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Thread: [SPOILER] How about a LOK movie?

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    Cool [SPOILER] How about a LOK movie?

    Without a doubt, I wish one of the movie corp.'s would pick the blood omen/soul reaver series up and film a movie........none of that cheesy cr@p though

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    Lightbulb **continues to hum the theme from JAWS***

    If this movie were to be made it would definately have to remain a CGI movie.. (hopefully done by Glyph X - the company responsible for the SR FMV).

    This is the only way to ensure that the film would stay true to form with the plot elements and the voice castings.

    I don't forsee this emerging as the great "blockbuster" hit. But a DVD release would be nice.
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    I dunno...

    ... most of the people I've heard talk about it are pretty much against a movie (because of how it would be destroyed and such). I think it would be cool, but those people did bring up some good points; check out forum, they have a big ol' section about this topic.... if you're interested.

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    I think that Nosgoth's vast history would be too much to fit into a movie. I think that LoK would make a great mini series though. Maybe a five part mini series each episode spanning one hour. I think that'd be a sufficient amount of time to tell Nosgoth's stories to their fullest
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    If SR/BO did become movies alot of things would have to be changed , not the main plot , but things like abilities you got by killing stronger people etc , plus the glyphs and replacing all the puzzles with more challenging and interesting stuff , should be added . Plus the fighting should be really intense .

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    Thumbs Up YAY!!

    A Legacy Of Kain movie thread was finally started on the new forums! And, what's more, I'm not the one who started it this time!! I've been waiting for this forever!!

    As I've said all along, I can't see LoK films done in anything less than glorious GlyphX CGI!! I can only imagine a live-action venture turning out badly. Either it would be cast badly, or it would be partially computer animated and the effects wouldn't blend. (Do I have faith in Hollywood, or what? ) No, I would much rather see it all CGI like the SR intros.

    As for issues I would rather not see incorporated in an LoK film, I only really have one I can think of. I would definitely prefer it if they didn't do the "telekinetic blood sucking" thing. What's the point of having fangs then?!

    And just for kicks:

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    I think long, detailed novels by the creators would be better.
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    Thumbs Up

    I'd give a big thumbs up to almost any LoK venture outside the confines of video games, be it books, or a movie, or something else. I did buy multiples of the action figures, after all. But I think I would much rather see a film (or series of films ) made of it than anything--just not a live-action film!

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    Re: YAY!!

    Originally posted by Rook

    As for issues I would rather not see incorporated in an LoK film, I only really have one I can think of. I would definitely prefer it if they didn't do the "telekinetic blood sucking" thing. What's the point of having fangs then?!
    I always liked the "telekinetic blood sucking" thing. IMO, seeing Kain make a mess every time he got hungry would reduce his air of sophistication a bit. Besides, he's arrogant enough that he would look down upon "tainting" his lips by bringing them into contact with the flesh of humans .

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    Big Grin

    Maybe so. I don't necessarily think the telekinetic thing looks bad in-game. But, in a film, I can't be so sure. I thought the BO FMV of Vorador sucking up the Circle members' blood looked weird enough... Besides, one would hope that years--or centuries!--of practice would teach Kain how not to make a mess, so he may be very tidy when he takes an actual nip at somebody. We may never know...

    Nonetheless, it still begs the question: What's the point of having fangs then?

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    Wink What about making the film?

    What would I give for them to get in touch with WB or anyone and make the SR/BO FILMS! They could computer animate it, and I would maybe go to see it possibly 80-100 times in the month it comes out!

    Should they make a film?



    If anyone with enough authority at Eidos/Crystal reads this... well.....
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    Love that last line!

    But I'm not sure... Tomb Raider was great in my opinion, but others have said its not that good, so I'm inclined to take a step back from making the decision from game-to-film.

    If computer generated, HELL YEAH! That would be so cool, ya could get the real voices in it then, and everything would be good, but what about plots? Taking actual games? As much as I'm addicted to the games, I don't think I could watch Raziel fumble his way around Nosgoth...

    If its real people, then no. The voices wouldn't be right (don't dub, makes it look sad) and I personally hate it when voices arn't right.

    But I voted YES!

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    I was watching the extras on the Blade 2 DVD and the director Guillermo Del Toro was talking about his take on vampirism.

    He explained how in Blade 2 he was trying to get away from the "romantisized" vampires like in Anne Rice's novels. He also explained about the introduction of the "Reapers" because he was trying to create vampires that were more animalistic. Vampires that were not at all romantic, but pure killing beasts.

    He also expressed his wish to work with a vampire story that deals with vampires that have been around for millions of years. Vampires that are so old that they just don't care about anything anymore.

