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Thread: Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Exclusive?

Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Exclusive?

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    Frankly i just saw the new controller, looks nice but with all those extras like Touch screen, axis tilt, pressure sensitive... the controllers probly gonna be 80 or more the system if i have to guess would be 500 or more dollars....The only reason I'd get it is for Kingdom hearts so i might have to jump off the band wagon when everyone gets about you?

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    I really hope KH3 doesn't come out on PS4 because I've already spent so much money trying to play all of the games on different systems. I'm running out of cash here. And it would be silly to release an HD Collection on PS3 and then put the next game on a completely different console.

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    yeah but it has happened before....Sega saturn only got a compiled game for sonic.... never a true sonic game....I wanted my KH3 badly and bought the PS3 thinking for sure it would come out for the system... i will be kinda mad...

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    Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Exclusive?

    I am very scared that they may do that!!! I bought my PS3 this past November (I know I'm like ten billion yrs late) just for when KH3 comes out in the very distant future. Then I find out a couple weeks ago about the PS4 coming out next christmas -_-. I'm pretty sure they'll release the game for multiple systems and for sure playstation at least, but I'm scared that instead of PS3 and PS4 they'll do just PS4 since by the time the game is released the PS4 will have been out for a while. Plus thinking from buisness view Sony would want to bring people in to buy the PS4 and KH3 would be a great way to do it Any one else scared? and tell me what ya think.

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    When the PS3 first came out, most game makers were making games for PS2 AND PS3, always making the PS3 version better and contains features the PS2 version didn't. I know because I've played both versions of Sonic Unleashed. So for the first couple of years, they may repeat that process. making games for both consoles.

    At the time PS3 came out, it was too expensive for most people and they found it easier to keep playing their PS2, me included, untill the PS3 came down in price and PS2 production stopped. At that time, people hung on to their PS2 and game makers sympathize them and made a game for both consoles.

    That being said, for the first few years, they may come out with a PS3 and a PS4 version of a game. But Square Enix is likely to go with one or the other, and which consoles is most likely to make them the most profit. If the PS3 is more popular than the PS4 by the time they get around to making KH3. then they'll go with the PS3. If not, they'll go with PS4.

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    First we dont know when KH3 will be released because up until now there is no announcement about the it is possible for PS4..

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    My guess is no. KH3 is going to come after kh2.5 hd remix and we haven't even got kh1.5 hd remix. KH2.5 is most likely going to be on both ps3 and ps4, but has Square Enix ever done this before? I know other developers have. Anyways, KH3 won't be coming in the console cycle as early so definitely a PS4 only game.

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    Well seeing as how there haven't been any annoucemts yet and the PS3 is coming to an end soon. I think it will be on PS4 most likely.

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    Man, you guys are downers, lol. I can't be the only one banking on the fact the PS2 got supported almost 3 years into the PS3's cycle. What's to make the PS3 any different in regards to the PS4? Wasn't it said the PS3 would be supported for 10 years by Sony to boot? Surely there's enough time to create KH3 for the PS3 D:

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    Well i was a downer at first too thinking that KH3 would be PS4 only game but then i thought... YOU know ALL these people will be trading in thier PS3's to get a PS4, BUT sony could make EVEN more money releasing a big game on the last console making those sales go up!

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    Well, if nothing else, I'll be getting the PS4 for InFamous: Second Son, and if KH4 comes out on the PS4, then I'll be happy (I'm also hoping that KH3 comes out on the PS3, but I've played plenty of awsome games on the PS3, so I'd be fine moving on to a newer system. I'll still be keeping my PS3, but there's no reason I can't have both [and my PS2, and N64, and GC, and Wii, and Wii U, and pretty much every good handheld system that has ever existed, obviously excluding the PSP go, and, yeah, I think that's pretty much it. I haven't gotten the PS Vita yet, but I'll probably get once more good games come out for it.].).

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    yeah but it seems too soon for a new system... whats too much for you to spend on a new system? rumor where I work (wallsmart) says 800+ for the PS4

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    Yeah, that'd be way too high a price. If the PS4 costs anywhere near that much, I'm gonna wait until the price comes down before buying it, and it'd have to come down pretty fast for people to actually buy it.

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    we were guessing the controller with tilt axis, touch pad, rumble, wireless...will be 65-70 dollars easy

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    Damn, that's ridiculous, but then again, the playstation move controllers were just as costly, if not moreso. I really hope they lower the price, cuz those prices are just messed up.

