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    Originally posted by theBlackman
    Then try standing up or sitting in a new position once in a while.
    hahaha i had that coming

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    Chapter XXXVI continues.

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    Whoa!! Busted!!!!

    Not the end of the game, I'm sure. Can't wait to see how he gets out!

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    He be a resourceful little bugger. I'm sure he will think of something.

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    Final offering in our saga now posted. Thanks for listening. Last one out put out the lights.

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    Fantastic story, sorry to see it end. Anxiously awaiting the next adventure you take us on. Thank You for such a fine bit of reading.

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    Originally posted by Jedilvr
    Fantastic story, sorry to see it end. Anxiously awaiting the next adventure you take us on. Thank You for such a fine bit of reading.
    I whole heartedly agree with that

    I want to see what part Golden bollocks favour and Wind have in this light fingered tale

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    It has been a very enjoyable read. There are many paths this tale could take..........mmmmmmmmm, where will we go next?

    I am looking forward to the next journey! And thanks for taking us on this trip!

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    Well, enough time has passed for me to thank all of you who read and commented on the story. The new adventures of Mr. Feiht are in the works.

    As with the first one, I have a starting point and who knows where it will go.

    Wind may have a part in this next one, but at the moment I have no idea if he will participate.

    Thanks again for reading, for the commments, for and against, and for your patience. I thank you, Mr. Feiht thanks you and a round is set up at the Crippled Burrick for all.

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    I was so sad when I read the last chapter! I didn't want it to end! But it was a great ending! The entire adventure has been so enjoyable! Even if I've emptied the fridge after every dinner Mr Feiht went to!

    I'm relieved to hear that he will continue to tell his adventurous tale! I hope he will enjoy some more of the company of the old man! He had remarkable skills and seems to have an interesting story to tell too!

    You are doing an excellent job theBlackman! I'm so glad you are posting it here so that I have a chance to read it!

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    A few new members have found and resurrected "To Pay The Rent". I'm flattered.

    If someone does, and has a comment, please don't append it to the original story thread, just add it here.

    Two things occur. I get shameless promotion for the story, and the original thread scans without footnotes.

    Thanks for the bump Kaspre.

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    well you got me....

    I didnt even bother to read this post i just raced off to see the next update in the story thread, but alas it was not to be.

    Ahhh well maybe next week

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    The adventure is continuing here:

    A new entry tonight. I'll try to keep it at least one a week, and thanks for visiting.

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    Mr. Feiht has a couple more ventures posted. The current project, should you decide to accept it, is here:

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