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Thread: Favourite Final Fantasy

Favourite Final Fantasy

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    Favourite Final Fantasy

    I did a search through the general FF forums and couldn't find this topic anywhere (surprisingly) so please don't shoot me if I missed it, but I don't think its here (and it doesn't seem to fit anywhere else).

    So, what is your favorite game in the series? I guess, write your favorite numbered title and non-numbered as well

    Please note THIS IS NOT A HATE THREAD. We don't care what your least favorite is, or which one sucked. Try to respect people's opinions, not start a flame war. FF fans get angry when their favorite in the series gets torn down by someone who simply has different tastes.

    EDIT: In the event that someone does hate on a game, the best thing you can do to prevent the flame war from spreading is not reply. They might even make a hate post with the intention of getting an angry reply (trolling). Please, just ignore it.

    So I will start:

    My favorite numbered title is FF9. Although the combat seems a bit buggy, it was still fun to play, changing equipped abilities to really destroy your enemy, and I liked the way you learned abilities from weapons (gave you some choice on what you taught to your characters). I also liked the classes, while I prefer having customization with this, the classes where fitting for the characters and it was better than no diversity at all. The story, while it has been told before (what story hasn't), was good, and the cast where some of my favorites (Zidane acted more like a teenage, I felt, than many anime teenagers). The art style and world where seperate from other FF games, and in a good way.

    Also, loved the music. I have always loved Uematsu's work on the series, but FF9 is easily my favorite, my favorites from its soundtrack are better (to me) than my favorites from other soundtracks, and there are so many that I love that it outdoes the others in quality and quantity (again, my opinion, don't shoot me).

    Non-numbered title... FFTA2. FFTA was my first FF game, and while FFTA2 has some obnoxious sound effects that made me worry at first, the gameplay was even better than the original... loved the new races and classes, and absolutely loved the game. I also enjoy Dissidia, for its gameplay, and I feel like that should be mentioned, but FFTA2 I could play for years and still not run out of new ways to build my main party to see how devastating a certain style can be.

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    FINAL FANTASY III. I think it is, hands down, the most impressive Famicom-era game out there, and I am consistently amazed by how well it holds up and how smooth the gameplay is. It doesn't have the deepest story, nor does it have the most in-depth job system, but I think it's a really great title. The Job System is really a lot of fun to play around with and say what you will, I think the equippable spells and Spells-by-Day MP system really shines. Difficulty-wise, it's really a great game for both beginners and seasoned players. The soundtrack is also really impressive for an 8-bit console game, as even the production is stunning. That rendition of "FINAL FANTASY" that plays when the Onion Knights approach the Wind Crystal after facing the Land Turtle is one of my favorite musical moments in the series. Themes like "Battle 2," "Castle Hein," "Forbidden Land Eureka," and "The Boundless Ocean" are no slouches either. I enjoy playing the DS version and admire how faithful it is to the original, but it will never hold a candle to the FC version. I'm still holding out for the Wonderswan Color remake to be fully realized.

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    Final Fantasy X / X-2 is my favorite in the series. Over the years I have changed my opinion more than I'd like to admit over which game was my favorite in the series. However, FFX's character development and storyline, for me, is second to none. I love the trails that each character goes thru individually and their determination to push foward thru rough, depressing times. The music was as good as all the others in the series, and the first real rock song in the series (for me) floored me in the introduction of the game. X-2 looked to cure the heartbreak of the finale of X, while introducing more history of the world and new foes to conquer. Yuna reuniting with Rikku, with the addition of Paine, have some of the funniest and most entertaining dialog unrivaled by most of the FF series. Plus the battle system was quite fun for me. YRP, GO GULLWINGS!

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    Gotta go with the cliche choice of 7. I have a lot of nostalgia for the game and can still play it without feeling it's outdated. While it wasn't the first FF I ever played, it probably had a big hand in shaping my tastes in gameplay and setting growing up.

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    Numbered: XIII/XIII-2 : Heh. Even thought all that negativity happening in the XIII universe, that won't stop me from loving it. At first XIII is crap (when I saw the walkthrough), but when I played it myself it's one of the best game to do second to XII. Now XIII-2 is released, a more improved version, I loved the story itself too. Too bad, Serah and Noel didn't fell in love (trolol). The battle and ATB system is very good, Paradigms for diverse actions, accessories for the good benefits, the crystarium for levelign up and the story itself.

    XIII is definitely the best when it comes to storyline. You need to browse more of the game's intellectual output (Datalog) for you to understand the whole conflict itself. At first I was like wtf, but when I get to PLAY it I was quite interested too. What is lacking in XIII was the ability to revisit areas, sidequests, and the lack of areas and locations. But it's still a good game.

