietly, so I (from second picture) stepped just slightly forward and immidiately back in dark, that alerted her and she started searching. Though she searched just on that small alcove, and just for a few moments...and at the end of search she was standing with her back on me. So, came closer, blackjacked her and throw her into the pit. I think that her body never touches the ground, it dissapears before, so no alerting of spiders below. To be on safe side, backstab could be better choice here.

    Anyway, if there's a way to kill her differently, please let me know.

    Seen in rules that if mission asks explicitly for a kill, as long there are no alerts, that then there's no bust, but in this case she was alerted before.

    Btw, this is a great mission imo, many things to do, many places to visit in beautifully designed castle.


    p.s. Just one question concerning one other FM. There are these wires and a box that control watchers in another room, and one way (maybe only) is to shoot water arrow at the box, there comes short circuit, and watchers are off. Is that also property damage?

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    Originally posted by Nebs
    Play mode: Ghost (failed)
    Perfect Thief (succeeded)
    Uhm... is that possible? I thought a PT is a successful ghost + all loot.
    Originally posted by Nebs
    p.s. Just one question concerning one other FM. There are these wires and a box that control watchers in another room, and one way (maybe only) is to shoot water arrow at the box, there comes short circuit, and watchers are off. Is that also property damage?
    I'm certainly no expert on the rules, but I would say it counts as property damage.

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    Originally posted by Yandros
    Uhm... is that possible? I thought a PT is a successful ghost + all loot.
    Still new at this, sorry for that. I failed both then.

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    FM: Night Falcon campaign
    File: Night-Falcon-EnglishV2

    Play mode: Ghost (failed)

    Total Time: 10h, 20m, 51s
    Total Loot: 48534 of 50812

    Total Damage dealt: 0
    Total Damage received: 0

    Missions in which I failed ghost: The Hammerite Monastery(?), The Mysterious Tower(?) and The Brotherhood of the Falcon.

    I really like this campaign. Think it's one of the best looking, with lots of details. Plus, for me absolutly most beautiful houses. Also, some new interesting AI's, nice food, etc.

    Plus, it's not that hard, secrets are not pain in the ass to find, even though they are not officially 'secrets'. Loot could be a problem, but with each mission I losed the will for hard searching...objective and whatever I can find over it was enough.

    Here are stats and some comments mission by mission:

    FM: A Shopping Walk

    Play Mode: Ghost (success), Perfect Thief (success)
    Difficulty: Expert
    Time: 1h, 45m, 7s
    Loot: 8809 out of 8809
    Pockets picked: 10 out of 12; Locks: 15
    Kills: 0; Knockouts: 0
    Damage dealt and received: 0

    Nice city mission with nothing too tough for ghost. Only one bigger problem was in hammerite church. 9 out of 10 times for me, when open door to their sleeping quaters, one of the hammers in it would go into 2nd alert and start searching. But after some more wondering around town, and some reloads, finally once they both weren't alerted. Anyway, one of them holds the key for the crypt, and there you can find only some more loot...and one invisibility potion.

    FM: Lord Wellhofer

    Play Mode: Ghost (success), Perfect Thief (failed)
    Difficulty: Expert
    Time: 1h, 52m, 49s
    Loot: 8791 out of 8915
    Pockets picked: 7 out of 9; Locks: 4
    Kills: 0; Knockouts: 0
    Damage dealt and received: 0

    My favorite mission in this campaign. Big mansion. But pretty straightforward with not too many hard spots. Though guards by the chappel seems pretty sensitive, so don't be surprised if they start searching after dousing of torch. Also I couldn't open the door of training room, as yelling of guards in it would always alert guard that is in prison.
    Oh yes, nice toys in children's room.

    FM: The Hammerite Monastery

    Play Mode: Ghost (failed I think), Perfect Thief (failed, as well as all other missions)
    Difficulty: Expert
    Time: 1h, 38m, 46s
    Loot: 7999 out of 8514
    Pockets picked: 6 out of 14; Locks: 10
    Kills: 0; Knockouts: 0
    Damage dealt and received: 0

    Nice mission with some new undead creatures. Vampires and bats, first ones wasn't so bad, but bats....they are annoying. Can see from some distance, as well as in perfect dark, plus excellent hearing. Had to unlock some chests near one bat click by click. This mission almost forces you to ghost as vampires are almost invincible. First time I played this mission, had big bunch of holy water arrows, as well as flash bombs and don't think I killed a single one of them Or I aimed poorly.

