Thread: How to unlock things. Part 2

How to unlock things. Part 2

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    insomnia is the time youve spent playing TS2 late at night (after midnight I think).

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    I think insomnia/insomniac is supposed to be the longest you played timesplitters 2 straight

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    nope its not cos if you look up the word you'll see that I'm right!

    Ab ^_^

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    I think you'll find that the insomnia award is for playing for a long straight, regardless of the time.

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    I was lookign at a arcade awards walkthrought at and it says there is a award called 'marksmanship' but it dosnt really give u any walkthorught on how to get it, is this award real and if so does anyone know how to get it.

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    What are those cartrages for? I got the one in neotokyo and i want to know where you get the one in siberia. How do you use them?

    One more thing is how do you get the circus level?

    If some one can tell me these things that would be great.

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    Their just little bonus games you can collect and play. The third "RetroRacer" is in Robotfactory on hard. If you want to play them: If you have collected one, Start any story level and select your uplink to use. Then you can select your game and play it.

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    Actually, I just got the circus level by beating the "Dam Busters" challenge.


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    Originally posted by Venus_Starr
    Actually, I just got the circus level by beating the "Dam Busters" challenge.
    Thats how I got it.
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    Anyone got any brilliant stradigies for "Where did the batteries Go" and "Nice Threads" I no there real hard. The farthest set I've unlocked in challenge is TS story classic. What do I need to get the further ones? I haven't beat the last Behead the Undead, 2 of 3 on the Bannana Chomp, and I only also beat one on TS story classic ( Got platinum on it too)

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    wow just beat all the bannana chomps LoL... 2nd 1 took 5 more tries and the 3rd was EASY!

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    Well, ive managed to complete TS2 100% & unlocked everything. If you need help on the robot factory on hard, then be sneaky like i did. Dont use weapons to kill the robots (except at the beginning). Let the enemies see you, and lead them (especially the big ones) to that room at the beginning with the laser scanner. Set it to defence mode, and hide round the corner where the control for the laser is. Wait, and watch as all the enemies are wiped out as they come for you. This doesnt work for those walking turrets though (anyone else hate those blasted things?). For them, use those remote controlled railbots to shoot them. Works everytime! Then, you can confidently take on the Machinist with near full health and ammo!

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    Oh, i almost forgot. does anyone know what the AC-10 award is for? what does mean!

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    I think it means trying to collect armor when it's already full.

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    SEBASTIAN, for "Were do the batteries go?", you have to go down into the complex, to the very bottom to grab a disc. The best way to do this is by first using the plasma autorifle, and just NAIl anything that gets in your way. Just run down, and kill whatever gets in your way, utilising cover if you must. When you come across the walking turrets, slap a plasma mine on ther head (on the grey bit) which, with a bit of luck, kills them in one. Proceed down and in the big grey room, IMMEDIATELY turn left to avoid the sentry gun. Fire sraight away to kill a robot weilding a minigun. Grab this, but DONT use it yet. Across the hall into a doo, opposite to the one you enered the room from. Dont forget to shoot the sentry gun (its on the roof). Carry on through the corridor until you see a sign saying control room. Go into the control room (its up the two sets of stairs and on the right) and kill whatevers there. Grab the homing launcher. Proceed back out of th contol room and down the stairs and go left, to the reactor cor. Go into the little outpost thing on you left, whip out the minigun and set it to spin round. KILL EVERYTHING. (Try and conserve ammo though.). Go out of the outpost thing and go right. A lot of robots will appear. Use the minigun to splatter their greasy parts all over the floor, and continue on. Go straight (slapping a plasma mine onto the walking turret as you go) and grab the white square thing. Now equip the minigun and set it to rotate. Now RUN back to the start (where you started the level) and kill anything that obstucts you. With a little luck, you should make it to the portal in one piece.

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    Now for "Nice Threads". To start off, grab whatever weapons you can and go to the LEFT hand side of the scapyard, hugging the wall. This way, you avoid most of the laser fire. Up in the left corner is a laser senry. Fire a plasma mine at it to destoy it. When it is, hug the wall all the way to the entrance. Kill the bots there. The door in front of you should be closed. Go up to it and let it open. As it does fire off a plasma mine and sidestep. This destroys the two laser sentrys. Proceed trough and go up the ramp to the upper level. Turn round and destroy the grenade sentry with yet another plasma mine. Turn round and go down the corridor, collecting the homing launcher. Now youve established yourself a base, the key thing to do is to do a series of suicide runs. Go down the lower corridor to that laser sentry in the wall recess. Fire off 3 homing rockets at once in close proximity to the sentry. This will destroy it and kill you. Continue this process untill all senrys are dead. Remember to let Leo go first so he absorbs most of the fire and kills of a fair bit of resistance. Follow the same procedure as for "where do the batteries go", and the end of the level is in the control room. This isnt too hard, but may take a few attempts (it did for me! )

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    "I think the AC-10 award means trying to collect armor when it's already full. "

    I 've noticed that: when I took several times the armor whereas it was almost full,I got this seems you're right

    I have a question:is it possible to unlock the two silenced Lugers ? how ?

    concerning the challenge in wich you have to "kill" (yes,I know ) the zombies using a shotgun in the level with the crates,being the character dressed in yellow (kallos' handman),what score do you have to make in order to have the Platinum Award ?

    I've made over 100 000 points,and all I have is Gold...


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    Post FOTLD

    I heard it is 145000, but it could also be 170000.
    I'm not sure.
    Just stand in the right corner and look at all three doors.
    Use aim mode and blast those heads
    Get some PERFECTS too. Waves 1 - 10 are easy for this.
    If you're able to get 145000 you can get 170000 without problems. At least I could
    Oh yes, make sure you have some time too!
    It took me almost 1h to get 252075, so...
    Anyway, good luck

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    Thank Machinist I have everything but Nice Threads done in Arcade and Challenge. I'll try that later.

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    "Just stand in the right corner and look at all three doors.
    Use aim mode and blast those heads"

    yes,that the way I 've done it...145 000 or 170 000 ?! Geee
    well,that's a challenge...and I swear I'll have the Platinum Reward !

    "Get some PERFECTS too"

    good idea,I hadn't thought about this...

    I'll try,thanks for the advice ...if you have something to ask,don't hesitate


    PS:concerning the dual silenced Lugers,non one has an answer ?

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    i need help in rice craker rush...

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    Okay....Here's what I need to know. If ANYBODY can help me, I'd surely appreciate it.

    In the Men in Grey challenge, I have gotten my ass handed to me, repeatedly, by a bot, named the Consultant.

    I haven't seen any mention anywhere else of him.

    Is he a playable character? Has anyone figured out how to unlock him?

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    Hi, if you earn silver and gold award in MIG, you should unlock the consultant and lawyer as a playable character.

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    It only gave me the accountant and the Lawyer....the third guy still eludes me. If you play the level long enough, you'll notice the three distinct people's names floating over your much-abused body.....

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