Thread: Dragon quest builders 2: suggestions and questions

Dragon quest builders 2: suggestions and questions

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    Dragon quest builders 2: suggestions and questions

    So I want to make personal housing for everyone on isle of awakening, but I also would like to make a place for those people to poop and eat and all that in their own house (and shower) is there a way to set those buildings as owned by someone? And if not, can we please have a way to? Would be really fun to set up places for individual people .

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    Another point, I made a restaurant and set up dining tables and wonder how I can get people to just bring food to the tables instead of me having to refill the bowls 24/7 it

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    Another nice thing would be to be able to assign villagers jobs, or even professions? Would be kinda nice to tell my basics villagers to just go cook (what do regular villagers even do?) on another note, I finally saw my cook (Lillian) add food to a bowl, would be kinda nice if a second person did that so my cook would cook and get it done faster, maybe having like a waiter profession would be nice? On the note of changing professions, it should definitely only be for the random ones from explorer shores (my personal thought on it anyways)

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    I agree that it would be nice to assign roles to some of the NPC's. Especially when you have three locations to maintain. As it is now I feel like everyone at Green Gardens is getting fat, everyone at Scarlet Sands is starving but they're getting drunk, and then there's the castle which is a well defended ghost town. I've built the restaurant at the pyramid but I have to personally grab ingredients from Green Gardens to stock the chest. I haven't built a connecting rail between the locations yet but I suspect that wouldn't change anything (and I don't need it now that I have the Buggy Buggy)