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Thread: The Day 'Unlimited' No Longer Means Unlimited...

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    The Day 'Unlimited' No Longer Means Unlimited...

    Hello everyone,,
    Whether this may or may not be the right place to post this, it doesn't really matter. I'm just so ticked at AT&T right now I feel like I could burst.

    Any of you that have AT&T as your 'unlimited' *internet* provider (don't confuse this with wireless provider) will be slapped with internet usage caps starting on May 2, 2011. Best of all, AT&T has not told any of their subscribers about this change yet (supposedly it will mobdro lucky patcher kodi happen sometime this week...). It's all over the internet, except for AT&T's home page, newsletters, or anything on my bill.

    This probably wouldn't make me so mad if AT&T didn't just hike the price of my internet plan by $5/month as of Feb. let me get this straight; you raise your prices, and then give me LESS internet. Because that makes sense in what universe?

    Now, granted they have said that only 2% of their subscribers consistently would cap on this data plan, but it's the concept of having a cap and feeling like you're chained to the ground. Internet is supposed to be like freedom, not like house arrest. The caps being put in place are 150GB for standard internet, and 250GB for U-Verse subscribers. I fall into the 250GB cap category, but I feel like there is so much that people use the internet for, and it increases every single day. These caps cannot possibly be a good thing; for anyone. According to AT&T, the 2% of subscribers that are using more bandwidth account for 20% of the entire network. I call BS on this in so many different ways it's ridiculous.

    For one thing, online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon on Demand, etc. will suffer greatly, resulting in price hikes in those services to compensate in the loss of subscribers. Also, online gaming is going to take a hit as well, as people will feel like "well if I don't *need* to do this, why risk the bandwidth cap?" Downloading games from services like Steam and Direct2Drive will totally suffer from lower downloading rates, and people will play less online games because of these caps (for all services like XBOX Live, PSN, Impulse, Steam, World of Warcraft, etc etc).

    I just found out that apparently U-Verse data isn't affected by these caps, only third party providers (Netflix, Hulu, etc) I'm pretty sure that this violates the Net Neutrality laws; hopefully there will be a nice class-action lawsuit against this godforsaken company.

    I know that other companies (Comcast) have 250GB caps in effect already, but if I signed up for an 'unlimited' plan, doesn't that mean that I should still get 'unlimited'? I don't even know where I will take my business if AT&T gets away with this. I really don't want Time Warner Cable...

    I checked my internet usage at home over the past month, and with hardly any Netflix usage, and downloading a few games and watching YouTube videos, etc. I have used over 130GB (just downloading). I'm not sure if the cap means just downloading, or both uploading and downloading combined, but it seems like if I wanted to download a bunch of games, watch a lot of Netflix movies, and surf the internet at my normal pace, I could easily hit these caps. Data sent over Netflix in HD takes up quite a lot of bandwidth (probably 2 GB for a 1.5 hr movie).

    I can only imagine how this will affect households with multiple people in them.

    So much for 'unlimited'.
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