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Advice Re: XP Home Pros only please

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    Question Advice Re: XP Home Pros only please

    I have been gifted with XP Home. In reading the manual I notice that "activation" restricts usage to one computer.

    Question: As this is a Read only CD can I install it on TWO seperate computers and still have the 5 or whatever installs available on each computer?

    I am building a backup system from scratch. This has no OPSYS at present.

    I can do a new install with nothing in the system except XP but will want to load some apps from another system.

    Question: XP says I can create a Wizard Disc to transfer or copy other apps to XP. How does this work. I mean, if what I want to use is larger than 1.4 meg, a floppy won't do. I can burn a CD but is this supported in the XP Wizard stuff?

    Question: How easy is it to have dual boot setup for older opysys such as Win 3.1 for older games and apps and LINUX.

    I plan to use the BU sys mainly for games and graphics. It will be on a DSL Hub.

    Question: Can I use the Wizard via the hub (LAN) with three puters to tranfer apps to the new system?

    If It behaves then I may just load it in my main system. As most of my files etc. are set for FAT32, I know I can change to NTS.

    Question: Will my earlier apps be installable from the CD's. For example Music transcription programs, graphics pad etc.


    Oops. ASUS AV7 133-AMD Athlon 1.2- Audigy Platinum- AIW Video- CD burner-CD 52X-512 Ram- 80 GIG HDD #0- HDD40 #1- Iomega 100 Zip disc and the usual other.

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    Your questions may better be answered if you direct them to some good guru's at in the winXP section.