Thread: beach life patch can't update!!!

beach life patch can't update!!!

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    Rolleyes beach life patch can't update!!!


    I have installed beach life cd and downloaded beach life patch in my pc.....(From

    But the patch can't install or update to original version,WHY???

    This massage is occur when i install:"C:\Program Files\Eidos Interactive\Beach Life\Beachlife.exe:unknown version.

    I noticed that there is some have a same problem.

    Can ANY one HELP ME? PLS.....I Like This Game..

    Thanks a LOT!!!!!!!

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    Do you have the UK version of the game? Do you have a legit copy?

    If you have the US version try the patch located on the US support site.

    If it isn't legit, then you will be out of luck.

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    I thought it is because of Asia Version.My one is for sale in Asia only.

    Is there any Web that i can downloaded for Asia?

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    No, sorry there isn't an "Asian Only" patch for the game. Contact our support department in Japan or Singapore. They may be able to help.