    And here comes my first possible bust.

    The stone in the middle of picture is objective, and you have to jump in water, grab the stone and continue forward toward exit. Now, I drank one invisibilty potion, jumped, grabed and exited...but as don't know exactly how bats there behaved (meaning, if they turned into lv.1 or lv.2 alert), not sure if I ghosted it or not. Been invisible, but heard some different sounds from bats....hopefully they were in lv.1 alert state. I have a save from there, so if anyone wants to try, and if succed in ghosting them, to give me some hints about how to do it...just give a yell.

    FM: The Cathedral

    Play Mode: Ghost (success)
    Difficulty: Expert
    Time: 1h, 0m, 3s
    Loot: 6402 out of 6527
    Pockets picked: 2 out of 9; Locks: 10
    Kills: 0; Knockouts: 0
    Damage dealt and received: 0

    About pick pockets, think in all missions their total count is not correct. Seriously doubt that for instance in this mission there were 9 of them.

    Anyway, about mission, nice one again, as all other in this campaign. It's easy to ghost it, once you see what guard patrols' routs are.

    FM: The Mysterious Tower

    Play Mode: Ghost (failed I guess)
    Difficulty: Expert
    Time: 1h, 31m, 52s
    Loot: 5346 out of 6165
    Pockets picked: 10 out of 18; Locks: 13
    Kills: 0; Knockouts: 0
    Damage dealt and received: 0

    Second possible bust in this small town mission. From the sewers there is a way to one house where you have to steal a bracelet that is also an objective. One problem though, you have to pass near some frogbeasts.

    Once again as with problem with bats in Monastery mission, my bust depends on knowing exactly in what state were frogbeasts after I passed there. Took invisibility potion, and quickly turned around left corner but still frogs changed sounds they were making, and stood. No more jumping from them for a couple of moments. Again, I hope they were in 1st level of alertness.

    FM: Christmas Present

    Play Mode: Ghost (success)
    Difficulty: Expert
    Time: 1h, 32m, 13s
    Loot: 6391 out of 6781
    Pockets picked: 6 out of 14; Locks: 18
    Kills: 0; Knockouts: 0
    Damage dealt and received: 0

    Back in town (though more of it) that was in The Cathedral mission, but now it's winter. Probably my second favorite mission in campaign. Museum was fun thiefing, with lots of loud tile as a floor. In Inn there are couple of servants that can be quite sensitive, dousing the torch can alert them, even though they were far away when I did it. Once they return, see torch and start yelling of an armed man!
    But with good timing, and some petroley lamps turned off, whole Inn can be looted...well, I missed some loot, probably some was in the Inn as well.

    FM: The Brotherhood of the Falcon

    Play Mode: Ghost (failed)
    Difficulty: Expert
    Time: 59m, 59s
    Loot: 4796 out of 5101
    Pockets picked: 0 out of 6; Locks: 2
    Kills: 0; Knockouts: 0
    Damage dealt and received: 0

    Sadly, in this one I'm absolutely sure in failing to ghost. Without that part this mission is probably the easiest to ghost, atleast I feel that way. One reason could be that I ghosted it first time I played the mission, as fighting with vampires, dead knights or ice beasts would not be the right choice.

    Anyway that part is barred tunnel to the castle. You have to thrash boards to come through...and not only property damage in that, but also alerting burricks close by.

    As I said, pretty easy to ghost this one, many dark spots and not much patrolling guards.

    Well, that's it.

    Now trying to figure out how exactly to nudge a thief in Skeletons in the Closet.

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    FM: Skeletons in the Closet

    Play mode: Ghost (success!)
    Perfect Thief (failed)

    Time: 3h, 23m, 31s
    Loot: 9056 out of 9421 (8000 required I think)
    Pockets picked: 21 of 28; Locks picked: 15
    Backstabs: 0
    Knockouts: 0
    Kills: 0
    Damage dealt: 0
    Damage received: 0

    Lovely city mission with some really sensitive guards. Later, on normal play, I found 165g of loot more, though 15g of it for certain isn't ghostable (drunkard is right at the door, and always gets alerted if you get too close to him). Last 200g couldn't find anyhow, madwolf (author) thinks perhaps some of the loot can't be 'looted', so if anyone wants list without those 200g, just tell.