    I really hope somebody brings a good script of SR1 for Guillermo to read. Dealing with animalistic vampires millions of years old sounds like a perfect fit for an SR1 movie. He did such a great job with Blade 2 that I am sure he could make one Kick-@$$ LOK movie.

    Of course, they have to keep all the original dialogue and voice actors of the original. There is dialogue in these games that make awesome script for a movie. The LOK dialogue is irreplaceable.

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    I say no no no no

    i would die if soul reaver or any LOK game turns out to be another tomb raider

    in my opinion if they make a film it would jus cheapen the story line

    so i say no

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    Most definitely YES! I would love to see a film (or a series of films) based on the Legacy of Kain series!!

    I would have to say, though, that I can't see any film based on this series as a live-action venture. I would much rather see them as completely CGI films (like the intros to both Soul Reaver games), and hopefully done by GlyphX, also. I'd love to see an initial film based solely on the events in the original Blood Omen.


    Welcome, Kobra Fang!

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    Guillermo Del Toro is rad on the Blade 2 DVD. I wasn't familiar with him before, but just hearing his commentary was enough to make me a fan.
    Legacy of Kain: The Lost Worlds

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    [COLOR=royalblue]c'mon then... let's see sum script ideas![

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    Already started one

    Ok, my SR2 Dialogue file will have to wait... but I think I can come up with some pretty cool ideas

    Gimmie a few weeks, and a thesaurus for those nice long words we know and love in the SR games

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    Guillermo Del Toro did an awesome job with Blade 2.
    Blade 2 is even better than Blade 1.

    I am positively absolutely confident that Guillermo could do the same thing for an LOK series of movies.

    George Lucas has shown what can be done with CGI to make realistic environments in SW1 and SW2.

    I say if Guillermo can turn BO1 into a blockbuster, then let him do the entire set of games as a series of movies.

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    Having a bit of trouble coming up with the story-lines... I'm not sure if I should take directly from the game... I haven't played BO1 (yet - getting it on Friday though for the PS ) so I'm at a loss at where to start it.

    One idea (if not taken from game play), centered around the Elder God... that he becomes stronger as Nosgoth decays. He becomes so powerful that he collapses the Pillars and thus release the Hylden who seek vengance for their imprisonment. Only Kain and/or Raziel can save the day...

    This would be great IMO, all people everywhere

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    I'm strongly against there being any LoK movies for the following reasons:

    • Since the average movie audience isn't composed of the brightest of people, the movie studios would likely want the script dumbed down
    • A live-action LoK movie just wouldn't seem right and wouldn't accurately capture the look and feel of Nosgoth and its inhabitants, and fully animated movies (whether CGI or hand-drawn) cost too much time and money to convince a studio to devote such vast resources to a license as relatively obscure as LoK
    • Tthe people in charge of the movie would probably want celebrity voice actors, and we all know that the characters wouldn't seem right without the voices of Simon Templeman, Michael Bell, etc.
    • Blood Omen 1 and Soul Reaver 2, the two most important games story-wise in the series thus far, each have too big of a story to shrink down to a 2-3 hour movie without losing a lot of great material from the games
    • Hollywood loves to alter stories that are based on existing works (just compare the Minority Report movie to the short story for an example of this), and that wouldn't be a good thing with LoK

    The LoK story was written for games, and as such, is best suited for this medium. The only other mediums in which I believe it could work are novels and comic books, and those still wouldn't be as enthralling as seeing the characters in their video game forms.

    However, as Dennis Miller often says, "Of course, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong."

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    Red Face (Embarrassed)

    Well, this subject had actually been discussed a lot of time at other LOK forum.

    Anyway, if they really make a movie for LOK, It can be in computer animation, like the Final Fantasy( of course the story line will be much more better). Tomb Rider can be made up easier due to all human charactar inside, just imagine noone can play as Raziel or Sarafan Lord in that movie. So Computer animation will be more suitable.

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    I think that a film should be made but it should all be animated tht would be awesome. Does any1 know whether blood omen 1 is out on pc?
    From Morbid Abyss

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    Lightbulb Yes it is...

    Your best bet at locating a PC copy of BO1 is on Ebay.
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    I concur with FierceClaw on this.
    Except for one thing; it is possible to make a good CGI(the only way for this, in my opinion) film, or even something like a trilogy.
    And length does not have to be restricted to two hours or some such, there are plenty of films that are four hours long.

    There just have to be three things present for this concept to work well:
    -dedication to the original storyline(including voice-actors)

    As you might imagine, those things are not easily obtainable.
    But it can be done, and it can be done well.

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