    Runner UP: XII

    Non-Numbered: Definitely, Dissidia Duodecim. The action packed game is a blast. No need to explain further.

    Runner UP: Kingdom Hearts BBS

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    Favorite Numbered Title: Probably FFVII, with FFVIII closely after.

    Non-Numbered Title: Dissidia Duodecim. It's a good action game. I'd like to see a sequel.

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    My favorite is.... I think VIII. But that's probably because it's the first one I played and beat. Followed extremely closely by VII and X. Final Fantasy to me has always been about the story and the epic adventure at hand and I feel VIII, VII and X do it the best.

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    My favorite has got to be VIII. It was the first final fantasy game that i dedicated myself to finding every secret without a walkthrough. The story was great as well. Being young at the time, the graphics amazed me so much more then VII did. In terms of gameplay, I loved the battle sequences, (although Drawing became a little confusing after awhile) and the long, tedious journey of finding all of the pieces for Lionheart. haha good times.

    My favorite non-numbered title would have to be the origional Dissidia. My friend and I were versing eachother with this game for months on end. Definately has some good memories.

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    VIII (8) is my favorite Story.

    XII (12) is my favorite gameplay style.

    For non-numerical games, maybe 4 Heroes of Light... hard to say.

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    It's cool to see so many VIII fans. I am used to a lot of people hating on it and I don't mind that's their opinion, everyone is entitled to their own. But to see so many say VIII, it's kind of baffling and cool at the same time ^_^.

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    9. it's got the fantasy world/imagery that the early NES titles had, while having the charm of 3D that the PS1 titles had. the party characters and upgrading them felt like traditional FF games. last one in numbered series to have an open world map. and zidane is a cool guy, perhaps most likeable lead in any of the FF series.

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    personally i really liked ffx out of all of them. yeah they all had their unique characters but ten must have had the most unique of them all. you had a guy dragged from the past turning out to be just a dream. a dead man on the team. a jaguar unicorn beast and the whole world yeah i cant wait till its out for ps3.

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    6 is the best Hands down! 14 individual stories, the amount of options available to build parties with,

    not to mention The end of the world happens...


    wth happened between 6 and 7...

    7 was ...alright, but its just gone downhill from there.

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    First let me say that I'm in my 30s and started gaming on the NES, though I spent a hell of a lot more time with megaman, zelda and tecmo bowl and tecmo super bowl in those days than with final fantasy. I had to play final fantasy I-III (the first two on the GBA, and III on the DS). I also didn't play final fantasy V until about 3 or 4 years ago on the GBA.

    The second thing I must say is that, production values matter. For example, I rather watch a movie with dialogue than a silent movie. I rather watch a movie with great visuals than one without (assuming everything else is equal). Sound matter, the mood set by the music matter, and that is part of what creates the atmosphere of the game. So blips on the NES, and 8 bit sprites, and lack of personal story can't create the type of atmosphere a fully realized world, possibly with voice acting, and great music can. Finally, the battle system matters. It is an rpg after all and we are gonnna be in battle a lot. Lastly, I think characters that can be envisioned in the real world matter. For example, I was more into Marvel than DC, because marvel characters tend to be more human, with more human problems, and more human situations. I'm often a critic of some of the trends Marvel has taken in the comics in the last decade, on comic oriented boards, that eroded some of the potential believability (as much as you can have in a world of super powers and magic as you can have).

    1.: Final Fantasy VII: It was such a huge leap in production over 1-6 and for the first time, I was able to sort of play the life of something that could have been an anime series, or a series like a Star wars or lord of the rings. Again, it isn't that the other series didn't have that. Clearly with Final Fantasy VI, Square was itching for the power to create what they wanted to, they even produced a tech demo of sort of what 6 was suppose to be. The quasi 3D scene with the cart coming out of the train tracks convinced me. 7 had the combination of great music. great characters. "cool" characters. a great villian. A great (though I wouldn't say the best) battle system. I haven't played it in a while, but I did buy the rerelease, and after encountering a few problems, i finally got the bootleg mod to work, but then had other issues that resulted in me having to reinstall windows and the game and got the secure rom limit problem that stalled my playing. Now, I'll just wait for Bootleg 40 to be release (within days) before taking that plunge again, but in the limited time I had with it, it was a big step up and I'm excited for it.