    About mission itself, I'll hold it in sweet memory, as it's first stand alone fm that I successfully ghosted.

    There are tricky places, like for example tea house, former house of hanged innsurectionsts. If one particular blue guard is close and you're picking lock, he can go into second alert quite easily. Same thing if he spots just a glimpse of you if you're going to house via brothel.

    Another tricky place was Tan Hill Inn's gambling room. Lady in red there is also extremly sensitive. When I played normal style, she would freak when I would bj one thief near house next to Inn. Same with sight, she sees you, goes alert. Well, it took some time to pass her. First, I got into Inn via tunnel, and basement. From basement there's stairs that lead to gambling room, and in it lady in red has her eyes directly to stairs. Only way to completly darken the room was to douse one torch there, and fireplace. First one was easy...but second not so. Had to use couple of reloads to fire good shot as your position is fairly low, and also there are 3 AI's in room, plus gambling tables. When doused, with creeping I could manage to grab some candlestick from fireplace behind lady in red.

    Now, she'll again see if you're going to main room from gambling one, so had to douse some torches in other room. But now other two AI's, ones that do nothing when you run around in light now freak seeing bow and water arrow.

    But apparently, they only go on alert if you're on floor, so jumped on gambling tables, doused two torches in main room, and now could've creep into it without alerting red lady.

    Read Dafydd's report (without which I couldn't ever finish this mission) and he wandered what is in locked rooms. So, Dafydd, if you're reading this, both keys are immidiately on the left when entering from gambling room, on small shelf. Though, just some loot and healing potion in rooms.

    Police station wasn't so tough, just some good timing, shades, and you're in. DuBois is fairly sensitive as well though.

    And finally, Mayor's house. Had some really tough time there even after reading Dafydd mentioning nudging. The problem was that I never before nudged anyone. Finally, after quite some time, and many many reloads, I managed to nudge one stationary thief to position where most I could get from him was "what was that?" or something similar. After dealing with that, rest was easy.

    Well, that's it. Great mission.

    Oh yes, one more thing...before I tried to play mission two times, and both times the game would get much much slower, and so I quit. But now, playing without blackjacking anyone, game run smoothly from beginning to the end. Perhaps some AI would cause slowdown....

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    FM: Raid on Washout Central

    Play mode: Ghost (success!)
    Perfect Thief (failed)

    Time: 1h, 41m, 7s
    Loot: 2254 out of 2704
    Pockets picked: 8 of 10; Locks picked: 28
    Backstabs: 0
    Knockouts: 0
    Kills: 0
    Damage dealt: 0
    Damage received: 0
    Secrets found: 1 out of 1

    I read old threads and couldn't find anyone that ghosted this classic (imo!). Was it because it's too easy (not for me) or some other reason?

    Anyway, this is one of my favorite missions, first time I saw rain and mist in an fm, and loved it immidiately.

    About ghosting, one big problem comes almost at the beginning, two thieves attack and rob Jakku (drunk you're supposed to follow home), then going on alert looking for someone (guess me), plus most of the times they alert mage mechanist in small temple close by.

    From what I saw, thieves appear when Jakku get's in 'porch' of that small temple, one immidiately close by, other appears little further away. So, to pass that part without troubles, I had to block Jakku so he couldn't move that way. Was succesful, and thieves wondered each in his own way. Then I stepped away, and Jakku could continue.

    That was biggest problem in town. One other could be Thieves Gambling Den, with thief getting alerted when I open door. Once he is alerted, then reload and he's not. Close there is small elevator that leads to key for one more lockbox in post office. Elevator works with two buttons, one close by for going up (where it already is), second for down...but that one is on ceiling, unreachable. Only way is to hit it with an arrow, but don't use broadhead, as that one alerts people in building. Moss arrow is much better.

    And now post office, not too tough, but some problems with watchers. Good timing most important there. In security you can switch off all but one watcher.

    Not really that important. But in first room on the left, and in second on the right is last 450g of loot. One gold candlestick and 4 purses in toolbox.

    I have a save from there, and if anyone has any idea how to ghost that part, would be grateful to know. Have one invisibility potion, but that's only enough for a candlestick in room on right....sadly, toolbox is locked so no time to grab all and get in safe darkness. Watcher always see me.

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