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    More advance the more the cost

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    I usually buy every system anyways so for me it always comes down to which system I buy first. As of right now, I prefer the Xbox over the Playstation but Sony could easily turn me around with the announcement of KH3 or a new exclusive Final Fantasy. That hasn't happened yet so as of right now I plan to buy the new Xbox if it comes out this year. I assume KH3 will come out no sooner than 2015 at the earliest so I'll have enough time to save up for it lol

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    yeah i plan on having a PS4 and Wii U but im not keen on Xbox.... but i havent really tried it yet i will admit none of my friends has it really....

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    Recently Kingdom hearts 3 has been announced that it will ALSO be on the ps4. This is in no shape or form should be considered a ps4 exclusive. At this moment there is a petition to bring knigdom hearts 1.5 remix on xbox 360 and it has gotten over 250 signatures already. Both sqaure enix and Disney interactive studios has announced that they are making games on xbox one so this game should not be used to jump and buy a ps4. Do not go crazy for the appetizers without leaving room for dessert so do not preorder a ps4 then realise it will be also on the xbox one. The xbox one briefing today was amazing while sony mostly listed multiplatform games and of course admitted having some of the same restrictions as xbox one. The petition to bring it to Xbox 360 is linked below, by signing this petition your helping xbox fans reach theyre goal. Every signature counts so please support other fans especially if you truly care about your fellow gamers.

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    IMO, Sony made a lot of friends tonight with their E3 presser. SE's reveals about Versus, FFXV and KH3 were some of the biggest announcements of the event! Both Sony and SE made it clear that they "truly care about gamers." One might contend that Microsoft is merely committed to its bottom line.

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    lol all i heard was multiplatform games multiplatform games. indie support that microsoft had years ago. multiplatform games. yes we are doing some of the same restrictions microsoft is doing.

    dont forget destiny.......... what its not a ps4 exclsuive well who cares anyway lol. the xbox one made friends this afternoon among gamers, developers and publishers.

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    We could argue whether Microsoft's used game and connectivity policies are good for gamers. Microsoft's development policies are clearly not great for developers. I love that Sony's emphasis tonight was on games and gamers.

    Of course, there's no question that SE can develop multi-platform games. But, as a long-time Playstation fan (I also have a 360), I was stoked that SE's big reveals tonight occurred during the Sony event.

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    I would be extremly surpirse if Kingdom Hearts III was released on a console beside Sony. Although they did not say it was exclusive that was probably because Square Enix is still working that out with Sony. Also in case you guys were not aware off Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 both sold poorly on the Xbox360. Alot more units were sold on PS3, reason it has to do with target audience most Xbox owners are a fan of you Modern Warfare type of games. Another big reason is Square Enix is a Japanesse Company. The two big console gaints in Japan are Nintendo and Sony. That being said you will need more than 250 signiatures to get Squares attention. If it was 250,000 I could defenitly see it as a possibility. Also many sources have confirmed that Sqaure Enix who has recently been struggling financially has been working closly with Sony(probably recieving some form of assistance). That being the case it is safe to assume that Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III are part of a closed or ongoing deal.

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    it wasnt a terrible reveal however people need to realise if sony is not doing some of the restrictions like in used games senses. theyre will be less third party support for sure. also square enix cares about their xbox base as well. theyre's no doubt that they couldve had the first announcement on xbox one . in fact the petition to bring 1.5 remix to xbox 360 is gaining alot of support. ignoring this would not be good especially since some fans are willing to take it to the next level by boycotting square enix games im not bringing it to that level......yet at least i think showing them signatures should be enough.

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    The thing is that Kingdom Hearts has, for the most part, been a Sony exclusive. Even some of the titles on Nintendo systems have made their way to a Sony console through remakes or the HD movie thing they did with 358/2 Days.

    Its not that I can't stand the idea of KH on an Xbox console. Its just the way you made your argument you basically said "Xbox is better than PS4 and you shouldn't get a PS4 because Xbox One deserves to have KHIII on it more than PS4 does."

    And where do you get your facts? You claimed Microsoft's conference was better, yet you didn't give any specific reason why. You said "KHIII has announced it will ALSO be on ps4" when it wasn't revealed until Sony announced it. And while Sony did announce a few multiplatform games, the majority were confirmed to be EXCLUSIVE to the PS4/PS3/Vita. If you're gonna make an argument, do your research so you don't sound like such a fanboy

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