    2. Final Fantasy X: Great visuals, great characters, though I wasn't a great fan of tidus, but i did'nt hate him. But, I'm not sure if I could imagine him in any realistic world being the hero of sorts. Good Battle system, comparable to 7 for me. Voice acting, it adds to the atmosphere, but it wasn't as good as 12. I'm looking forward to the HD release. The ending was sweet, that quote about never forgetting the people that were no longer here, which refer to both the many people that died due to Sin and to Tidus, was really sweet, one of the best ever. Now, could it have had the same impact if it was simple written, the answer is NO. Hearing it matters.

    3. Final Fantasy V: Best Gameplay of Any of the final fantasies. I never played final fantasy tactics (at that time, I opted for final fantasy VII, final fantasy IX, Xenogears, Parasite Eve, and Vagrant Story), but that game got me to go and get Final fantasy tactics so that I can play the job system again. That game got me to seek Final Fantasy XII international zodiac job system (though I haven't gotten time to play it). I loved Tactics, and I love Final Fantasy V. You play a game for the gamplay first and foremost, so while the story was more mediocre, but no one put that against Super Mario Brothers or any other game that was gameplay oriented over story. why is it not number 1 or 2, well it simply doesn't have the atmosphere as the other two. Gameplay wasn't light years better, so the other stuff matters. Bartz, Galuf and such just doesn't have the cool factor. Having the sprites jump up and down to show emotion is not the same thing as seeing that emotion in the person's face and hearing the tone of that emotion in the voice.

    4. This is what i can't choose a winner. I like a lot of things in Final Fantasy IV better than Final fantasy VI, but I also like a lot of things of FF VI over IV. Music I gave it to 6 by a little, but I think the theme of love is better than anything 6 has, though I am a big fan of Tina/terra's theme both the piano version, the game version, the vocal version, and the orchestrated version. I wasn't a fan of Kefka, as I'm not a fan of clowns being used as some type of major villian in anything. I like Terra the main character of 6 better than Cecil of 4 for looks and stuff, but I sure digged that whole fight against yourself and your own "evil" tendencies that took Cecil from a Dark knight to a Paladin. I played both a LONNNNNNNG time ago so I may need to replay them to get to a clear cut winner. I haven't gotten to playing FFIV complete, and VI could definitely use a remake, maybe my opinions will change once square gets an opportunity to remake them.

    6. Final Fantasy XII: By far the best voice acting in the series. By FAR the most believeable story in the series. it is very much political drama that we see playing out NOW, and we've read about 1, 2, 3, 4 hundred years ago. The characters except for Vaan and to some degree Penolo was the best. I know fantasy stuff loves 16-18 year olds, but that is just not what the world is. The leaders and shakers of the world isn't at that age, at the very least, they are in there 20s, often it is after the age of 30. So 12 had a lot of strong more adult characters, but was held back by those two characters. Also, what is with the effeminate stuff. Again, in what world does that constitute a hero, a leader, a warrior. Not in our goverment, not in any world goverment, not in any world military leader, or ones that does the grunt work like Seal Team 6. So this is just an infatuation that Japan has, that I simply can't identify with. Now, I don't necessarily want Marcus Phoenix, where his biceps are bigger than his head and forearms are proportionally the size of someone's thighs, because in no instances that I can think of is that type of person in a military, or president, or in any important position. FFXII's problem is that I didn't like the battle system. I'm fine with no random battles, many games have done that. I'm fine with a more action RPG type instead of turn base like Dark Clound and Kingdom hearts, but what we got was an automated system that took us away from the actual game play. I don't mind that grinding, I'm a veteran of the old systems, so that isn't the issue, its just that the gameplay just isn't as fun, though I like the story and atmosphere. The music had good parts, "Final Fantasy" "Prelude" "The Esper Battle song" and the vocal music near the end of the sound tract were good, but may parts of the soundtrack was meh.

    7: Final Fantasy IX: I think it had good gameplay. I had good, but not great music. Kuja, See what I said about Vaan for Kuja. In fact, it is even more important that the main villain be something menacing, terrifying, crazily evil, or whatever. Kooja isn't just effiminate in his clothse, he even has somewhat a womans hourglass shape, like in that infamous FMV. I like the fact that the characters were different in FFIX. I prefer the separating of classes, and quite frankly the class system in general, so give me this over the blank slates. I think FFIX would be appreciated by me more now that when I played it 12 years ago, and I think it probably would surpass FFXII.

    8: Final Fantasy VIII: It was a disappointment after 7 for me, and I for sure liked 9 better the year after. My problem with 8 is that I don't like blank slates, and if you have a blank slate, you better have a great "mythos" a cool factor type of story like FFVII. Also, I always hear that FFVIII had great music, but I never was into it that much. I didn't mind Squal, I actually like the whole sorceress thing, sort of reminds me of FFII. This game, like 9, would probably be moved up, if I were to replay it. I had the games long time ago, but gave all my PS1 games away (except for 9) and never got the itch to replay it back.

    9: Final Fantasy XIII: Loved Lightning, Didn't like Hope. Actually liked the red head and Fang a lot. The ending was actually pretty sweet. The lack of an identifyable villain really brings this game down. The lack of great supporting cast, though some I warmed to like Fang, and even Sachz, really hurt it. The lack of exploring for SOOO long really brings it down. NOW, if the game had an engaging storyline like the Midgar portion of FFVII, then I wouldn't mind the lack of exploration, like in that game, but even in that game, you had much more freedom to move, and like I said, the storyline was engaging. I like the battle music though, definitely Top 3 (FFX, FFVII, FFXIII, followed by FFV, FFIV, and FFVI in that order). Also, I kinda like the Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh, traditional Summons. What was with the whole tech/motorcycle type of summons??? If you aren't going to have them, then I got along fine with the Tactics/FFXII approach, but not this. I like the battle system though, I think it has a top III battle system.

    10-12: Final Fantasy II, I, and III. I was just too impersonal, though I like the battle system better. I don't like having to do useless things just to increase my magic strength or take damage to increase HP, or osmose my own characters so that I can increase MP. Also, maybe it is the GBA version, but the games were dirt easy. So you have unidentifiable characters, unable to show emotion other than slight shifts in the sprite and bounching them up and down to show surprise or whatever, you have blips for sound. You have the monk litterally cleaning house from mid game on, he was like WAY better than the rest. You have Red Mage making the white mage quite useless. You have a whole bunch of deaths in Two, that doesn't have the weight behind it, nor the crushing emotional choices that comes with that. It quite frankly was, Hey, now go to Palamecia castle, Ok, wow I can't believe you are going to palamecia says a NPC. Then go to hell and stop the emperor. "Wow I can't beleive you are going to Hell says NPC" all while the 4 characters keep saying OK, sure, no problem. No reservation, no angst, no anxiety, no fear, no differences in opinion, NOTHING. Dark knight does an evil thing, and next thing you know, he is in the part as if NOTHING happened. so FFII got the brunt of this speech, but generally this was FFI-III. It was a game, never did I get emotionally invested, and never did I somehow think that this could pass as a movie, or an anime, or mega mini series of some sort. Combine that with very standard gameplay that grew to be incredibly easy and It is easily the worst final fantasyies.

    That trailer Square Enix showed at this years E3 shows great promise for FFXV and beyond. I think they've learned a lot of lessons in the last few years so I have faith. V and VI complete with updated graphics for Vita and 3DS is inevitable and I will eat it up. VII-IX is inevitable, especially 7. This though may be a while for it to be remade. 10-XII seems inevitable with 10 HD already announced. I never got the desire to have these games in HD, as I already own them and could play them any time I want, also, they were played so recently that It isn't like FFIV-9 where it has been a hell of a long time since I played them.

    P.S: I love me Xenogears, I think it was Square'sthe best work if not one of their best work (FFVII). Like an idiot, I gave it away when I let go of all my PS1 games, but like 4 years ago, I bought the greatest hits version and played it immediately and it just re-affirmed my love for it. I'll take its remake, including "the after years" type of additional gameplay that is made and incorporated into the second disc would be a dream come true.

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    Favourite Final Fantasy

    what is the best final fantasy game in youre opinion? mine is final fantasy x

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    yes 10 is in my top 5 but i would have to say that 4 is mine

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    Losy Odyssey and IX

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    Final Fantasy VI or Final Fantasy III [North America]. Best Ever!

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    Dissidia Final Fantay 012: Duodeim

    Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2

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    Final Fantasy 8 and 10

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    "Best" or "Favorite"?

    Best overall presentation (i.e. music, art, character development, plot theme, etc...) it's a toss-up between FFVII and FFVI.

    Favorite... FF Tactics, the Zodiac Brave Story (i.e. the original version/world -- no judges, or falling into a dream world). I like the intricate mixing of battle strategies, and stories of loyalty/betrayal. Probably not for everyone though.

    That being said, I'm still big fan of just about every "core series" Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Front Mission out so far.

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    Originally Posted by Superanimefan44
    what is the best final fantasy game in youre opinion? mine is final fantasy x

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    mine is final fantasy xi, great game for the playstation ones limited grafics

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